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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite Results: February 22, 2023 Live Coverage & Highlights

AEW Dynamite Results: February 22, 2023 Live Coverage & Highlights



It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means! AEW Dynamite is live from the Footprints Center in Phoenix, Arizona, and the eWn‘s live coverage for tonight’s action-packed episode is brought to you by Tathya.

Advertised for tonight’s show:

  • Tony Khan “has an important announcement”
  • Jon Moxley vs. Evil Uno
  • Tag Team Battle Royale for a spot in the Tag Team title match at AEW Revolution
  • AEW All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy vs. Wheeler Yuta
  • The Acclaimed vs. Lee Moriarty & Big Bill
  • Saraya vs. Skye Blue
  • Christian Cage interview with Tony Schiavone
  • Bryan Danielson promo

Be sure to refresh this page frequently for ongoing live coverage of the results from tonight’s episode. Join our community in the comments section below to discuss what’s going down and chat it up!

Also, little author’s take tidbits can be found in “bold italics” in quotes.

Orange Cassidy (c) vs Wheeler Yuta – All-Atlantic Championship

We are kicking tonight’s show off with the All-Atlantic Championship match. Out comes the champion, Orange Cassidy. Meanwhile, ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta is met with a rather mixed reaction.

Orange Cassidy has been under control for the first two-three minutes of the match, and Wheeler Yuta looks visibly frustrated. Wait a minute! Out comes BCC’s Claudio Castagnoli! Claudio just slapped Yuta and told him to basically get his s**t together. Yuta gets back into the ring and takes control.

Waistlock takedown, clawing at Orange’s face and biting his ear! Follows that up with a huge lariat.

It has been all Yuta so far! He is roughing up Orange Cassidy and the crowd is raining down boos on the ROH Pure Champion.

“Why has Wheeler Yuta been a babyface all this time?”

Wheeler Yuta has kept his former mentor down and grounded all through the commercial break. He’s now going up to the top rope. Yuta misses the splash… and Orange Cassidy now has an opening. Cassidy did get a breather, but Wheeler Yuta is back in control.

A huge back suplex by Wheeler Yuta, followed by the trademark Blackpool Combat Club stomps and now the elbows to the side of the neck!

Yuta hits a headbutt, hip toss, and overhead elbows. Cassidy counters with a fireman’s carry and German suplex. Yuta rolls through, but Cassidy hits another German suplex.

Both men just exchange roll-up attempts and Yuta with a really innovative pinning attempt to almost get the three count. THAT WAS CLOSE!

Wheeler Yuta and Orange Cassidy are now trading blows in the middle of the ring, and Yuta just spit in Cassidy’s eye. We see some high-impact maneuvers before, including a back body drop on the ring apron and a huge Tornado DDT outside the ring by Orange Cassidy.

Yuta gets a huge piledriver for a two count. ORANGE CASSIDY WITH AN ORANGE PUNCH OUTTA NOWHERE! 1-2-NOOOO!

Cassidy goes for the Beach Break! YUTA KICKS OUT AT 1! Yuta does that weird fired-up thing but Cassidy catches the ROH Pure Champion with another Orange Punch for the win.

Orange Cassidy retains the All-Atlantic Championship

After the match, Orange Cassidy offers Wheeler Yuta a “Best Friends hug.” Claudio Castagnoli comes out to the entrance ramp and signals at Yuta to  decline the offer. Yuta walks out on Cassidy. This was interesting… Claudio seems to be the one driving Blackpool Combat Club’s heel turn.


Evil Uno and Hangman Page are backstage with Renee Paquette. Hangman Page starts talking and Uno cuts him off. Uno tells Page to not get involved in his match with Jon Moxley later tonight. He also issues a warning to Jon Moxley. “You’re gonna find out exactly why my name is Evil Uno.”


Ricky Starks is out in the ring with a contract for an open challenge at Revolution. He says he’s done with Chris Jericho and is looking to be in a marquee spot in at Revolution.


Jericho is out on the entrance ramp while Starks is in the ring. He says that he knows that Ricky Starks’ promo is just a ploy to get him to sign the contract. Jericho also tell Starks that he Starks doesn’t get to decide when they’re done with each other, but Jericho does. Suddenly, out comes Peter Avalon, presumably to answer Ricky Starks’ open challenge. Jericho hits Avalon with a Judas Effect on the entrance ramp and makes his way down to the ring.

