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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite April 1, 2020 Full Results & Report

AEW Dynamite April 1, 2020 Full Results & Report



AEW’s path to Double or Nothing 2 is set!

There may be no blood and guts, but AEW does promise gold! The TNT Championship Tournament is coming, what does your bracket look like?


  • Kenny Omega VS Trent; Omega wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS Anna Jayy; Shida wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Marko Stunt; Archer wins.
  • The Natural Nightmares w/ Brandi Rhodes VS The Dark Order’s 8 & 9; The Natural Nightmares win.
  • Darby Allin & Cody VS Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears; Guevara & Spears win.


Tony Schiavone opens AEW Dynamite with Cody and Pharaoh!

Other AEW stars surround ringside as honorary fans tonight. There’s Britt Baker, Jimmy Havoc, Kip Sabian and his Superbad Girlfriend, Penelope Ford, and even The Gunn Club, Billy and his son, Austin. The American Nightmare is ready to join Tony on commentary, and Pharaoh is of course play by play. And in case you missed the news, Cody is set to face Shawn Spears in the opening round of AEW’s TNT Championship Tournament. They’re on the left hand side of the bracket with Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara. But now tonight, AEW reveals the right hand side!

In one quarterfinal, it will be Superbad Kip Sabian VS The Natural, Dustin Rhodes! And in the other, it will be Lance Archer VS Colt Cabana! Will Dustin make it to a rematch with brother Cody? Will Kip and Cabana find a way to each other and settle that slap fight? Or does #EverybodyDie as the Murderhawk heads for gold?

Kenny Omega VS Trent w/ Best Friends!

The Best Bout Machine is still a dual promotion champion after defending his AAA Mega Championship against Sammy Guevara last week. But what he must focus on now is his AEW World Tag Team Championship. Will Omega stay strong when facing #JustTrent?

The bell rings and Omega circles with Trent. They shake hands to show this is still respectful, then they tie up. Omega puts Trent on the ropes but Trent turns it around. The ref calls for the break and Trent lets up. Trent fakes a hit, and then gives Omega a pat on the shoulder. Wonder who he learned that from? Omega and Trent tie up again and Trent waistlocks. Trent headlocks to the takeover but Omega headscissors back. Trent pops out, Omega gets the headlock takeover. Omega cranks back on the headlock but Trent works on an escape. The Gunn Club cheers as Trent gets to his feet. Trent powers out but Omega runs him over with a shoulder. Omega runs but Trent stays low to then standing METEORA!

Trent looms over Omega and snapmares him for a KICK! Omega gets up to push Trent so Trent forearms. The two trade forearms back and forth but Omega kicks low. Omega snapmares and returns that KICK! And another! And then stomps! Omega drags Trent up to bump off buckles and grind a boot in. The ref counts and Omega lets up. Omega bumps Trent off buckles in the other corner then stomps him back down. Omega elbows Trent and CHOPS him in the corner! Fans “WOO~” while Omega whips Trent corner to corner. Omega runs in but Trent elbows back. Trent boot-stomps Omega down! Omega bails out but Trent ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit at the ramp area, and the Best Friends HUG! But Omega gets in the ring to build speed and FLY! Direct hit on all three!

The referee checks on everyone but Omega and Trent are still okay. Chuck Taylor checks his foot and Orange Cassidy checks his jaw. Omega offers a hug, but Chuckie T won’t let Cassidy accept it. Omega shrugs it off and puts Trent in the ring. Then Omega slides in and runs to KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO! Omega keeps his cool but the Gunn Club are even more fired up. Omega drags Trent up and scoops him for a running backbreaker! Trent writhes but Omega looms over him. Omega stomps Trent down then kicks him against the ropes. Omega drags Trent up, scoops and hits a side backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Trent toughs it out but Omega won’t let up.

Omega drags Trent up to club him down hard. Cassidy and Chuckie T coach Trent but Omega puts Trent in a corner. Omega whips Trent corner to corner hard! Trent hits buckles then the mat. Kip Sabian couldn’t care less yet he’s still watching. Omega drags Trent up but Trent throws body shots. Omega clubs Trent down then uses a double ax handle to add on. He whips Trent for a back drop! The Gunn Club are thunderous enough for everyone watching as Omega gives toying kicks. Omega drags Trent up into the corner then whip corner to corner again. Trent stays standing but he leans on the ropes. And he stomps Omega’s hand! Omega throws hands back but Trent wraps the arm on the ropes! The ref counts and Trent lets up, only to go after the hand again!

