AEW Dynamite Results for April 21, 2021


Ricky Starks vs. Adam Page

Page gets a submission victory when he gets a modified bulldog into a hook submission for the win.

Winner: Adam Page

After the match, Taz calls out Page and says even though he’s at the top of the rankings, he got lucky. And he needs to watch his back. That’s where Hooks chop blocks Page from behind and Starks joins the assault despite Page trying to fight back. Brian Cage comes in and goes for Drill Claw but the Dark Order steers everyone off.

The Elite shows up in their own private trailer. We see Brandon Cutler filming them as they go in.

– Backstage, Penta sends a message to Best Friends. Alex Abrahantes translates and says Best Friends should have never restarted their issues with Death Triangle.

Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Trent

Penta wins the match with a package pile driver.

Winner: Penta El Zero Miedo

Jim Ross talks with The Pinnacle about the upcoming Blood and Guts match against Inner Circle. He brings up Chris Jericho passionate promo where he talked about the group, especially MJF. MJF says he’s been wearing the scarf since he was a kid on the Rosie O’Donnell Show, he didn’t steal it from Jericho. MJF then says that reminds him, it’s springtime, so that means it’s silk season, and switches up his scarves. Wardlow says Jericho stumbled a bit when he brought up Wardlow, because the moment he said the name, Jericho knew he messed up.

MJF says Jericho gets an “F” about elevating other wrestlers. He says Jericho wrestles people the fans already see, and then say he’s the reason why their now popular. MJF mentions Omega, Moxley, and others. MJF says when Jericho was 25, he wasn’t doing anything compared to him. MJF says to leave that “stooge” Mike Tyson home and let’s have the two sides fight each other. MJF continues that Jericho was right that MJF is a mark, but he’s a mark for Jericho’s spot, and he will take that on May 5, “because when you’re in The Pinnacle, you’re always on top.”

Hikaru Shida (C) vs. Tay Conti – AEW Women’s Championship

Shida retains with a series of swift kicks to the face.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Post-match, Britt Baker heads out to the stage. She looks up at the rankings and she moves from the second spot to the first spot. Shida throws her kendo stick at Baker. Baker moves and waves to Shida, heading to the back.

Miro says it’s been another week and he hasn’t seen Kip. Miro says he wants some vindication, and anyone who has a championship, he’s coming for them. It doesn’t matter if AEW puts him through a bunch of hoops, it’s his destiny to become champion.

The Inner Circle heads to the ring to speak with Tony Schiavone. Jericho says there’s a lot of energy tonight because of the upcoming Blood and Guts Match on May 5. He continues that it will be one of the most brutal matches ever seen on TNT. He talks about Mike Tyson knocking out Cash Wheeler. Jake Hager says Pinnacle will be sucking out a straw (as he throws some straws) after they get done with him. Santana gets on the mic and says Pinnacle wants to wrestle the best, but they wait until there’s a crew behind them before they actually fight. “Where we come from, we call those b**** moves.”

Jericho says MJF talks a lot, but never feels any convictions in the words he says. He brings up singing show tunes, and says he wrote one for MJF. Jericho rattles off a few lines about giving MJF a swirlie and how he’s a “dips***.” Jericho says it’s fun to make jokes, but May 5 will be a lesson in violence. Jericho says next week he wants a parlay between Inner Circle and Pinnacle. Jericho then says he will beat the living hell out of MJF on May 5 and Inner Circle will destroy the other group. The group then gives the camera the middle finger together.

– Anthony Ogogo says he’s only here in this dump (America) to make that big money. QT Marshall says he’s going to show Billy Gunn how much it’s worth being loyal to Cody Rhodes.

Billy Gunn vs. QT Marshall

Marshall wins with the cutter.

Winner: QT Marshall

Post-match, Ogogo gives Marshall a wooden chair. He goes to hit Gunn, but Dustin Rhodes runs out and smacks Marshall with a bull rope. Rhodes throwing a bunch of shots in the corner on Marshall, spinning powerslam hits. Ogogo just standing at ringside, not helping his guy out. Rhodes gets the chair, Ogogo climbs up to the apron, Comoroto tries to attack Rhodes from behind. Rhodes swings the chair over Comoroto’s head and it does nothing to him. QT’s group makes their way to the back.

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