AEW Dynamite Results: December 4, 2019


Here are the full results for the December 4, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite.

The Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes vs. The Inner Circle

Dustin Rhodes steals Sammy Guevara’s phone, and The Young Bucks hit a double superkick on Sammy while he attempts a shooting star press. Eventually, Dustin Rhodes and Nick Jackson have Santana and Ortiz in Piledriver position, and they hit a double piledriver senton combination. Nick pins Sammy for the victory in an intense match.

Winners: The Young Bucks and Dustin Rhodes

Trent vs. Fenix

Fenix is able to pick up the victory after getting the black thunder driver.

Winner: Fenix

Cody comes out to say that the scar that he has on his face reminds him of his failure to get the AEW World Championship, acknowledging he can never challenge for it again. Last week felt like more failure because he got another ass kicking from another unknown entity. He finds that everyone is preoccupied when he is in trouble. His brother is feuding with Santana and Ortiz, his wife is cutting off hair off defenseless women and MJF kicked him in the balls at Full Gear.

He tells The Butcher, Blade and Bunny that they can have a match at any time, and they can even pick his partner. Cody addresses MJF saying that he will never wrestle him, and he says that’s a hell of an absolute, but he doesn’t deal with those absolutes. Cody says he needs to wrestle him because MJF made the decision to throw in the towel for him, which wasn’t his decision to make. He handpicked him when no one else wanted him. Even when MJF was told he was too small, wears a fake scarf or is hood-rich.

He looks past the fact that he does the worst Cross Rhodes ever (even though they mess it up on 2 channels now), and while he was a bad guy, he was his bad guy. He then calls MJF a cheap NWO knock off of Chris Jericho. Cody asks what it will take for MJF to wrestle him. If he wants the keys to a luxurious car, the watch on his wrest or his shoes, he can have them. He then asks Justin Roberts to bring him a briefcase which has over $50,000 in cash. Cody tells Justin to give a $100 bill to a young kid in the front row.

Cody says he will harm him and lacerate him, and all he has to do is name his price.

Joey Janela is interviewed backstage, and he says that he wants to make a name for himself because he was one of the first people to sign with AEW and feels like he’s been put on a backburner. He tells Jon that the lights will be on and this match will actually count, and if he wants to win, he’ll have to kill him.

Moxley approaches Joey and simply says, “Kids..”

We get a Dark Order initiation vignette.

Nyla Rose vs. Leva Bates

Nyla wins an easy match with a sitout powerbomb.

Winner: Nyla Rose

After the match, she hits another powerbomb. Shanna arrives and hits a crossbody and gets some shots and chops. She hits a Superman elbow strike, but Nyla Rose slams her down easily.

Chris Jericho comes out with Jake Hager. He says no one in this city ever made anything of themselves and no one is as successful as Jericho is. He then celebrates 12,000 bottles of A Little Bit of the Bubbly sold in 1 week and plugs it just in time for the holidays.

Chris says that the charlatans of AEW have told him he is contractually obligated to have 1 more match in 2019 and that will be on the final episode of the year in Corpus Christi. He says that since he’s the champion, he will be picking his opponent and put together a list. Chris tells the crowd to get out of 2016, because the List has been updated to The Lexicon of Le Champion.

On the list is everyone he refuses to wrestle again in 2019. The list has Jon Moxley, Cody, The Young Bucks, Papa Bucks, Hangman Page, Diamond Dallas Page, Scorpio Sky, Kenny Omega, Too Cold Scorpio, Kenny from South Park, a chubby guy with popcorn in the crowd, an ugly guy with glasses, Moxley, Darby Allin, Rick Allin, Allen Jones, Evil Uno, Angry Dos, Hateful Tres and more names are stated before Jungle Boy comes out.

Jericho continues the list because dinosaurs and little children are also on the Lexicon. Luchassaurus speaks and says he has a Master’s Degree in Medieval history, and dinosaurs have been marginalized for 65 million years, so it’s no surprise dinosaurs are on his list. As far as Marko is concerned, he admits he’s small for his age, but he’s more of a man Chris will ever be. Chris then says Stunt is small for any age.

Jericho then asks Jungle Boy if he thinks he has what it takes to face him. He then points out he hasn’t won a match yet, and thinks that he’s a piece of shit. Chris says he couldn’t last 10 minutes with him. Jungle Boy then takes the microphone, and says he knows he can last 10 minutes with him, and says he’ll kick his ass before slapping him.

All five men brawl with each other before the faces clear the ring. Jericho throws a tantrum at ringside.

Kris Statlander vs. Hikaru Shida

Kris Statlander picks up the upset victory after hitting the big boom piledriver.

Winner: Kris Statlander

After the match, Brandi Rhodes comes out with Awesome Kong. She says herself and the Awesome Kong are a part of the Nightmare Collective and do the jobs that no one else wants to do. Brandi says Kris is in her business, putting her in a precarious position, but also can provide her with an opportunity.

Brandi says Kris should pledge herself to the Nightmare Collective, where she will have a home. Kris and Kong have a stare down, and a fan at ringside is pledging her loyalty. Security lets her in and she offers some of her hair. Kong cuts off a part of her hair.

Christopher Daniels vs. Pentagon Jr.

Daniels took a nasty spill, attempting a rope assisted moonsault onto the ramp. Pentagon Jr. picks up the victory with the package piledriver.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. 

The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny cut a promo backstage.

Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela

Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift on the top turnbuckle, and then follows it up with another Paradigm Shift for the victory.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Jericho appears from the top of the arena with the rest of the Inner Circle in the same spot as Moxley did last week as AEW goes off the air.

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