The ref reprimands Trent and pulls him away from Omega. Omega goes to a corner but Trent is on him with knees to the chest! Trent drags Omega up to snapmare and then stand on the bad hand! Trent drops a knee on the bad hand! Omega clutches it but Trent stomps and punches Omega down. Trent then stands on the other hand! Omega tries to fight Trent off but Trent clubs and hammers Omega down. Trent drops a knee on that hand now! Omega bails out, both hands in bad shape. Trent follows after to SLAM a bad hand on the apron! Trent drags Omega over to stomp the hand on the apron! The ref reprimands Trent but he just brings a knee pad down. Trent drops but Omega gets away, the knee hits apron! Omega CHOPS Trent on the back!

Omega waistlocks Trent and drags him off the apron, for a GERMAN SUPLEX to the floor! Chuckie T and the ref check on Trent while Cassidy slowly panics. Omega rests in the ring but then comes back out. The ref tells Omega to keep this in the ring but Omega drags Trent up. Omega whips Trent hard into railing! The ring count climbs but Omega keeps on Trent on AstroTurf. Omega whips Trent into the same railing as before, and they topple over! Omega whips Trent at a pole, but Trent stops himself and mule kicks Omega back. Trent runs at Omega, but Omega pops him up to BOMB him into the post!! Omega drags Trent up and sets him on railing. Omega throws part of the set down onto Trent! The ref reprimands Omega and Omega puts Trent back in the ring.

Omega drags Trent up, fisherman, AOI SHODOU! Cover, TWO!! Trent survives but Omega keeps his focus. Omega drags Trent to a fireman’s carry, “YOU! CAN’T! ESC-” But Trent DOES escape, to get a TORNADO DDT! Omega flounders away and Trent runs in to back elbow at the corner! Trent puts Omega on the ropes sideways then CHOPS him on the back! Trent runs to SLIDING GERMAN! Chuckie T and Cassidy rally up for Trent but AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Omega brawls with Trent! The Gunn Club loves the back and forth as Omega and Trent throw big forearm after big forearm. Trent CHOPS and Omega is stinging. Omega CHOPS back and then full nelsons. But Trent escapes to half nelson, for a snap HALF ‘N’ HALF! Trent runs, into a V-TRIGGER! Omega drags Trent in, lifts, but Trent escapes the bomb to hit an AWFUL WAFFLE! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives but Best Friends rally for Trent. Trent aims at Omega as Omega rises. Trent runs but Omega dodges the knee. Omega full nelsons but Trent breaks free again and backs Omega into the corner. Trent runs in but Omega goes up and over to roll. Omega runs into Trent’s capture but no tornado this time! Omega gets around Trent to SNAP DRAGON!!

Trent clutches his neck but Omega isn’t done with him. Omega drags Trent up for another full nelson, but Trent elbows back. Trent has Omega on the ropes with those elbows, then he runs. Omega follows, but Trent LARIATS Omega anyway! Trent drags Omega up, Alabama lift, but Omega fights free! Omega lifts, POWERBOMB! Flip over, V-TRIGGER!! Somehow Trent is in one piece and he gets himself to the apron. Omega joins Trent out there and stalks up behind him. Trent resists the lift and holds the rope for dear life. Trent elbows and CHOPS Omega back. And CHOPS again! Trent brings Omega as we hit the two minute warning. Omega denies the piledriver and puts Trent back in the ring.

Omega ROCKS Trent with a right, and then climbs up! But Trent hops up right behind Omega, for a SUPER GERMAN!! Omega bounces off his shoulders and head as Trent ended up falling at an odd angle. Both men slowly rise, and Trent hits the SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE!! Cover, TWO!?! Omega survives and no one can believe it! Trent drags Omega up to the Alabama lift. Omega flails and clubs away on Trent’s back. POINT-BLANK V-TRIGGER! RUNNING V-TRIGGER! Electric Chair, ONE WINGED ANGEL! Cover, Omega wins!!

Winner: Kenny Omega, by pinfall

With a minute to spare, no less! But to think this was just the opening match! Omega helps Trent up and they give a respectful fist bump. Will Omega and Trent meet again 1v1? Or 2v2 as Chuckie T and Hangman Page joining them?

Hikaru Shida VS Anna Jayy!

The Samurai of Stardom is the #1 contender to the AEW Women’s World Championship, but that can always change. Will Shida keep hold of the top spot and be primed for a title fight with Nyla Rose?

