DGUSA ‘Open The Ultimate Gate’ iPPV Results


Credit: Sage Rynes

Match #1 – AR Fox def. Rich Swann by pinfall (Sitout Springboard C4)

CIMA & Ricochet are out to vacate the Open The United Gate. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano come out to interrupt with Taylor wanting to collect the belts since CIMA can’t compete due to neck injury from last night. Gargano ain’t cool with that. Masato Yoshino comes out and wants to be Ricochet’s partner and it’s the main event for the Open The United Gate.

Match #2 – Bobby Fish & Tommy Dreamer def. The Scene by submission when Konley tapped to the Fish Hook

Match #3 – BxB Hulk def. Sami Callihan by pinfall with the First Flash. Christina Von Erie came out and observed the match til she misted Callihan with Hulk’s wine.

Callihan cut a promo saying he was dumb to trust a woman then ran down Sabu til he came out. Then the DUFs came out and triple teamed him til Jon Davis & AR Fox made the save to lead too…

Match #4 – Jon Davis & Sabu def. Pinkie Sanchez & Arik Cannon when Davis pinned Sanchez after 3 Seconds Around The World

Callihan came out and attacked Sabu again briefly and left him to think about their match tomorrow.

Match #5 – Masaaki Mochizuki def. Akira Tozawa by pinfall after a series of his signature kicks.

Match #6 – Samurai Del Sol def. Johnny Vandal by pinfall after a nasty looking reverse rana

Match #7 – Low Ki def. PAC by pinfall after the Warrior’s Way

Match #8 – Masato Yoshino & Ricochet def. Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor to win the Open The United Gate when Taylor submitted to Sol Naciente from Yoshino. Dissension in Ronin when Taylot had Yoshino pinned earlier but Taylor broke it up to steal the pin and argued with Gargano. Taylor grabbed the Open The Freedom Gate belt and tried to bring it in the ring but Rich Swann stopped him.

Post-match CIMA offered to handshake Ronin and Gargano accepted but Chuckie T attacked CIMA from behind and superkicked Gargano.

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