Starks tells Jericho that this is not a ploy. He tells Le Champion that even if he gets him at Revolution, the Jericho Appreciation Society would just use the numbers advantage to screw him over. He questions Jericho’s capability and goads him into signing the contract.

Jericho says he’d sign Starks’ open contract and even be willing to add an addendum that JAS would be barred from ringside at Revolution. Unfortunately, the millionaire professional wrestler/ sports entertainer/ rockstar does not carry a pen with himself.

“Yeah buddy, no one remembers the List of Jericho!!”

Starks conveniently does, and Chris Jericho has no choice but to sign the contract, thus falling right into Starks’ trap. Jericho says that no one outsmarts The Ocho, as ‘Absolute’ winks at the camera.



The Acclaimed vs Big Bill & Lee Moriarty

Max Caster’s rap mentioned “Hey Bill, your girl just text me, she said that you’re S-A-W-F-T” and it got a laugh from Bill.”

There’s a “scissorzona” chant going, so that’s fun.

The Acclaimed are working double-team offence on Lee Moriarty early and we go to the picture-in-picture. The Firm takes over.

“The heels take over as we go to the commercial. That’s new…”

The AEW World Tag Team Champions also make their way out to ringside as The Firm is in control.

Back from commercial, The Acclaimed are starting to mount a comeback. This is gonna be over quick.

Bowens lighting Moriarty up with chops, whip reversed, leapfrog, kick combo, off the ropes, Fameasser! Morrissey runs in ends Bowens’ flurry of offence. The Gunns head down the ramp and ruthlessly stomp their own dad before making a hasty retreat from The Acclaimed’s pursuit.

Amid the commotion, Professor Moriarty seizes the opportunity to go for a pin on Bowens, but he falls short. Bowens responds with the “Arrival” on Moriarty, and then tags in. MIC DROP FROM THE TOP! 1-2-3!!

The Acclaimed defeat Big Bill & Lee Moriarty


Christian Cage makes his way out to the stage for his interview with Tony Schiavone, but before he can say anything, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry charges at him and starts laying into him with punches and kicks. Jack Perry grabs a couple of steel chairs from ringside and looks hesitant about using them for the con-chair-to.

Cage takes advantage of Jungle Boy’s hesitation and strikes him with a low blow. Jungle Boy is left writhing in pain on the mat as Cage takes a moment to catch his breath. Jungle Boy is busted open from the attack and the blood starts flowing down his face.


A video package featuring Wardlow and Samoa Joe is aired, where Joe confidently asserts that Wardlow’s biggest mistake would be to face him again in the ring at Revolution.


Saraya vs Skye Blue

Saraya is dominating Skye Blue and sends her opponent to the outside. Toni Storm attacks Blue as the referee is distracted. Skye Blue fights back into the match but Storm runs an interference again. Saraya hits a pump kick and applies the PTO submission move to make quick work of Skye Blue and secure the win.

Saraya defeats Skye Blue via submission

Post-match, Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker come out to confront the Saraya and Toni Storm. Ruby Soho is also out and makes the international “I’m coming for your title” gesture at Hayter, seemingly challenging Hayter for the AEW Women’s World Championship.


Bryan Danielson makes his way out to a massive ovation and says it’s great to be back in Phoenix. Danielson talks about how MJF has put a bounty on his head, hospitalized his mentor William Regal, but before he can say anything else, MJF interrupts.

MJF says he’s been abandoned by anyone he’s ever loved, but talks about the girl who changed him and he wanted to start a family, until she left him. This gets “You Deserve It” chants as MJF says the only thing that makes him feel loved is the AEW World Championship. The AEW Title is the only thing keeping him from taking a handful of pills and calling it a day. MJF says Danielson has something he’ll never have, a happy and healthy family that he takes for granted.

MJF hates Danielson for having more concussions than anyone else, as every time he steps foot in the ring, he’s saying wrestling is more important than his family. It’s spitting in MJF’s face and mentions putting the pill addicted William Regal in the hospital. MJF will punish Danielson for everything he’s taken for granted and mentions Danielson’s kids, as MJF looks into the camera and says hi to Birdie and Buddy. He says he will grab Dada’s arm and make him submit so he’ll never be able to play again. MJF says he’ll give Dada early onset CTE on March 5th as Danielson pops him with the microphone and security immediately hits the ring to separate them. Each breaks free, as referees and agents separate them as well. Danielson sprints around the floor and gets a clean shot on MJF.