The bell rings and Shida circles with Jayy. They tie up and Shida powers Jayy to the ropes. Shida lets up but Jayy whips her. Shida blocks the sucker punch, so Jayy whips her hair in Shida’s face! Jayy struts but Shida keeps her cool. The two circle again and tie up. Shida headlocks and holds on as Jayy tires to power out. Jayy gets free on the second effort but Shida runs her over! Things speed up now and Shida rolls over to come back. Shida blocks the arm-drag to whip, but Jayy holds ropes to deny the dropkick! Jayy then KNEES Shida down! Jayy drags Shida up and scoops, but Shida fights her back. Shida runs but Jayy grabs hair! The ref reprimands but Jayy kicks Shida low. Jayy runs but Shida scoops her for a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker!

Shida follows Jayy out to the apron, and we see Orange Cassidy has joined the crowd. Though, it’s not clear if he’s holding his sign the wrong way, or if he forgot to put anything on it in the first place. Shida makes sure Britt Baker is watching as she KNEES Jayy on the apron! Baker talks smack but Shida steps to her. Shida goes back to Jayy in the ring and brings Jayy up. Jayy throws haymakers but Shida shrugs them off. Shida shoves but Jayy throws more haymakers! Shida again shrugs them off! She gives another shove to egg Jayy on, and Jayy starts throwing heavier hands. Shida knees low but Jayy SLAPS her! The hair comes down and that means Shida is mad! Shida DECKS Jayy with one right!

Shida dares Jayy to get up, then pushes her around. Jayy manages to stand but Shida has her for a suplex. Jayy resists, spins and SUPERKICKS! She mule kicks a leg out, and hits a running BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Shida gets up but Jayy kicks. Shida blocks, spins Jayy but Jayy ducks. Jayy swings a clothesline but Shida ducks under, only for Jayy to duck the enziguri! Jayy Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Shida runs into a backslide, TWO!! Jayy ducks the Shining Wizard to schoolgirl, TWO! Shida has the head triangle!! Jayy reaches back for the ropebreak! Shida lets go and The Gunn Club is thunderous again. Shida drags Jayy up to suplex! Cover, TWO! Shida keeps her cool, to SHINING WIZARD Jayy in the back! Then, FALCON ARROW! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The Samurai of Stardom slays “The Star of the Show” in her debut and keeps the momentum going! Will Shida stay on top of the rankings to get that golden opportunity against The Native Beast?

But as Shida heads out, Britt is taunting her while also eating a chicken sandwich. Kip makes sure to selfie vlog this while Shida kicks at the railing. Britt takes off a show to threaten Shida, but this fight will have to wait. The Kentucky Gentleman gives Shida her coat back and Shida takes her leave.

AEW profiles the rising animosity between Jon Moxley and Jake Hager.

The Maniac first reminds The Inner Circle of his presence when he attacked Big Hurt a couple weeks ago. But then Hager got his revenge on the AEW Dark accompanying last week’s Dynamite. Moxley is the AEW World Champion now, but to Hager, “Jon Moxley is an idiot. He’s a fool to think that he can compete with me. Does he know who I am and what I’m capable of?” It doesn’t even matter that Moxley has the title now. It doesn’t scare him. Moxley says he is on top of the world, yet is “a miserable, pissed off bastard” because of the Inner Circle. There are people in AEW and around the world that want the title. AEW is THE hottest promotion in the world and Moxley is on top. He has the biggest target on his back, and people wanting to take what’s his pisses him off.

What’s worse, there are people like Hager who think they can beat him. “It’s not gonna happen.” Jericho says Moxley made a mistake saying the title is for the fans, and that AEW is bringing pro-wrestling back to the fans. “That’s not what the Inner Circle things. We do things for us.” But Moxley says he doesn’t need a posse. He’s a one-man army fighting for pro-wrestling fans around the world. Moxley will defend the title with his life. Jericho knows Moxley is a crazy maverick, it’s what led him to AEW and becoming the champion. But then days later, the Inner Circle incapacitated him. Moxley thinks that triple powerbomb was “cute,” but it didn’t finish him. Hager says he’s not here for the cheers and applause, he’s here to win and inflict pain.

Moxley knows Hager well. They have ridden the road together, listened to Jerky Boys together, and trained in the gym together. Moxley is not afraid of Hager, but he completely understands Hager can “strangle you into unconsciousness with his bare hands.” It just takes one shot. Hager revels in feeling Moxley pass out. Hager says Moxley is beneath him because he is not as big and strong as him, and does not have the same “ruthless aggression” Hager does. Sammy Guevara adds Hager is undefeated in MMA. Hager is undefeated in AEW. And most of all, he’s a monster. Moxley doesn’t mind playing dangerous games. These are the things Moxley lives for. Moxley knew Hager would come for him eventually, so he went after Hager first. The Inner Circle wants the title back, so he took the fight to them.

