AEW Dynamite Results: October 2, 2019


Tonight, we have the very first broadcast of AEW Dynamite on TNT. On tap for tonight, we have Cody vs. Sammy Guevara, Riho vs. Nyla Rose for the AEW Women’s World Championship, an appearance by Jon Moxley, Hangman Page vs. PAC and Kenny Omega teaming up with The Young Bucks to take on Ortiz, Santana and AEW World Champion Chris Jericho in the main event.

We are live with over 14,000 in attendance in the nation’s capital.

Cody (w/Brandi Rhodes) vs. Sammy Guevara

The very first match in AEW Dynamite history is Cody vs. Sammy Guevara. The crowd starts with loud “Sammy Sucks!” chants.

Cody and Sammy start with a series of reversals and holds, eventually causing Cody to retreat. Cody eventually gets a waist lock before Sammy gets a dropkick and a moonsault press for a 1 count.

Cody responds with a shoulder block, but Sammy gets a kip up and slaps Cody. Cody responds with a powerslam for 2. Cody applies the Figure Four, but Sammy eventually escapes to the ropes.

Cody forces Sammy to the corner and gets a series of chops, and Sammy responds with one of his own. Cody comes back gets a front face suplex for 2. Sammy gets a kick to the face before Rhode responds with a springboard cutter before Sammy kicks out twice at 2.

Sammy gets a kick from the outside and gets a top rope cutter for 2. Sammy gets a chop but Cody gets a big boot that sends him outside. Rhodes goes for a suicide dive, but Sammy pulls Brandi in front of her and Rhodes dives on her.

Sammy goes for a moonsault, but lands on his feet as Rhodes gets out of the way. He goes for another one but Cody dodges again. Sammy finally connects with a standing shooting star press for 2.

Sammy gets the Torture Rack, but Cody escapes and Brandi hits Sammy on the outside and Cody gets the Disaster Kick for 2.

Cody gets the inverted suplex from the top rope for 2. Cody eventually goes to the top rope, but Sammy jumps up and gets a Spanish Fly for a close 2 count. Sammy goes for the Shooting Star press, but Cody gets the knees up and cradles Sammy for the win.

Winner: Cody

After the match, Sammy offers Cody a handshake, and Cody accepts. Jericho attacks Cody from behind and hits a huge clothesline and a Codebreaker.

Back from commercial, Jericho continues the assault and is holding a chair in his hand. He takes two chairs, assembling a tower, and powerbombs Cody in between them.

Jericho proclaims himself as the champion and says we’re welcome.

Brandon Cutler vs. MJF

Before MJF makes his entrance, he cuts his own music and says that we are looking at the youngest and fastest rising star in the history of professional wrestling. He also says Brandon Cutler is just mad that he is better than him.

MJF starts with some taunts and slaps Cutler around before Cutler moonsaults and slaps him in return. He gets a shoulder block and a sunset flip that was slightly botched for 2. He has the Fireman’s carry, but MJF rakes the eyes. He sends Cutler into the corner post and poses.

MJF starts to work over the left arm. He gets a scoop slam with Cutler’s arm behind his back, but Cutler sends MJF out of the ring and gets a suicide dive and gets some shots in.

Cutler goes to the top rope, but tweaks his knee, causing him to fall. Cutler goes to attack MJF in the corner, but the ref gets in thew ay, causing MJF to get a hard shot to the back and an armbar for the submission victory.

Winner: MJF

We see Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in the crowd. They plug a movie that Chris Jericho is in until they get interrupted by Jack Evans and Angelico and they say they suck. We see Private Party coming to their aide. They will be facing off against The Young Bucks next week in the tag team championship tournament.

We get a segment with SCU in front of the White House. We get SCU and the Lucha Brothers selling themselves before the two tag teams brawl.

Hangman Page vs. PAC

Back from commercial, we see Page on the attack before PAC gets a series of hard kicks. Eventually, Hangman sends PAC back in and the two trade shots. PAC sends Page on the outside and attacks him on the apron before stomping on his head.

PAC then gets a huge springboard moonsault on the outside. PAC drives his knee into Page before getting a springboard 450 splash for 2. Another heel kick connects before he gets a seated corner dropkick.

PAC gets to the top rope, but Page cuts him off with a superkick and an avalanche fallaway slam. He gets a corner dropkick and gets a flapjjack for 2. PAC recovers and sends him into the corner and then into the barricade outside.

