AEW Dynamite Results for June 15, 2022


Ospreay tries for the Oscutter twice but Harwood pulls him back, and the FTR man looks for a springboard powerbomb only for Will to block it. He then goes for the Oscutter but Harwood catches him, and this time the springboard Liger Bomb is hit, and it gets a near fall for Harwood!

Both men then trade blows back and forth with Dax getting the best out of it with a major lariat. Ospreay then hits a Liger Bomb, but it doesn’t get the job done, and he follows it with the Oscutter, but Harwood kicks out again! The Brit then comes in with the Hidden Blade to win.

Winner: Will Ospreay

– After the match, the rest of the United Empire appear, but Cash Wheeler and Roppongi Vice come down to try and even the odds, but they don’t have enough men…that is until Orange Cassidy appears!!! He and Ospreay then end up face to face, but the rest of the AEW stars make him back off and they stand tall in the ring.

– A video package is shown discussing the history between Jon Moxley and Hiroshi Tanahashi.

– Both men then make their way to the ring and go face to face which gets a “holy sh*t” chant. Moxley says he has been chasing Tanahashi for a long time, and finally he’s here in all his glory. Jon says he has chased him across Japan and across the Pacific, everything he has done in New Japan has been about him.

Moxley says there’s only one man people call Ace…but not for long. Moxley says Tanahashi deserves the respect, but right now he is the best wrestler on the planet, lots of people are pretending but he lives it. Mox says there is more on the line than the AEW World Title, as everything is on the line for him that he has worked for three years to become.

Moxley says Tanahashi’s busted knees and life are on the line, and he says at Forbidden Door Tanahashi will call him Ace. The New Japan star gets on the microphone, but Chris Jericho then appears with Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara. He says the only reason Moxley is in the ring is because he wasn’t here last week.

Jericho says if he doesn’t walk away right now, he will burn him in the eye because he’s a wizard. Jericho then points out the last time he saw Tanahashi he beat him. The Ace tells him to shut up, and then Lance Archer and Desperado attack both men while Jericho Appreciation Society also get involved as they jump the two men.

Jericho introduces the newest members of the JAS…Guevara and Conti. Jericho says Archer and Desperado are here on loan from Minoru Suzuki, and he says at Forbidden Door it will be him, Guevara and Suzuki vs. Kingston, Yuta, and Shooter Umino. Kingston, Ortiz, and Yuta come down and a brawl erupts with Tanahashi and Moxley finishing up standing tall.

– Video package airs as Darby Allin and Bobby Fish discuss their upcoming match.

– Toni Storm is interviewed and said that Britt Baker is intelligent, but even she wouldn’t play the stupid games that she has. Toni says she has the skillset of a champion, and she’s going to take the division to where it should be. We have all seen the DMD, but we want Toni as World Champ.

Ethan Page vs. Miro (All-Atlantic Championship Match Qualifier)

Ethan Page starts out playing mind games, leaving the ring, and when he gets back in he is able to attack Miro and he starts working on the arm. The former TNT Champion responds with a big lariat, and he then decides to work on the arm of his opponent as well. This one then spills to the outside as Miro continues to work aggressively.

Page turns things around again back in the ring though, and with the official distracted, Dan Lambert gets a shot in on Miro, but he doesn’t take kindly to it as he hits a huge dropkick. Miro then chases Lambert outside the ring, but this allows Page to dive off the ring apron with a shoulder tackle.

As they return to the ring, Miro once again turns things around by sending his opponent across the ring. He then locks him on the top ropes as he hits a series of sledge hammer blows to the chest, but Page then grabs the arms and yanks it down over the top rope. As Miro looks to follow outside he gets sent into the stairs three times in a row.

Page follows it up with a cutter, but that’s only good enough to get a near fall. Miro once again fires up, launching Page around the ring and he then nails a leg lariat to gain control. Miro then punches Lambert off the ring apron, following with a superkick to the face of Page as he then locks in Game Over.

Winner: Miro

Britt Baker vs. Toni Storm

Toni Storm comes out swinging with big punches to Britt Baker, which forces her to retreat to the outside where Storm continues her attack. The detist manages to turn it around by sending her into the ring post, and the numbers game on the outside distracts Storm, allowing Britt to attack her from behind again.

However, as Baker tries to get back into the ring Toni rolls around and pulls the legs of Baker so she hits the apron, and as they re-enter the ring Storm hits a top rope crossbody. Baker distracts the official, and Jamie Hayter and Rebel are able to attack Storm, but that is until Thunder Rosa appears as she chases Hayter to the back.

However, Baker remains in control with a sling blade, but Storm kicks out. The former World Champion then connects with a butterfly suplex, but that’s not enough to get the win. Toni responds with some big overhand shots, but one kick to the midsection takes Storm back down straight away.

Storm connects with a DDT, and she follows that with another one to the floor, getting back in control. Baker looks for her glove from Rebel, but that allows Storm to hit the German Suplex, following up with a huge hip attack in the corner, and Storm looks to grab her, but Baker grabs hold of the rope each time as she appears to be legitimately hurt…but she is playing possum and almost gets a roll-up win.

Britt follows it with a swinging neck breaker but Storm is able to kick out, and she then goes for the Lock Jaw only for Storm to hit a German Suplex and then Storm Zero for the victory.

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