Sammy confirms Hager wants his time with the AEW World title. Hager as champion is perfect because he’s part of the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is a family and they will support Hager. Jericho wants to teach Moxley a lesson. Jericho could use a rematch clause but he won’t, because he wants Hager to beat the hell out of Moxley and take the title. The Inner Circle is united. They don’t argue with each other like The Elite would. They win matches and titles. Hager becoming the champion is perfect, because it puts Moxley in his place and means two champions have been in the Inner Circle. Hager knows everyone in AEW wants to be world champion. Why else would they be here? And that part of you has to be willing to do anything to take that title. If it’s anything less than everything, it’s not enough.

“At the end of the day,” Hager is 260 pounds, 6′ 4″ and basically “a living, breathing semi-truck,” that is still just a man. There is a formula to beat everyone. Moxley will find that weakness. Goliath still gets beat by David, and Moxley vows to “slay this big bastard.” Moxley himself isn’t doing it for the standing ovations, he’s doing this to fight Jake Hager. That fight is coming. In two weeks, it will be the first-ever Empty Arena NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH for the AEW World Championship!! Who gives it there all to leave the other with nothing?

Colt Cabana tags into AEW commentary!

But where is his AEW jacket? Tony has his, where’s Colt’s? Did they not make one for him yet? Well that aside, Colt Cabana is still undefeated in AEW, and he is going to pay close attention to Lance Archer ahead of their TNT Championship match.

Lance Archer VS Marko Stunt!

The Murderhawk gets his in-ring debut as he and Jake The Snake demanded. But will #Babysaurus Stunt be even an appetizer on the way to the TNT Championship?

Jake The Snake is even part of Archer’s intro video! “Tick tock, tick tock, ring the bell, Hell’s fixin’ to break loose!” Archer is about to “destroy whatever you boys have cooked up.” Cody played games and now Archer is pissed. These are people you shouldn’t toy with. Just because The Snake is smiling, don’t think he’s happy! This is just delaying the inevitable. Children play games and gambling’s for fools. Casinos don’t open to go broke, they hold all the cards. The Snake has quite the card to play. Archer is coming and Hell’s coming with. Snake gives Cody some credit, “you’re smarter than I thought you were. You might be smart enough to be afraid.” Or is his “better half” telling him not to risk it? She does wear the pants in the family, doesn’t she?

Archer makes his entrance and storms right to the ring. Penelope seems amused by Archer pushing camera crew aside. Kip might want to watch out for that. And if you thought just because he’s in AEW and not NJPW he wouldn’t deck someone, you’re wrong! Archer annihilates some random crew member just for being there! But Stunt doesn’t back down, he gets face-to-chest with Archer. So Archer CLOBBERS him!! The bell rings and Archer takes off his vest. Archer drags Stunt up to THROW him into a corner! Then he CHOPS Stunt! Archer makes sure Cabana sees what he’s in for. Archer kicks Stunt around but Stunt kicks back! It doesn’t bother Archer and he eggs Stunt on. Stunt throws hands but they do nothing. Archer BLASTS Stunt with one forearm!

Archer stands on Stunt’s face at the ropes! The ref reprimands but Archer lets up to suplex TOSS Stunt all the way to the other corner! Archer takes his time walking over to Stunt. He drags Stunt around by one arm, and digs his knee into Stunt’s head! “Just quit, Marko! Just quit!” Stunt refuses so Archer drags him up into his arms, for a HUGE spinning side slam! Billy Gunn’s Gunn Slinger never looked that destructive! Archer paces, not satisfied with the message he’s sent. He drags Stunt back up and reels him in, but Stunt ducks! Stunt bails out and Archer pursues. Stunt dodges again and gets back in the ring! He DIVES but practically bounces off Archer. Stunt gets back in and tries again, but Archer clamps on a choke grip! Archer lifts but Stunt slips out of the choke slam to enziguri!

Stunt runs at Archer in the corner to dropkick! And again! Stunt goes for a third but Archer goes perpendicular, for the DERAILER!! Archer’s take on the pounce sends Stunt out of the ring! Archer tells everyone that this isn’t even the end. He puts Stunt back in and drags him up, for a HUGE Choke Slam!! Cover, but Archer lets up! Archer scoops Stunt for the crucifix, the BLACK OUT BOMB!! Cover, now Archer wins!

