AEW Rampage Results for November 5, 2021


Here are the ongoing results from tonight’s live episode of AEW Rampage:

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Commentators: Ricky Starks, Excalibur, Taz
Credit: Lee Sanders of 411 Wrestling

MATCH 1: Bryan Danielson vs Anthony Bowens

Bowens and Danielson engage in a lockup as soon Bowens comes in with a strong start on Danielson with a couple of armdrag takedowns. Nice transitioning of counters from both men as the men come to a stalemate. Bowens gets in a lateral press and goes for a cover…only a two count. Danielson comes back with a nasty kick followed by working on the left arm of Bowens. Series of chops on Bowens now follows as Bowens gets Danielson in the corner to deliver chops of his own. Danielson gets in a cross armbreaker as Bowens quickly gets out of the submission attempt. Bowens drops Danielson into face first into the ring apron as Max Caster quietly clotheslines Danielson outside the ring while the referee is distracted. Back from commercial break as Bowens has been on the offense during Picture in Picture. Danielson comes in with a big running elbow-strike to the face of Bowens. Danielson follows it up with his trademark YES! Kicks, followed by a cover as he only gets a two count. Danielson follows up with a series of chops and his trademark flying running knee. Danielson tries looking for another running attack but Bowens counters and gets him in the The Arrival which is modified spinning DDT while the opponent’s legs are caught in between the ropes. A pretty sweet move. Near fall for Bowens and Danielson continues us slugging it out. Danielson dropkicks Caster from outside the ring and sends Bowens crashing into Caster outside the ring. Danielson goes to the top turnbuckle to crash into both men. Danielson connects with a missed dropkick from the top rope. Danielson follows up with a series of stomps the Bowen’s face followed buy the LaBelle Lock as Bowens taps out!

Winner: Bryan Danielson (12:00)
Rating: ***

MATCH 2: TBS Women’s Title Tournament Qualifier-Red Velvet vs. The Bunny

Red Velvet runs down the ramp like Ultimate Warrior as she tackles to the canvas and lays in a series of punches on her. Jade Cargill and Smart Mark Sterling are sitting ringside watching the action as Bunny manages to escape briefly before Velvet takes her down. Velvet gives a tongue lashing to Cargill as Bunny comes back and spikes Velvet face first into the steel steps with her boot. Action back inside the ring as Bunny does a dropkick to Velvet from behind. Cover attempt by Bunny as it’s a near fall. The two women now trade off on strikes as Velvet connects with a stunner on Bunny for a near fall. Bunny connects with a Death Valley driver for a two count. Bunny follows up with a thrust kick as Velvet comes back with the Final Slice to advance to the quarter finals round.

Winner: Red Velvet (7:00)

John Silver tries to play around and do his rendition of Adam Cole’s entrance but screaming BUDGE when Cole kicks him silly. Silver is off to a solid start offensively. Silver manages to get in a kick on Cole before being countered by Cole with some kind of a snapmare as Silver crashes to the canvas. Cole gets Silver in a camel clutch as Young Bucks deliver their trademark kisses to the face of Adam Cole.

Back from commercial break as both men been slugging it out as Silver is still on the offense. Nice Irish whip into ropes as Silver catches Cole and plants him with a sit down powerbomb that only gets him a near fall. Silver and Cole trade off elbow strikes. Cole connects with a pump kick as Cole comes back with enzuigiri. Nice sequence of moves here. Silver connects with a running punt to Cole’s head and goes for the cover as one of the Bucks puts Cole’s leg on the rope before the three count is made. Referee is distracted as Cole tries to go for a low bow but Silver counters with a low blow of his own. Silver follows up with a Liger Bomb only for a near fall! Cole tries looking for Panama Sunrise but it’s countered! Silver tries looking for a series of flying charges but Cole comes in with a series kicks followed up with THE BOOM to pick up the victory.

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