​Complete ROH ‘War Of The Worlds’ iPPV Results From NYC




They aired videos previewing the main events.

ROH announcers Steve Corino and Kevin Kelly came out to a big reaction.

Silas Young vs. Caprice Coleman

Young took the mic and said that if Coleman was the best ROH has to offer
him, he doesn’t want this. He will take his opportunities. Coleman the mic as
Young worked out and said if he doesn’t respect what he’s given, he’s not a real
man. Coleman then turned his attention to Jimmy Jacobs and dared him to come out
for what he did to Cedric Alexander.

Jimmy Jacobs ran out and said if he wants to fight…and Adam Page attacked

Caprice Coleman vs. Adam Page

Page worked him over but Coleman wiped him out with a leg sweet. Page was
sent to the floor and Coleman hit a springboard moonsault off the ropes to the
floor, glancingly nailing him.

Page took control when they returned to the ring. Page nailed a belly to back suplex for a two
count. He cinched in a rear chinlock. Coleman fought his way out. He nailed a
nice series of suplexes for a two count. Page cut off Coleman and scored a two
count with a standing moonsault press.

Page went to the top but was cut off and nailed with a top rope rana. Coleman
came off the top with a big leg lariat for the pin.

Your winner, Caprice Coleman!

Fun opener!

Jacobs was pissed at Page and kicked him when he was down, then slapped him.
He ripped on Page and forced him to holds the ropes open for him as Jacobs

War of the Worlds!

The show began and the fans chanted Ring of Honor and New Japan.

The Bullet Club – AJ Styles, The Young Bucks, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
– came to the ring. The crowd popped huge. They introduced Styles as the IWGP
champion. The crowd chanted, “F*** TNA.” Styles said that people believe he is the
leader but in the Club, they all lead.

Kazuchida Okada came out. He entered the ring and got in Styles’ face. Styles
didn’t know what he was saying so Anderson translated. He said that Okada claims
he can beat Styles. Styles said he proved that Okada can’t beat him. He said
that he has his hands full against Michael Elgin tonight, so that’s that.

Out came Michael Elgin. He said that he is ready to fight Styles, but what
they should do is make it a Three-Way with Okada. He called out ROH Matchmaker
Nigel McGuinness. Nigel says that ROH and New Japan are fine with it but all
three have to agree. Elgin and Okada agree. Styles confers with the Bullet Club
and then says, “The Bullet Club is game.” We have a BIG three-way as the main
event tonight!

Matt Taven & ACH & Tommaso Ciampa vs. The Forever Hooligans and
Takaaki Watanabe

Ciampa and Kozlov started out and went back and forth. Kozlov backed off and
tagged in Rocky Romero. Taven tagged in and Rocky took him down. Taven came back
with a missile dropkick. Taven nailed him with a superkick and worked over his
arm. ACH tagged in and cleaned house. He teased a dive but Watanabe tripped him.

Team New Japan worked over ACH. The Hooligans tagged in and out and worked
him over. Kozlov put on his hat and nailed the Bolshevik kicks. He covered ACH
but Ciampa broke up the pin. Watanabe tagged in and slammed ACH for a two count.
ACH finally tagged out to Ciampa who nailed several big knees on Koslov. Romero
nailed him but Ciampa fight him off.

Taven tagged in but missed a spinkick. He was drilled with a kick to the
head. The Hooligans and Watanabe worked over Taven with triple-teams. Watanabe
missed a charge and ACH nailed him with a double stomp. ACH charged and hit a
springboard flip dive onto the Hooligans on the floor. The place exploded for

Back in the ring, Taven nailed a Famouser variation and scored the pin.

Your winners, Tommaso Ciampa & Matt Taven & ACH!

Really good opener with some fun back and forth tag team action and some cool
highspots. ACH’s dive was something to see.

The Decade’s BJ Whitmer & Roderick Strong vs. Gedo and Jado

The Decade attacked them before the bell but Gedo and Jado made a comeback
and ran them out of the ring. Gedo worked over Strong. Whitmer tried to mail him
from behind but Gedo nailed Whitmer. Strong worked over Gedo and locked in an
abdominal stretch. Gedo broke free but before he could tag out, Strong nailed

Whitmer continued working over Gedo and scored several two counts. The Decade
tagged in and out, beating down Gedo. Whitmer missed a move off the ropes and
Jado finally got the tag, working over Strong with a series of clotheslines and a belly to back suplex. Jado
locked on a crossface on Strong but Whitmer broke it up. Jado gave him the
finger and tossed him over the top.

They went back and forth with some good sequences. Strong finally got the win
with a wicked leg lariat.

Your winners, The Decade!

Cedrick Alexander hit the ring and attacked the Decade with his shoulder all
taped up. He tried to get at Jimmy Jacobs but was held back and told to return
to the back. It turned into a big pull apart.

Another good tag match. The angle was good.

ROH TV champ Jay Lethal vs. Kushida

Kushida controlled Lethal early and Lethal bailed out of the ring. The crowd
chanted for Kushida. They locked up when Lethal returned to the ring. Lethal
backed him into the corner, teased a clean break and worked him over. Lethal
nailed a springboard dropkick, sending Kushida to the floor.

Back in the ring, Kushida, dropkicked Lethal, sending him to the floor. He
teased a dive but instead bounced of the ropes Kushida went after Truth Martini,
allowing Lethal to nail a pair of dives on him and a sliding kick. They battled
on the floor. When they returned to the ring, Lethal crotched him on the top and
nailed Kushida, who fell backwards and was hung up by his knee. Lethal attacked
the knee and dragged him back into the ring. He snapmared Kushida over and
locked in a rear chinlock.

Kushida fought back with a series of elbows and nailed a kick to the face. He
kicked Lethal as he charged and then nailed another kick to the head. He came in
with a springboard Mongolian Chop and nailed a standing moonsault for a two
count. Kushida came off the top with a moonsault but Lethal pulled his knees up.

Lethal went to the floor and Kushida nailed an awesome dive over the ringpost
to the floor. Kushida followed up with an awesome twisting DDT for a near fall
that the crowd thought was the end. Kushida nailed a Tiger suplex for a two
count and went to the top, naiing a double axe handle for another near fall.

Lethal and Kushida battled back and forth. Lethal nailed a DDT for a two
count and ascended to the top. He called for the flying elbow but Kushida nailed
him. They battled on the top. Kushida was sent off but came back with a rolling
kick to the head. Kushida nailed an amazing leaping top rope rana for two count.
The crowd went nuts an chanted, “This is awesome.”

Kushida nailed a series of strikes but Lethal nailed him back. Kushida went
for a springboard move but was nailed and hit with a superkick. Lethal nailed a
leaping cutter for the pin.

Your winner and still ROH TV champion, Jay Lethal!

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