Winner: Lance Archer, by pinfall

Stunt didn’t stand a chance! And Archer still isn’t done with him! The Gunn Club protests but Archer tells them to shut up. Archer Choke Slams Stunt AT THE GUNN CLUB!! “Everybody dies! EVERYBODY!” Will Stunt’s sacrifice lead the Murderhawk Monster to the TNT Championship?

AEW has footage of a Dark Order… board meeting?

The Exalted One, Brodie Lee, stands before his board of minions to welcome us in. He introduces himself, and explains that The Dark Order as a whole understands how we feel during these trying, unprecedented and anxious times. Brodie was once lost, downtrodden, and even beaten down. But now, he stands before us as THE Exalted One. He wants us all to stand next to him. Alex Reynolds, with his purple mask, stands with “Mr. Lee” and thanks him for this opportunity. Brodie corrects him, it is “Mr. Brodie.” Yes, sir, Exalted One. NO! You address him as Mr. EFFIN’ BRODIE. Tell the good people what you were told to say. “We Are One.” DAMN IT. Say it with passion! Uh oh, someone is yawning…

Brodie sits with the man, and asks him if there’s something wrong. Is there a reason he’s tired? “Nothing in the world is open. There is no reason to yawn in my presence.” Does the man not understand what tiredness shows? It shows weakness. Is he weak? No. But you look weak. Brodie can’t have that, does he understand? Yes. “Don’t you ever yawn in my presence again. Go.” The green mask Creeper leaves and Brodie composes himself. Is this the way of The Dark Order now?

The Natural Nightmares w/ Brandi Rhodes VS The Dark Order’s 8 & 9!

Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall have had matches together on Dynamite before, but this will be the first time they’re officially the team known as “The Natural Nightmares.” At the same time, this counts as the debut of these particular purple minions. Will 8 and 9 make “Mr. Brodie” proud? Or is there no stopping the #NaturallyGifted tandem now?

The teams sort out and QT still has the green mask? He looks at it, but throws it up into the air! QT ROCKS 9(?) with an uppercut then CHOPS 8! The bell rings and QT throws hands. QT wrenches and tags in Dustin. Dustin slaps 8 with the green mask before bringing him around to a headlock. 8 powers out but Dustin runs him over! Things keep going and Dustin fakes 8 out to uppercut and arm-drag him down! Dustin wrenches 8 as The Gunn Club chant “You Still Got It!” Tag to QT and the Nightmares double whip. QT body shots and Dustin knee lifts 8, then QT hits a standing Mariposa! Cover, TWO! QT drags 8 up and tags Dustin back in. The Nightmares combine for a back suplex neckbreaker! Cover but 9 breaks it up! Dustin scoops 9 for an atomic toss!

Dustin drags 8 up and tags QT, and QT climbs up to drop ax handles. QT CHOPS 8 and whips, but 8 reverses and 9 gets a cheap shot in! Brandi protests but 8 LARIATS QT down! Cover, TWO! Mr. 8 whips QT into the corner and hits a clotheslines. Tag to 9 and he adds a forearm. He fires off many forearms and then paces. He CHOPS QT and tags in 8. The minions mug QT and stomp a mudhole. The ref reprimands but 8 stands QT up to CHOP again! Tag to 9 and the minions double whip. QT kicks 9 away and gives 8 a lethal combination! QT catches 9’s crossbody for a pop-up suplex! Both men are down but The Gunn Club rallies up. Hot tag to Dustin!

Dustin rallies on 9 with clotheslines then whips. Mr. 9 reverses but Dustin stops himself to give the Rhodes Uppercut! And an atomic drop to a bulldog! Dustin ROCKS Mr. 8 then dodges 8 to hit the spinning powerslam! Mr. 8 returns but Dustin sends him out again! Dustin goes to the apron to CANNONBALL! QT LEAPS onto 9! The Nightmares put 9 in and combine for the DOMINATION CUTTER! Cover, the Natural Nightmares win!

Winners: The Natural Nightmares, by pinfall

Undefeated as a duo! Will the Nightmares take over the AEW Tag Team Division? Will 8 and 9 be demoted to 10 and 11 when Mr. Brodie hears about this?

We won’t have to wait to find out! The Exalted One is HERE! Brodie Lee walks out onto stage and stares down the Nightmares. But he leaves them alone to go after his failed minions! He gives 9 a POWERBOMB, and then stares at 8. The message was sent through the man who took the loss. Will 8 on down learn NOT to disappoint Mr. Brodie?

