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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite Results (8/16/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (8/16/2023)



Here are the full results for the “Fight For The Fallen” episode of AEW Dynamite airing on August 16, 2023.

AEW Dynamite Results (8/16/2023)

#1. [International Championship] Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Wheeler Yuta – Winner: Orange Cassidy

The BCC jumped Cassidy after the match, which brought out Best Friends, and then the Lucha Brothers. Eddie Kingston returned to help them out. After they fought off the BCC, Eddie Kingston challenged them to a Stadium Stampede match at All In.

Earlier today, Kenny Omega talked about Don Callis and Konosuke Takeshita with Jim Ross. Don Callis showed up to interrupt the interview. Jay White & Juice Robinson jumped him, before Takeshita joined in. Hangman Page lets us know that Omega has friends, so he & Kota Ibushi will be there to team with him against the Don Callis Family at All In. Back at the live venue, Don Callis appears to introduce Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho accepts Don Callis’ invitation to the join his family. But before we go, he asks about the covered painting. Jericho unveils to find Don Callis holding his severed head. He asks if he thought he was going to say no? Was he going to have him beheaded? Callis hasn’t got an answer. He said that the artist screwed this up. Jericho demands him to tell the truth. Callis says he is right. He did not think he would say yes. He thought he would said no because of his massive ego. Callis calls him a narcissistic egomaniac who doesn’t deserve to be in the family.

Jericho says Don has messed up everything in his life because he is worthless worm, and an asshole. Callis slaps Jericho, who retaliates by grabbing him. Takeshita shows up with a steel chair, but Jericho stops it. Will Ospreay appears to put him down. They hold him so Don Callis can smash Jericho in the skull with the painting. Sammy Guevara runs in to save him, and the Don Callis Family leave.

#2. Darby Allin & Nick Wayne vs. Gates Of Agony’s Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona (/w Swerve Strickland & AR Fox) – Winners: Allin & Wayne

Sting appears on the big screen. He is producing movies now. He warns AR Fox. They have a coffin match in 9 days (actually 11) in front of 80k people in London, England. Tell them leading man… he has Prince Nana hostage. There’s only one thing left to do. IT’S SHOWTIME! He scares Prince Nana away. They were having a great conversation.

MJF tells Adam Cole if they want to beat their opponents, they have to get in their minds. They are at Outback Steakhouse. When they get out of there, MJF says it was the best food he has ever had. The next idea comes from MJF watching some kangaroos, but Cole doubts a kangaroo kick will do it. They go all Steve Irwin by placing some inflatable crocodiles and catching one of the Aussie Open guys with a Double Clothesline.

Tony Khan catches them doing it and calls them in to his office, where he absolutely destroys them for doing double clotheslines at inappropriate times. They will just have to find another way of playing mind games with Aussie Open.

MJF & Adam Cole come to the ring. Cole says if anyone is going to that event, they better be there on time for them to become the ROH World Tag Team Champions. MJF gets a “Kangaroo Kick” started. Adam was going to say they were going to win the titles with the Double Clothesline. In the main event, we have Adam Cole vs. MJF for the AEW World Championship. It will go down as the most important match in his entire life. A year ago, he wasn’t sure he would ever wrestle again, but here he is, being able to wrestle for the title in the biggest pro wrestling event of all time with his great friend.

He has been on top at every promotion he has worked for and set records. This match with Max solidifies his career, and not only being in the match, but by winning it. He needs to win more than anything. The second that bell rings, he will do anything and everything. MJF calls that a great story, but his is better. Who’s ready for story time with MJF, bay bay? When he got in to this sport, he was told to write down his dream opponents. He wrote Cody Rhodes and Adam Cole. In 2018, he put 90,000 miles on his truck trying to make it on the independent circuit. And then somebody told him about a show called All In.

He DM’d Cody Rhodes and said if he gives him an opportunity, he will not disappoint. The show was getting closer, and then he got a response. He said… “Kid, you’re All In”. He got to open a PPV he had no right being on. He lost, but still managed to turn some heads, like Tony Khan, who offered him a contract to work for All Elite Wrestling. If there is no All In, there is no MJF, and that’s a fact.

In 2023, he went from being an unknown, grew up, and became a generational talent. He came the devil himself and the best to have ever done it. And he became the AEW World Heavyweight Champion. Now again, he gets to be on a show called All In, in front of the biggest crowd in the history of this sport, in the main event with his dream opponent. Who he can proudly say has become his best friend.

However, this show does not mean everything to him. The only thing that means everything to him is “Triple B”. This symbolizes his sweat, his blood, the countless hours in the gym, and all the studying of tape, all so he can obtain it. If Adam Cole thinks because he’s his bud that he will lay down, he is out of his mind. A win at Wembley will make him legendary. He is going to win because no one is on the level of the devil. Adam Cole says let the best man win. MJF says the best man will win, because he’s better than you, and you know it. And in response, the new World Champion will be “Adam Cole Bay Bay!”

Aussie Open attack MJF & Cole, but are fought back. They go for the Double Clothesline, but Aussie Open get out of dodge. MJF and Cole each tease a turn, but this ends with a hug and embrace of their friendship.

A bloodied Chris Jericho says if Will Ospreay wanted a match, all he had to do was ask. They were going to face each other in Tokyo during 2021, but the pandemic put a stop to that. A pandemic won’t stop them facing off at All In at Wembley Stadium. Chris Jericho is going to embarrass him in front of his family and his home country.

#3. [Texas Chainsaw Massacre Deathmatch] Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy – Winner: Jeff Jarrett after Satnam Singh’s Chokeslam

#4. [Winner Goes To All In] Britt Baker vs. The Bunny – Winner: Britt Baker

The Acclaimed are scheduled for a match. After introducing themselves, they get in the ring, but the lights go out. When they come back on, the House Of Black attacks and completely destroy The Acclaimed. Malakai Black gets ahold of Billy Gunn’s boots and smirks at the camera.

Before the next match, the Young Bucks surprise attack The Gunns as retribution for Bullet Gold attacking Kenny Omega.

#5. The Gunns vs. The Young Bucks – Winners: The Young Bucks

Bullet Club Gold attack Young Bucks, encouraging FTR to come make the save. Bucks & FTR have a brief stare down to close the show.

AEW Dynamite Results (8/16/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (8/16/2023)

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