Back from commercial, PAC has the advantage, but Page eventually gets a spinebuster. Page then gets a spinning forearm while PAC is in mid-air and follows it up with a powerbomb for 2. Page then gets a moonsault onto the outside from the top rope.

Back in the ring, PAC gets away with a low blow with the referee missing it, and hits the Black Arrow followed up with the Brutalizer for the submission victory.

Winner: PAC

Riho vs. Nyla Rose – AEW Women’s World Championship

We start with a tug of war before Riho gets the advantage. Rose comes back with a shoulder tackle and a splash. Rose goes for the cover, but Riho slides out of the cover seamlessly.

She goes for a double stomp, but Rose gets up while she’s on her back and Riho lands hard. Rose gets a snapmare takedown and a sharp kick to the back before locking in the STF. Riho eventually gets to the ropes.

Rose goes for the vertical suplex, but Riho escapes. She goes for a German suplex, but Rose fights her off before getting a huge back elbow. Riho responds with a series of jumping knees that sends Rose out of the ring.

Riho heads to the top rope and dives, but Rose catches her in mid-air and gets a backbreaker. Rose gets a chair and attempts to attack her with it, but the referee takes it away. Riho gets some shots to the face, but Rose sends her to the barricade.

Rose retrieves a series of chairs from under the ring. She puts Riho on top of the chairs and goes for a senton, but Riho escapes and Rose lands on all of the chairs. Riho then follows up with a double stomp.

Back in the ring, Riho gets a double stomp to the back for 2. Riho locks in a crossface.

Back from commercial, Riho tried to go for a back body drop, but both women stumble. Riho gets some hard shots, but Nyla plants her. Riho gets some more shots in, buy Nyla gets a big boot. Riho then gets a roll-up for a very close 2 count. Rose then gets a Death Valley Driver for 2.

The two take the fight to the top rope, before Riho gets a top rope Northern Lights suplex for a close 2 count. Riho gets a double knees to the back and then a shining wizard to the face, and that does it.

Winner: Riho

After the match, Michael Nakazawa interviews Riho, but Rose takes him out from behind and powerbombs him after struggling the first time. She attempts to finish off Riho, but Kenny Omega comes to her rescue.

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks vs. Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz

We start with Omega and Jericho, but Jericho instantly tags in Santana. The two trade holds before Omega gets a jumping bulldog. He also gives a hurricanrana to Ortiz. Jericho comes from behind gives some knife edge chops.

Omega goes for a hurricanrana on Jericho, but Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho before he eats a double superkick from The Young Bucks. They superkick Santana and Ortiz on the outside while Nick dives outside. Omega prepares to dive, but Jon Moxley comes from behind and the two fight.

Moxley sends Omega outside and the two brawl in the crowd. Omega throws a trash container at Moxley, but Moxley continues to fight. Back in the ring, Jericho clotheslines Nick. We see Omega attacking Moxley with a mop. Eventually, Moxley gets a piledriver onto a glass table.

Back from commercial, we see Jericho and LAX continuing to work over Matt. Matt eventually sends Santana out of the ring and spears Ortiz. Matt attempts to tag Nick, but Santana takes him off his feet and Santana gets a crossbody for 2.

Jericho goes for the Lionsault, but Matt gets the knees up. Jericho eventually tags in Ortiz and he cuts off Nick from making another tag. Matt eventually gets a top rope cutter and hits two Northern Lights suplexes on Santana and eventually gives a Northern Lights to both Santana and Ortiz before getting the hot tag to Nick.

Nick runs wild on both Santana and Ortiz with a series of kicks, running bulldogs and jumping dives.

The Young Bucks go for their finisher, but Jericho cuts Nick off with a Codebreaker. LAX takes out Matt with a corner bulldog, and they send him into Jericho for a Judas Effect for the win.

Winners: Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz

After the match Jericho and Ortiz attack Matt. Cody attacks Jericho, Santana and Ortiz after the match. Sammy Guevara gets Cody with a low blow, but then Dustin Rhodes comes out and cleans house. Then, Jake Hager comes and he cleans house on everyone and flattens Cody.

Eventually, Hager gets a gutwrench powerbomb onto Dustin on the podium. Jericho gets a Judas effect on Cody and all the heels stand tall.

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