AEW Dynamite Results for September 2, 2020


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Best Friends vs. Santana and Ortiz

Santana and Ortiz win with the Street Sweeper.

Winners: Santana and Ortiz

Backstage, MJF says the one way All Out is ending is with him winning the title. Lee comes over and tells MJF his lawyer has locked himself in the room, so he doesn’t have to fight Moxley. Wardlow kicks the door in and brings Mark Sterling out. MJF says he understands Sterling is afraid of Moxley, but there’s nothing scarier than getting in front of MJF’s goals — bad things happen. He says there’s two options for him tonight: get in the ring, or get in a wood chipper!

The Young Bucks and Jurassic Express vs. Private Party and SCU

BTE Trigger on Quen finishes it off.

Winners: The Young Bucks and Jurassic Express

Post-match, Young Bucks don’t stay in the ring to celebrate.

– Backstage, Jake Hager goes in to find Orange Cassidy. He tells him that Jericho wants him at ringside tonight for his match against Joey Janela. Cassidy puts his foot over Hager’s leg, Hager smacks it away and says it would be smart of him to be there and leaves.

– Backstage, Tully Blanchard talks with FTR about following the path to the tag titles. They won the gauntlet match, that was the first goal. On Saturday, they have to go take the gold, Hangman Page and Kenny Omega aren’t going to give it away. Wheeler calls the match the most important of their careers, nothing matters if they don’t get the tag titles. Harwood says Sunday they have all day to be sore, but Omega and Page will Fear the Revelation on Saturday.

AEW World Tag Team Champion Kenny Omega heads out to the ring to talk with Tony Schiavone. Omega wearing a shirt in tribute of Hana Kimura. Tony notes how Page isn’t by Omega’s side this week, then brings up what happened last week with Page and The Young Bucks. Matt and Nick threw Page out of The Elite. Omega says everyone makes mistakes, but on Saturday they will work together against FTR. Just like every other match, they will win. FTR walks out with a cooler, they say they have no problem with Omega, they just want to have a great match. How about a cheers? They bring Omega some chocolate milk.

Omega says there’s nothing more he like than chocolate milk, but he’s not going to spend time around some “d–k heads.” Omega says they can drop the act and let’s just get to the brawl, they have other match to get to. Omega tells Tully to stay back, he can smell his adult diapers form here. Page makes his way out to the ring. FTR says they never told Page to do anything about last week. They said Page is nothing but a little boy and he got into his own head. They try to get in Page’s head, but Omega tells him not to listen. FTR gets their tag titles while the champs talk. They go to hand the titles over and just drop them to the mat, then leave the ring. Page picks them up, goes to hand one to Omega, and he’s already out on the floor.

– Backstage, Alex Marvez speaks with Chris Jericho about his upcoming All Out match against Orange Cassidy. Jericho says fans are going to get to experience the culmination of Jericho vs. Cassidy, and they will find out who is the better man. Jericho says he is the one who made Cassidy a main event star, but that’s why he needs to put a bullet in Cassidy’s head and show him that he’s not on the same level as Jericho. He’s going to end Cassidy’s dreams with a little bit of the bubbly. For Joey Janela, things are going to get a whole lot worse as Jericho looks to show Cassidy a taste of what he’s in store for.

Chris Jericho vs. Joey Janela

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