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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite Results (9/6/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (9/6/2023)


Here are the full results for the episode of AEW Dynamite airing on September 6, 2023.

AEW Dynamite Results (9/6/2023)

Orange Cassidy says hey, thank you. They told him to stay home. But he was like nah, he’s not going to do that. Championship or not, he will be here every single week, because he is ‘Freshly Squeezed’ Orange Cassidy, and he does not have a catchphrase. Jon Moxley enters with the International Championship, but he has nothing to say to Cassidy.

#1. [International Championship] Jon Moxley (c) vs. AR Fox – Winner: Moxley retains

Christian Cage insults Nick Wayne’s dead father even more. Missed what else he said as my feed cut out, but he ended it by telling Nick to say hi to his mom.

#2. [TBS Championship] Kris Statlander (c) vs. Emi Sakura – Winner: Statlander retains

Roderick Strong gives us some backstory behind his rough upbringing. Back at ringside, Don Callis joins the commentary table.

#3. Aussie Open vs. (Le Sex Gods) Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara – Winners: Le Sex Gods

For some reason (assuming it was because of friendly fire during the match), Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho shoved each other before Guevara walked off through the crowd.

Don Callis says that Takeshita beat Kenny Omega twice in 7 days. There’s an easel set up with something under a covering, but he does not yet allow Renee Paquette to unveil it.

– MJF makes his way to the ring with a microphone. The devil has arrived. When he was trying to make a name for himself, he lived right here in Indiana. So he has a question… who’s your daddy? MJF got asked to wrestle at Grand Slam, which is his playground. He is coming back to New York. Whoever wins the Grand Slam Tournament will learn the hard way that no one is on the level of the devil.

Someone needs to be a certain lesson, and that man is Samoa… speaking of which, here he comes. Now, he was in the back and heard what was going on, so he come to get a front row seat to find out. What seems to be the problem, kid? MJF insults his weight, which Joe says is good. The last he had anything do with an icecream truck, he was the biggest star on other network. So again, what’s the problem kid? MJF is a pretty creative guy, so he asks the audience if he should get creative. He comes up with a bunch of funny names, but they don’t land with Joe.

He asks again, kid, which fires up MJF, but he recognizes that’s what he wants. It’s that time again for storytime. Back when he was 19 years old, he had a tryout with WWE, and he knocked it out of the park. William Regal didn’t sign him because he was too young. And that story ended with him knocking him so hard he went back to NXT, and if Joe plays his cards right, he’s next. He got to be a security guard who escorted a legend to the ring called Samoa Joe. But, what did he do? He took a 19 year old kid and shoved him into a brick wall. He knows why he did that. Joe did it because he was a kid and could get away with it. He’s not a kid anymore. He is the AEW World Champion and best wrestler in the world!

Samoa Joe better stay out of the way, or he will kill him. Do you want to know why? Because his name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he’s better than you, and you know it. Joe said that point was beautifully made. He didn’t shove him because he was a kid. He pushed him because he thought he was a little bitch. MJF slaps him, but Joe does not take the bait. He will win the tournament and see him at Grand Slam. As MJF goes to leave the ring, Joe kicks the ring rope in to his groin. A fight breaks out, which almost ends with a Muscle Buster, but Adam Cole makes the save.

#4. [Grand Slam Tournament] Trent Beretta (w/ Chuck Taylor) vs. Roderick Strong (w/ The Kingdom) – Winner: Roderick Strong

Toni Storm does not remember costing Ruby Soho her match. Renee asks about her match next week, but Toni says she is pretty nosy. Storm ends this by saying chin up, tits out, and watch for the shoe, before walking off. Again, she throws a shoe at Renee.

After Hangman Adam Page reminds us that he donated charity money to Chicago schools, Swerve Strickland heads to the ring. He asks if he is a mascot for AEW now. Why is he donating money to delinquents who won’t amount to anything? He seems to have no shame. Page was picked as a franchise player when AEW sprung up, but now he’s on pre-shows. He hasn’t had any new merchandise. He doesn’t get anything anymore, because he has taken a backseat to The Elite.

Had he got the opportunities he got, he would be the first black AEW World Champion by now. Strickland gives him two options. Either he can walk off into the sunset, or he can man up and show him what “Cowboy S**t” is all about. But Swerve warns him that he has no empathy for human life. Page doesn’t want to deal with this, so she shoves him and walks away. Strickland brings up his wife and kids, so Page makes his way back and gets in his face. Brian Cage blindsides and nails Page with the Drillclaw.

#5. [Grand Slam Tournament] Darby Allin vs. Nick Wayne – Winner: Darby Allin via submission

Darby Allin moves on to the semi-finals against Roderick Strong. Christian Cage applauds his effort.

AEW Dynamite Results (9/6/2023)

AEW Dynamite Results (9/6/2023)