AEW Dynamite Results: January 8, 2020


Here are the results for the January 8th, 2020 edition of All Elite Wrestling.

Private Party vs. Kenny Omega and Adam Page

Omega and Page double team Mark Quen with a high knee and lariat. Omega finished him off with a One-Winged Angel for the win.

Winners: Kenny Omega and Adam Page

Backstage, we see PAC applying The Brutalizer on Michael Nakazawa. He tells Omega that his cowardice made this happen, and he’ll continue to do it if Omega doesn’t give him his one on one rubber match. Kenny runs to the back.

Riho (C) vs. Kris Statlander – AEW Women’s Championship

During the match, the Nightmare Collective come out and attack Riho and Statlander, but fight both of them off. Luther comes out and attacks Statlander from behind but Riho dives on him from the top rope.

Statlander goes for a piledriver, but Awesome Kong trips Statlander up and Riho pins her to retain.

Winner: Riho

After the match, Kong attacks Statlander and Riho attacks Kong. Mel comes in but then Hikaru Shida comes out to even the score. The Nightmare Collective retreats.

Sammy Guevara vs. Christopher Daniels

During the match, Pentagon Jr. asks Daniels if he can do the moonsault. He thinks about it, but opts not to. Sammy takes care of the distraction and defeats him.

Winner: Sammy Guevara 

After the match, the Dark Order comes out. Dark Uno tells Daniels that he can help him and make him the man he once was. He offers Christopher a mask and says SCU is a thing of the past.

Daniels throws the mask away, and the Dark Order jump him. SCU and The Young Bucks come out for the save.

The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Lucha Brothers

Dustin gets Ray Fenix in the air and hits the Final Reckoning for the win.

Winners: The Rhodes Brothers

After the match, Tony asks for Cody’s response to MJF’s demands. Before he answers, Arn Anderson interrupts and he asks where MJF goes off making the demands.

He tells Tony that Cody wants the match, they’ll talk about it and they’ll get their answer soon.

MJF says Cody is a coward and that he doesn’t want to face him. He says he’ll count down from 10 to prove he’s a man. He counts down, and DDP comes out instead.

He says he has to address a situation from a few weeks ago and that’s if he will be in one more match. MJF tells DDP that he couldn’t lace his boots, and he couldn’t hold his jock in his arthritic hands.

The Butcher, The Bunny and The Blade come out. MJF reminds reminds DDP WCW is dead and so are his fans. He says he can either kiss his ring and get of his company or he can be sent straight to hospice, take one of his daughters and do one thing and one thing only.

DDP hits the Cutter on The Butcher and then The Blade. He goes for one on MJF, but Wardlow distracts him and MJF low blows him from behind. They jump him before Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall comes out to help.

Best Friends and Orange Cassidy vs. Jurassic Express

Trent goes for a powerbomb, but Jungle Boy reverses into a cover for the win.

Winners: Jurassic Express

PAC vs. Darby Allin and MJF, The Butcher and The Blade vs. DDP, Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall is announced for next week as well as Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander vs. Mel and Awesome Kong.

Out comes The Inner Circle and Jon Moxley comes our after. Jericho shows Moxley the keys for the car, and a portion of the street reserved for an Inner Circle party.

Moxley said he’s been thinking about a lot, and says that no one knows his motivations, not even Chris.

Moxley says he doesn’t want any of it and he can’t be bought. He says that he came to AEW to dominate. He tells Jericho his answer is yes. Moxley is sporting a shirt with Inner Circle on it, and he says he wants to stand with the most dominant faction in the industry.

Moxley calls Jericho the greatest of all time and he will surround himself with greatness. He asks The Inner Circle to start popping the bubbly. Everyone pops the bubbly together. They play Moxley’s music and Jericho gives Moxley the keys to the car. The crowd tells Moxley he sold out.

Moxley says he forgot one final thing. He said he’d never join The Inner Circle and that it’s a stupid group, saying he has nothing he wants, except the AEW World Title. He bashes one of the bottles on his head and hits the Paradigm Shift on Jericho and Guevara as AEW goes off the air.

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