AEW Dynamite Results: January 1, 2020


Here are the full results for the first episode of AEW of 2020.

Cody (w/Arn Anderson) vs. Darby Allin

Allin was going for the coffin drop, but Cody got the knees up and he rolled him up from behind for the win.

Winner: Cody

SCU is interviewed backstage and they are asked what to expect from them in 2019. Scorpio Sky said they have a target on their backs from all of the tag teams, including the Dark Order. Kazarian talks about their victory over the Young Bucks.

Sammy Guevara interrupts and congratulates them and asks what Christopher Daniels has except for wrinkles on his face. Daniels says we can find out next week. He smudged Sammy’s phone camera with a licked finger.

Riho (C) vs. Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida – AEW Women’s Championship 

After a series of pin attempts, Riho gets the jackknife cover on Baker to retain the title.

Winner: Riho

After the match, Rose blindsided Riho and splashed her through a table.

Joey Janela is low blowed by Penelope Ford and leaves with Kip Sabian.

Jon Moxley vs. Trent

Moxley catches Trent in mid-air and hits the Paradigm Shift on the entrance ramp. He hits another one inside the ring for the victory

Winner: Jon Moxley 

After the match, Sammy Guevara appears from the crowd and cuts a promo. Moxley grabs a chair while talking. He says he’s not here to fight, but says the Inner Circle has a surprise for him.

Jericho then appears on the titantron and says Moxley looked great in the ring and offers the invitation to join the Inner Circle. He says they are different than the Nightmare Collective and the Dark Order because Jericho is offering Moxley 49% of the Inner Circle LLC and position of Vice President. He also offers Moxley a Ford GT and a custom license plate with insurance.

Jericho says they could take over AEW, and says to make his decision wisely. He looks forward to hearing his decision. Jericho takes off in the car.

Moxley says he’s always considered Jericho a friend and a mentor. He says out of respect for Chris, he’ll give his answer to Jericho in person next week.

Sammy Guevara vs. Dustin Rhodes

During the match, Jake Hager comes and when the ref is distracted, he hits a low blow, and Sammy covers for the win.

Winner: Sammy Guevara 

Private Party is interviewed about their New Year’s Resolutions when Adam Page comes out. Isiah says that Adam looks worried, and Adam says they should be worried because he could kick both of their asses. Page walks away frustrated and Private Party wonders why he’s upset.

Out comes MJF. He says the roles has been reversed because Cody now needs him to make the stipulations. MJF says the first stipulation is that the match has to take place at Revolution. He also states if he touches him before then, Cody doesn’t get the match.

The second stipulation is that in order to wrestle him, he has to defeat an opponent of his choosing. That man is Wardlow. He then says he doesn’t know if that stipulation is enough, and says he should up the ante. He then says it should be a steel cage match. The final stipulation is that he will get on all fours as he whips him with a belt 10 times.

MJF says each whip will be a reminder that he’s better than him and he knows it.

Backstage, Jurassic Park is interviewed and Jungle Boy states that he proved he could go toe to toe with Jericho for 10 minutes and that it will be a big year for the three.

Adam Page joins the commentary team. Riho is asked about her title match next week, but before she speaks, Baker cuts her off and says she’s here each week and busts her ass while managing a dental practice on the side. She gets to win by the skin of her teeth and leave, and Baker leaves.

It is announced that Riho will defend her title against Kris Statlander next week. Also, Private Party will take on Adam Page and Kenny Omega and the Rhodes Brothers will face the Lucha Brothers.

The Elite vs. PAC and Lucha Brothers

Omega catches Fenix with the V Trigger in mid-air and finishes things with the Lne-Winged Angel.

Winners: The Elite

After the match, The Elite and Cody offed Page to come in the ring and celebrate with them, but Page declines and drinks as AEW goes off the air.

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