AEW has a message from Chris Jericho!

Y2J says this is the moment everyone was waiting for: his appearance on AEW Dynamite. But why is he at home with A Little Bit of the Bubbly? Simple: today is a holiday. Much like Martin Luther King Jr. has his day, and Veterans’ Day honors the great men and women who serve, today is April Fools’ Day. And there’s no bigger group of fools than The Elite. Kenny Omega, “the biggest pumpkin headed dips*it” Jericho’s ever met ever. Nick Jackson, home with his head trauma and newborn baby. Maybe Nick should just stay home on maternity leave and let his deadbeat brother, Matt, mow the lawn for him. And Hangman Page, we haven’t seen him for weeks! Maybe he’s hunkered down, all tipsy in Tennessee with Harry the Horse or whatever. And of course, The Tiger King, Cody Exotic, leader of the menagerie of miscreants and morons.

But Vanguard 1 is spying on “Le Palais du Le Champion” from above! The drone approaches as Jericho runs down Cody and the gang for hiring “Dumbasscus” Hardy. If Damascus is 3000 years old, good. He’ll need another 3000 to get over the embarrassing beating The Inner Circle gives them. When the virus is gone and everything goes back to normal, and Jericho feels like letting fans back into arenas, Blood & Guts is waiting! The Elite will face the Inner Circle in the most dangerous match known to man. Jericho spots Vanguard 1 and says, “I knew you’d come.” And he apologizes for the harsh words from last time. Jericho is soooooorr… He’s very sssssss… Well, as long as the message is clear.

Jericho still wants Vanguard in the Inner Circle. Don’t be nervous like last time. Jericho got him an Inner Circle shirt. Turns out drone size is also small child size. Will Vanguard put on the shirt and join the Inner Circle? Jericho puts the hangar on the landing gear. Looks good on Vanguard. Is he in? Shake on it? Oh wait, no, maybe elbow to propeller. Vanguard flies away again! Wait, he can’t take the shirt without joining! Jericho throws his bottle o’ bubbly! “Release the hounds!” Well, more like two chocolate Labradors and a Labradoodle, followed by a chihuahua and a Pomeranian. There’s actually a second chihuahua that wants no part of this madness. As the dogs give “chase,” Jericho shouts that Vanguard will regret turning him down a second time!

AEW has an update on The Young Bucks.

Nick Jackson asks brother Matt what they’re doing. It’s been a month since the backstage attack and he needs to get back into ring shape. They can’t go to the ring right now, but Matt brought a ring to Nick. Nick speaks to that incident backstage. He has no idea who in the Inner Circle attacked, he has no memory of the ambulance. That is the scariest part of it all. Nick goes through the drills of rolling, running the ropes, and wants to return. Wrestling is his life after 15+ years. A return date is hard to say. He and Matt spar, but both brothers know this situation put things into perspective. Matt says the snap of a finger could’ve left him alone as a singles wrestler, so he has new appreciation for family.

Nick agrees. No one wants an accident to change their life, but in a way, this one did. If there’s one thing they can learn from Nick’s situation and the world’s situation, it’s to never take anything for granted. And after the session, Nick’s feeling good, but it’s a long road back. When and where will The Young Bucks both be back at 100%?

Darby Allin & Cody VS Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears!

The entire left hand side of the TNT Championship Tournament is on display in one match! With the Undead Daredevil set for a rematch with the Spanish God, and the American Nightmare set to finally have it out with The Chair Man, which side gains huge momentum going into the historic tournament?

The teams sort out and Cody gets a quick good luck kiss from Brandi before he lets Darby start against Sammy. The rematch comes early as Darby and Sammy circle. They tie up and Sammy waistlocks to push Darby away. Sammy goes back to his corner and tags in Spears. The rematch preview ends but Spears calls out Cody. Cody tags in and this quarterfinal preview begins. The Gunn Club is behind Cody as he ties up with Spears. They go around the ropes and to a corner, with Spears in control but Cody turning it right around. Cody let sup but Spears headlocks. Spears grinds tight but Cody throws body shots. Cody pulls hair to power out of the hold, but Spears runs him over. Spears runs but Cody BOOTS him down! Cody drags Spears up to wrench and tag in Darby.

