AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Results for July 22, 2020


Cody is out to defend his TNT Championship, but he’s interrupted by Eddie Kingston. He says he grew up around alcoholics and junkies, and he had to survive and grind. He tells Cody he couldn’t survive a day in his shoes and doesn’t know what grinding really means. Everyone who Cody’s faced so far has been a child, but he’s a grown man. Eddie was paid to show up AEW and now he’ll get paid to kick Cody’s ass. He also threatens to gouge Arn’s eye out. The match is now made into a No Disqualification match.

Cody (C) vs. Eddie Kingston – TNT Championship (No Disqualification)

After getting powerbombed onto thumb tacks, Cody fights back and wins with the Figure Four submission.

Winner: Cody

We get a promo from Jon Moxley, who says he prides himself on keeping it real. When he says he’ll do something, he’s going to do it. Moxley said he could almost feel Cage’s tendons popping and six months of rehab, but while he was disappointed, Tazz made the right call in throwing in the towel. But next time for Brian Cage, he won’t be letting go.

Before his match, MJF talks up Griff and he says Griff is a prodigy with a heart of gold. He wants to give him an opportunity to promote himself as Jungle Man, but Griff corrects him. MJF says he doesn’t look like he could graduate fingerpainting class, but now MJF gives Griff the chance to share the ring with someone who’s undefeated. Griff reminds him that he lost a tag team match at Fyter Fest before MJF blindsides him with the mic.

MJF vs. Griff Garrison

MJF makes Griff say he’s undefeated before hitting a rope assisted piledriver for the win.

Winner: MJF 

We get a segment with Dr. Baker. Baker recalls getting her face smashed by Shida and returning a week later. And then her nose was taking advantage of. She then reminds us of rule number 4, never count out a role model. Conspirators and disfigurement aside, she’s ready to make a huge comeback. She compares her comeback to MJ returning to the NBA for the Wizards and Tony reminds Tony that Jordan didn’t make the playoffs with the Wizards. Dr. Baker tells Tony to stop being an asshole and remains calling herself Michael Jordan.

Out comes Tazz and Brian Cage. Tazz says he and Cage havev had heated discussions over the past week and Cage was close to firing him, but cooler heads prevail. Tazz explained to Cage why he did what he did, and he explained that it was a business decision. Taz he gives Moxley credit for his armbar, and Tazz wasn’t going to allow Cage’s bicep tendon torn a second time. He stands behind his decision as a business decision. He assures Moxley and everyone else that Cage will never be in that position again because he would never tap and he’s not wired to tap. That’s why he’s FTW Champion, because he has a FTW mindset. No surrender, and no quit. Out comes Darby Allin. He approaches the ring before Ricky Starr attacks him from behind.

Cage powerbombs Allin into the ring and he and Starks jump Allin int he ring before Moxley comes with a barbed wire bat to save him.

Chris Jericho hates the fact he destroyed Orrange Cassidy’s $7,000 suit. So now, he will end Orange Cassidy’s career. And he’s also going to take out his rage on Jungle Boy and Luchassaurus and will make him extinct.

The Young Bucks fight The Butcher and The Blade in the kitchen area and they are ready to start their Falls Count Anywhere match.

The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher and The Blade – Falls Count Anywhere

The Young Bucks put The Butcher and The Blade each on a table and dive from the top of the set and put themselves through both for the pin.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Lance Archer and Jake Roberts are asked why they weren’t at Fight for the Fallen, and Archer goes to the locker room area, and takes everyone out before leaving.

Iveleisse vs. Diamante

Diamante wins with a cradle.

Winner: Diamante


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