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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite Results (8/9/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (8/9/2023)


Here are the full results for the  episode of AEW Dynamite airing on August 9, 2023.

AEW Dynamite Results (8/9/2023)

We open with a mandatory meeting for the Jericho Appreciation Society. One by one, the JAS members tell Chris Jericho that they no longer appreciate him, before leaving the ring. Sammy Guevara is the last to go. Sammy is still Jericho’s friend, but he clearly has things to work out, so he’ll be there for him when he’s ready.

#1. The Hardys vs. The Young Bucks – Winners: The Young Bucks

It is announced that there will be a four way women’s match at All In, and there will be matches to decide who joins Toni Storm at the event.

MJF asks Adam Cole if he wants to go find some rats tonight, but instead, Cole takes them to a trampoline place. While inside, Cole jumps around while MJF wanders off to destroy some kids at dodgeball. A little girl calls them both nerds and gives them a middle finger salute, so Cole gives MJF the nod to finish her off.

#2. [FTW Championship] Jack Perry vs. Rob Van Dam – Winner: Jack Perry retains

MJF & Adam Cole are here. To clarify, the footage of MJF saying the midwest is “mid” is fake, so God strike him down if that’s not true. God does not strike him down, so he’s safe. Cole goes on to say he will beat him for the title at All In… which leads MJF to start a promo battle, which Cole eventually gets through to him that he doesn’t want that.

What Cole was getting to was that he would like them to go All In on becoming tag team champions, and the one title that has eluded him is the ROH Tag Team title. He wants them to challenge for the tag titles in Zero Hour at Wembley Stadium. MJF asks if he’s some kind of pervert? After some thought, MJF accepts. Roderick Strong is here and he’s upset. He doesn’t understand why he wants to win the title with him.

MJF is sick of him and says he should go home, run upstairs, jump in bed, cuddle his Hello Kitty pillow, put on some Taylor Swift, and go to sleep you bland bitch. Strong says The Kingdom was right about Cole. He was never his best friend. The Kingdom come to console him and they leave. Cole doesn’t like what MJF did, and there’s some tension, but they ease off and hug it out.

#3. BCC’s Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Lucha Brothers – Winners: BCC

The Mogul Embassy are here. Swerve Strickland had to really drive it home last week by handing the fear of God in to Nick Wayne. They are above the law. Who’s house? Swerve’s house. AR Fox calls out Darby Allin. Darby says that AR Fox has got to remember that he has friends, too. The lights go out. They come back on and IT’S STTTTIIIINNNG! He takes out most of the Mogul Embassy with his bat. AR Fox gets out of dodge. Sting aims at Strickland with his bat, and then points to All In. What will see at All In???

#4. [AEW Women’s World Championship] Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Anna Jay – Winner: Hikaru Shida retains

With this win, Hikaru Shida is added to the fatal four way with Toni Storm at All In. The other two competitors will be decided at a later date.

AEW Dynamite Results (8/9/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (8/9/2023)