Darby climbs up and drops ax handles on Spears! Darby wrenches to a wristlock but Spears throws a big forearm. Spears is free and tags in Sammy. Sammy vlogs but then sees Darby glaring at him. Sammy tags back out to Spears! Spears is caught off guard as Darby DECKS him! Sammy vlogs around the ring but Darby follows after him. Sammy wants Brandi to give him a kiss on the cheek, but she snatches his phone! And Darby RAMS into Sammy and railing! But Spears kicks Darby and clubs him on the back. Spears pursues Darby around the ring and put shim in. Darby is up, dodges and ducks to redirect and dropkick Spears down! Tag to Cody and Cody drapes Spears on the ropes for a kick to the stomach!

Sammy runs in but Cody feeds him to Darby’s enziguri! Cody hits the Rhodes Uppercut and Sammy bails out. Darby gets in and builds speed with Cody. Sammy and Spears get clear, but Darby and Cody just change directions! Cody and Darby DIVE onto Spears and Sammy! Direct hits send both Spears and Sammy into railing! Cody stomps away on Spears as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns again and Darby has Sammy in a facelock. Sammy powers Darby away to his corner, and tags in Spears as he rams shoulders. Sammy CHOPS and Spears wrenches to yank on the arm. Darby throws forearms but Spears wrenches and puts him back in the corner. Darby fights out and goes up and over. Sammy rushes Cody but the ref keeps the peace. Darby O’Conner rolls Spears but Sammy KNEES him while the ref is busy! Cody goes back to his corner but Darby’s sent out of the ring! Spears tags to Sammy and Sammy rains rights down on Darby! Sammy stomps Darby and then throws him into railing! That’s for earlier. Sammy throws Darby into the apron then into the ring. He drags Darby up for a snap suplex and cover, ONE!

Sammy keeps on Darby with a chinlock. Darby endures as Sammy leans on him. The Gunn Club rallies up for Darby as he fights his way up. Darby jawbreakers free but Sammy STOMPS him down! Sammy drags Darby away and tags in Spears. Spears stomps Darby down and puts him in the corner. Spears CHOPS Darby and lets him flop over. Sammy has a request, and takes out a $50 bill from his tights. That $50 is the ante on some kind of bet the two are working out. Spears is in, and he drags Darby up for a stalling suplex. Everyone counts it out, and Spears has Darby up for 10 before dropping him. Cover, TWO! Spears says he still earned the pot of $100 but Sammy wants to raise the ante. He’ll get $200 total if Sammy can’t hold for 15. Spears agrees and tags out.

Sammy drags Darby up and suplexes. The count begins, and Sammy holds Darby for the 15! Sammy covers, TWO! The match isn’t over, and neither is the bet! Spears says 20 seconds for $300! Tag to Spears and he suplexes Darby up, but Darby cradle counters! TWO, and Spears goes for the suplex again. Darby fights and uses the ropes to get around. Darby suplexes Spears now but just for the slam. Sammy gets his cash and tags in. Sammy aims at Darby but the standing shooting star ends up a back drop! Tag to Cody! Cody rallies on Sammy with fast clotheslines! Sammy back suplexes but Cody slips out to give Spears the Beautiful Disaster!

Cody baits Sammy in to go up and over and hit the spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO! Cody runs to springboard again, for the CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Cody takes off his weight belt! Cody would throw it to the crowd but the crowd is fellow wrestlers. He gives it to Brandi and she “fangirls” for her hubby. Cody goes back to Sammy to put on the SHARPSHOOTER! Sammy endures but Spears runs in. Cody ditches Sammy to trip Spears up and get the FIGURE FOUR! Spears endures but Sammy trips Darby up! Sammy standing shooting stars Cody! Spears is free and Sammy springboards, but his cutter is blocked into CROSS RHODES! But Spears drags Cody out to throw him over railing! Darby PESCADOS Spears!

But while the ref is busy checking on Sammy, Kip, Penelope, Baker and Havoc all stomp away on Cody! Baker uses her shoe and Havoc uses a wrench! Brandi and the others protest but the damage is done, and AEW goes to break!

AEW returns once more, and Sammy drags Cody up. Sammy stands on Cody to choke him on the ropes! The ref counts but has to pull Sammy away. Sammy goes back after Cody to bump him off buckles. Cody staggers about and Sammy puts him back in the corner. Tag to Spears and they mug Cody. Spears lets Cody flop to the mat while he mocks Darby’s pose. Spears puts Cody in a corner and climbs up to rain down lefts. The Gunn Club refuses to count and that upsets Spears. Cody trips Spears up and Spears eats buckles! Spears gets between Cody and Darby and starts trading hands with Cody. Spears CHOPS but Cody CHOPS back! They continue to CHOP and punch, and Cody gets an edge. Spears keeps Cody away from Darby with a whip, but Cody uses that to DECK Sammy!

