AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Results for August 12, 2020


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The Young Bucks vs. Grayson and Evil Uno

Nick rolls up Uno for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Backstage, Wardlow pounds on the door to bring out MJF. MJF makes his way through the hallway with his campaign crew following behind. One guy gets slightly ahead, MJF shoves him to the side and says to stay out of his shot.

– AEW Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida in action tonight. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley also will appear live.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega say who their favorite tag teams of all-time. Omega picks The Young Bucks, Page says he was going to say himself and Omega.

MJF heads out to the ring (which now has a red carpet and a podium) with his campaign crew. MJF first goes to commentary shakes hands with Taz and JR, but not Tony. In the ring, MJF goes to talk, notices Nina isn’t smiling and tells her to smile! Nina shows off some polling numbers, MJF is currently beating Moxley 500% to -1000%.

MJF says he cares about the fan’s well being, and he mourns for their belief in their leader for Dictator Jon. MJF says Moxley would care about the people, if he was here tonight. MJF says he’ll always be here though. He thinks Moxley isn’t here because he’s afraid of change and because of MJF.

MJF says he wants Moxley to feel comfortable enough to show up to his job. MJF then lays down on the mat and says “is this better Jon? You in your comfort zone?” He continues that this company deserves quality leadership, Moxley might be a great wrestlers, but is no lead.

He calls Moxley a rabid dog. He thinks it’s time for Moxley to fork the keys over to someone who is better than him because everyone knows that “we deserve better.” Moxley’s music then hits.

MJF then sends all of his people out to the stands to cut Moxley off, since he usually comes through the crowd. MJF stays in the ring, Moxley now is coming out through the entrance way! He attacks MJF from behind and swings away.

He then throws MJF into the podium, paradigm shift, and Moxley heads back the way he came. MJF’s goons finally make their way back to the ring. Backstage, Moxley grabs the mic and says they aren’t even close to being even until at All Out when Moxley shows MJF some humility.

Last week, Sammy Guevara threw a chair into Matt Hardy’s head, busting him open badly. Guevara then put Hardy through a table. Alex Marvez talks with Matt Hardy, says he needed 13 stitches, and will need to take 10 days off until he’s medically cleared. Matt says he’s doing fine though because he doesn’t die. Matt says ten days is perfect timing since next week’s Dynamite is on Saturday (due to Dynamite being switched up that week).

Matt says he’s not going to wait until then, he’s going to hang around tonight to end Sammy. Matt then thinks he sees someone that looks like Sammy and throws him into a garage door, but it’s not him, it’s another referee.

Cody Rhodes (C) vs. Scorpio Sky – TNT Championship

Rhodes wins with the Cross Rhodes.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

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