AEW Dynamite Results for May 20, 2020


Here are the results for the May 20th edition of AEW.

Here are the results for the May 20th edition of AEW.

The Inner Circle arrive in the parking lot, and Chris Jericho issues a warning to The Inner Circle, claiming they will do far worse tonight than what they did to Vanguard-1.

Jon Moxley vs. 10 (w/Brodie Lee)

Before the match, Brodie Lee orders 10 to take a knee and to do it properly. Lee says he can’t relate to us because he’s a powerful, superior athlete. But he claims that he sweats and can’t walk on water. As we look at him, it may be hard to fathom, but he isn’t a God, he is a man. The difference with the Dark Order now is that Lee operates at a higher level and a smarter level. They are the lions of AEW and results speak for themselves. At Double or Nothing, Lee has to win not only to satisfy his hunger for the title, but to pay off the loyalty of his men.

He chose 10 specifically, and tonight is his moment to shine. He is now a High Knight of the Dark Order, and he orders him to rise and to hurt Jon Moxley for him.

Moxley wins with the Paradigm Shift.

Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, Moxley brings a couple of chairs into the ring. He remove 10’s arm band and places one char over his arm. He says that he’s not aware of the strategy behind Brodie stealing his title or if it was a message, but the way he sees it, he’s trying to punk him out. But instead, he’ll give him 10 seconds and correct his mistake or 10’s arm will be broken. He counts own before Lee appears on the titantron.

Lee says he doesn’t call the shots, and that he’ll take care of him Saturday. He claims Moxley made it personal and everyone has to make sacrifices. Tonight, he’s leaving. Lee and the rest of the Dark Order leaves and Moxley slams the chair over his arm.

MJF (w/Wardlow) vs. Marko Stunt (w/Jurassic Express)

MJF wins when he hits the shoulder breaker and the Fujiiwara armbar.

Winner: MJF

After the match, MJF congratulates Marko for lasting as long as he did, so he deserves a little present. But then he says no one in the entire world would touch Marko’s lips, but he can kiss his ring, and MJF knocks him out. The rest of Jurassic Express come out. MJF shouts that Jungle Boy sucks.

Arn Anderson and Jake Roberts are out for their face-to-face interview. Roberts says it’s surreal to be talking to Arn since they’ve never fought one on one. He was happy that he didn’t bring the rest of his crew because he’s not used to showing up alone, but he tells Arn to get used to it. People have dreams and people have nightmares, but we know those aren’t real. However, Lance Archer is real and has destroyed everything that’s been put in front of him. But Cody is a coward who would sacrifice his brother.

But there’s no more excuses and no more riddles to figure out. He has to come to grips with the fact that Archer is a mean son of a bitch that will rip Cody’s heart out. He also suggests Arn is looking thick and that this is his weekend pass from the retirement home.

Arn agrees that this was surreal and he says he gets goosebumps when he wonders what it would have been like if they fought against each other. He says the two of them are called credible, but that sitting across from him, he can sense the evil coming from him. Back in the day, the snakes he carried used to scare people. However, he says what he should be concerned about is the look he has in his eyes.

Roberts says he’s been to hell and back, and that one more ride with him isn’t something he wouldn’t mind. And he suggests just like Lance Archer, he’ll be free to settle any issues any time and any place.

Arn reminds Jake to have decorum. He talks about Mike Tyson’s involvement in the match and dares Jake to throw the snake at Tyson. Jake says anything he throws at Mike will take him down, and Archer wants to take him out for himself. Roberts also says he’d love to bump into Brandi again and calls her a bimbo.

Anderson says Cody told him that he didn’t want to win the title for all of the perks that comes with being champion. He has to do it because he has to, because he’s turned the business upside down in a year, and his leadership can be recognized since he’s earned it. Anderson says the only thing stopping Jake from coming across the table is the fact that Jake is doing DDP Yoga, and he wouldn’t mind giving him a sizable spinebuster one more time. Roberts flips over the table and the two have to get separated by officials. Roberts leaves.

We get a Darby Allin vignette of him playing cards and setting a ladder on fire.

We get a PAC promo, and he tells Orange Cassidy that he’s going to get what’s coming to him at the hands of Ray Fenix.

Orange Cassidy vs. Ray Fenix

Before the match, Orange tells Best Friends to stay in the back. Ray Fenix attempts an ambush attack, but Orange casually steps out of the way, and walks towards the ring, waiting for him.

Towards the end of the match, Kip Sabian brings out a ladder and distracts Orange Cassidy. Fenix hits a low blow from behind and gets a cutter for the win.

Winner: Ray Fenix

After the match, Scorpio Sky and Kazarian are out and they knock him over the ladder and into the ring. SCU attack an interfering Jimmy Havoc and everyone brawls with each other. SCU, Sabian and Havoc all brawl with each other before Fenix dives on all of them. Colt Cabana comes out and hits a moonsault. Then, Best friends launch Orange Cassidy onto all of them.

Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose and Britt Baker

Rose and Baker win when Rose is able to hit the Beast Bomb on Shida.

Winners: Nyla Rose and Britt Baker

After the match, Nyla takes a table and attempts to splash Shida through it, but Statlander holds her off from diving, allowing Shida to suplex Rose through the table from the top rope.

Moxley is interviewed and he says that from this point on it will only get worse for Brodie Lee, he will go to sleep and he will lose any power he thinks he has. He’ll have nothing left but a 3 piece suit and a bunch chronies to repair his fragile ego.

We get a Shawn Spears News report on Dustin Rhodes retiring. He also questions why he doesn’t have a match at Double or Nothing. He says that maybe he should go into business for himself, and he formally challenges Dustin for a match at Double or Nothing. If you’re looking for Dustin, we can find him at display at our local museum.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears is made official for Double or Nothing. Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander and Private Party vs. Best Friends in a number 1 contender’s match for the tag titles are also announced for the Buy In.

Next week, there will also be a battle royal to determine who will face the TNT Champion on June 3rd.

Sammy Guevara reflects on Matt trying to kill him with a golf cart, and Matt Hardy reflects on The Inner Circle always jumping him.

Sammy Guevara vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy wins with a Twist of Fate.

Winner: Matt Hardy

After the match, the rest of The Inner Circle are already at the stadium and are jumping Kenny Omega. They continue the assault before The Young Bucks return and even the odds. Matt Hardy arrives and joins the brawl. Adam Page eventually runs down the field and joins the brawl. They all stave off The Inner Circle as they retreat.

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