“This is what All Elite Wrestling has been lacking the past few months. A couple of more segments like this are sorely needed to build up hype for AEW Revolution.”


Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker appear in a backstage segment and the champ challenges Saraya and Ruby Soho to a triple threat match at Revolution.


Revolution Tag-Team Battle Royal

Up next is the tag team battle royal. The winners will be added to the Four Way title match at Revolution. The action is fast-paced with 10 teams in contention.

Mark Briscoe comes out of nowhere and attacks Mark Sterling and Josh Woods. Meanwhile, inside the ring, The Butcher and The Blade eliminate Aussie Open. The Blade is also eliminated soon afterwards.

The crowd is not buying this match. They are chanting “Ole Ole Ole” for Sami Zayn

“Someone better get Tony Khan an extra dose of his medication real quick.”

Penta eliminates exchange Preston Vance and Rey Fenix eliminates Rush, eliminating Los Faccio…. whatever from the match. Danhausen comes in and curses the Jericho Appreciation Society members for the desperate comic relief.

As the match nears its end, Trent Beretta finds himself battling it out alone against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. Jarrett and Lethal work together to try and eliminate Beretta from the match, but just as it looks like they’ve succeeded, Orange Cassidy intervenes and helps Beretta stay in the fight.

Lethal ends up being eliminated, leaving Jarrett on his own against Beretta and Cassidy. Fortunately for Jarrett, he gets a timely save from Satnam Singh, who prevents Beretta from landing a crucial blow. With the advantage firmly in his favor, Jarrett ultimately eliminates Beretta to secure the victory.

Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal advance to Revolution

For reference, Best Friends, Lucha Brothers, Butcher & Blade, Top Flight, Matt Menard & Angelo Parker, Alex Reynolds & John Silver, Rush & Preston Vance, Aussie Open, Tony Nese & Ari Daivari were the other teams involved.


A backstage vignette featuring House of Black shows Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews delivering enigmatic promos that suggest a possible rivalry with The Elite.


Tony Khan summons Adam Cole to share the “important announcement.” Adam Cole reveals that a new one-hour television series, “AEW Access” which will showcase the personal lives of AEW wrestlers, will debut in March. It will be an unfiltered look at AEW and Cole says it will also show his ups and downs from his time away due to injury. Cole also adds that he will make a comeback to the ring next month.


Main Event – Jon Moxley vs Evil Uno

JEEEEYAAAAAAAAANNNNN MOOXLEEYYY makes his way to the ring as we cut to the commercial break. Evil Uno makes his entrance in picture-in-picture.

Evil Uno with a flurry offence at the start before the action spills to the outside. “SURPRISE!!” Uno lands a senton. Moxley slams Uno’s head onto the steel steps to take over.

Evil Uno is busted open “ANOTHER SURPRISE!” but he hits a piledriver on Moxley for a two-count. The Purveyor of Violence retaliates with a rear naked choke and transitions to a Bulldog Choke. Uno passes out as Jon Moxley picks up the win.

Jon Moxley wins via knockout

Jon Moxley is not letting go. John Silver and Alex Reynolds rush to the ring to rescue Evil Uno, but Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta appear to confront them. Hangman Page has had enough and sprints down to the ring with barbed wire wrapped around his fist and pops Moxley right in the face to bust him open badly.

“And for the final SURPRISE of the night, Moxley’s bleeding! If only Adam Page would quit wasting time wrapping barbed wire first, BCC wouldn’t have beaten the p**s out of Dark Order as much as they did.”

Page goes for a Buckshot Lariat, but Moxley bails as AEW Dynamite goes off the air.

That’s it for tonight folks! Here’s a quick rundown of tonight’s results:

  • Orange Cassidy retained the All-Atlantic Championship over Wheeler Yuta
  • The Acclaimed defeated Big Bill & Lee Moriarty
  • Saraya defeats Skye Blue via submission
  • Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal advance to Revolution in the tag team battle royal
  • Jon Moxley defeats Evil Uno via knockout

Oh, also, Moxley went to the outside in the first thirty seconds of his match. And, AEW Dynamite went three minutes into overtime because Moxley could not find his blade during the match.

Here’s the updated lineup for Rampage:

  • Action Andretti vs. Sammy Guevara
  •  The Young Bucks vs. Aussie Open
  •  Willow Nightingale vs. Toni Storm
  •  Lance Archer makes his return to AEW
  •  We hear from Keith Lee & Dustin Rhodes

It’s been a pleasure joining you for Dynamite tonight. See ya next week!









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