Cody boots Spears from the corner, then goes up top. Cody MOONSAULTS and takes Spears down! Both men are down again, and The Gunn Club rally for Cody. Cody tags Darby in! Sammy and Spears regroup but Darby missile dropkicks them both! Darby fires up as he rallies corner to corner with back elbows! He hits Spears, then Sammy, then Spears again. Spears follows as Darby hits Sammy again, but Darby moves and Spears clobbers Sammy! Darby runs to double springboard Coffin Drop! Darby glares at Sammy and whips, but Sammy reverses. Sammy gets under the Quebrada, but again Darby baits Spears in! Spears clotheslines Sammy out! Darby dumps Spears out to then DIVE into Sammy! Darby DIVES into Spears, but is caught and THROWN!

Sammy whips Cody away and regroups with Spears. They drag Darby up and Spears hangs Darby onto the railing. Sammy is on the apron and aiming. Sammy LEAPS for a missile dropkick to Darby! But Cody FLIES onto Sammy and Spears! Cody puts Spears in but Spears gives Cody the C4!! But it doesn’t matter when Darby is the legal man. Sammy bumps Cody off a post and Spears throws hands. Sammy and Spears mug Cody but the ref is waving at someone else. Darby is climbing a pole!? And he SUPER COFFIN DROPS onto Spears and Sammy!! Darby drags Spears up and into the ring, and then brings him around. Darby goes up top but Sammy gets in to attack! Sammy and Darby fight up top, and Sammy shoves Darby off! Darby crashes onto railing again, but Cody’s after Sammy!

Cody clubs Sammy then climbs up behind him. SUPER INVERTED SUPLEX! But Spears FROG SPLASHES down on Cody! Spears shouts for Sammy to help end this. Sammy has a chair and slides it to Spears! Darby returns and takes the chair away, but then Sammy takes the chair from Darby. Spears rolls Darby, Spears and Sammy WIN!

Winners: Shawn Spears & Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

The Chair Man didn’t need to use the chair, the distraction was enough! Does this mean Spears and Sammy could be the tag team #PERFECT10N we’ve been looking for? As for Cody, he tries to reassure Darby on that loss, but Darby isn’t having it. Darby DECKS Cody!! There are no allies in the TNT Championship Tournament, after all. Will Cody and Darby end up meeting in the semifinals to hash this out?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode here with a lot of great build towards the new plan AEW had to put into action. Learning the other half of the bracket had no MJF is a surprise but I suppose he’s satisfied with being the Dynamite Diamond Ring Bearer and apparent mastermind of his band of muscle. At the same time, the current story of Archer going after Cody and The Elite does work for this situation. It was insane watching Archer destroy Marko Stunt like that. And though Cabana was confident on commentary, I don’t think he’ll survive Archer, either. My guess is Cody VS Archer in the finals, and the story is propelled by Archer becoming inaugural TNT Champion. The main event tag had Cody and Darby lose, but I think they each win to set up a big semifinals match.

Omega VS Trent was an incredible opener. Cody said as much on commentary that people forget Trent is great as a singles wrestler. Depending on how the AEW Tag Division plan is set, Best Friends might be able to swing a non-title match with Omega & Hangman to test those waters. The Natural Nightmares of course beat Dark Order minion jobbers, but the great stuff in that is Exalted One “Mr. Brodie.” Again, more heaping helpings of mocking Mr. Vince McMahon with the vignette about the yawning and stuff. And of course, being a tyrant as Brodie Lee destroys 9 to make an example to everyone else. I do also like that this implies there are three other faceless jobbers in the Dark Order at their disposal (I think the Beaver Boys count as 3 and 4).

Shida had a good match with Anna Jayy, but obviously the story is about Britt Baker talking trash. Shida is #1 contender now, but Shida VS Baker will surely decide who faces Nyla Rose at Double or Nothing 2. Of course it’ll be Shida, since Nyla is Heel and Shida is Face. The video packages building up the big matches were great. Moxley VS Hager NO HOLDS BARRED is going to be insane! Having Nick’s recovery be part of the story is great, and gives good kayfabe reasons as to the wait while the world goes through all this serious stuff at the same time. And I loved the Jericho vignette with Vanguard showing up. Jericho is just comedic genius all the time. I hope they go above and beyond for Blood & Guts when it finally happens, as a violent celebration of returning to some form of normal.

My Score: 9.1/10

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