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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Dynamite Results for October 6, 2021

AEW Dynamite Results for October 6, 2021



Source: WINC

The Elite vs. Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omeha and Jurassic Express

Danielson with kicks to Omega, he gets block and triple superkick brings him down. He goes out to the floor. 4-Way BTE Trigger on JB, cover by Cole, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Elite

Moxley is backstage, and he has lost patience. He says there is no man in AEW that can submit him or pin him. So they throw ladders at him? Wanna get weird? Wanna get some ladders? Let’s do it. He’s got a 3 month old at home, and she is insane! AEW is his company, and that’s his belt!

CM Punk is here.

He is all smiles in a sleeveless shirt, gives Tony and the crew some love, then heads to the ring.

Punk asks if we are tired of this, yet. He shows up every week thinking we will tire of it, but he’s going to keep the lovefest going, he appreciates everyone. Y’all see the Jordans? Lol. He tells us he moved to Philly in 2002, and liveed there for a good three years. He wrestled daily, and slept and breathed pro wrestling. He loved Philly so much because it gave him so much, so thank you. Because of the money he made in Philly, he bought an iPod and a laptop, and holy shit was he rich. He was rich spiritually, though. He did all those things, all those days, immersing himself in a community, and said he is glad he’s back, immersed again in this community.

He wanted to give back to Philly, and outside of buying all of them cheesesteak. He is going to give them a choice; wrestle for them, or buy them all cheesesteaks. What’s it going to be?

WRESTLE chant.

He says to buy themselves a cheesesteak, because he is going to wrestle. A couple weeks ago, someone tried to end this before it started. He challenges Daniel Garcia to meet him in Philly on Rampage.

Sammy Guevara (C) vs. Bobby Fish – TNT Championship

Sammy retains with the GTH.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

As Sammy celebrates, Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and a bunch of MMA dudes I don’t know or care to know circle the ring. They hop on the apron with Lambert. Some chick enters the ring, allowing Sky to attack from behind. Dos Santos hops onto Sammy, hitting some rights, then some shirtless dude drops him. Dos Santon mounts again, attacking the head, and here comes FUEGO!!! He attacks Sky in the corner, but he gets taken down by MMA Guy 1. Sky stomps Sammy over and over, until finally, Jericho’s music hits. He rushes down with Hager, enters the ring, and they go at it with everyone!

Lambert and Co leave the ring. Lambert grabs the mic, says enough with this song. Of course, the crowd continues to sing it, which is great. Lol.

Lambert wants to clear up some confusion. Jericho has been the big man for a long time, and Khan has some power at Philly, but Rampage is in Miami, and South Florida is the home of America’s Top Team. He says they got the say come Miami. The crowd is booing the shit out of him. Love it.

Lambert wants a 6-man tag team match, Men of the Year and Dos Santos vs Jericho, Hager, and Sammy. Lambert will be ringside, and so will some other guys. If you are wondering if I’m interested in any of these guys that are NOT wrestlers, I am not.

Jericho says he didn’t hear a damned thing Lambert said, but he does know this – they are going to beat the living shit out of them.

Backstage, The Acclaim freestyle about getting the tag titles. Friday, Rampage, The Acclaimed vs Lucha Bros. Sick.

WE are back, and the announcement is essentially a TBS Championship title, with the tbs logo in the center. Not a fan of the lowercase, but I get it. It’s for the ladies, by the way.

We head to Darby and JR. JR says he was uncomfortable with what he saw last week with him and MJF, but he’s also looking forward to his match tonight with a large man. The meat of the matter is the face paint.

Darby says last week he made everything very public, but he wants to elaborate on why his face is painted. Darby brings up his uncle and the car accident when he was five. He was drinking and driving, and that is what shaped him He paints half of his face because 50% of him feels dead inside. It’s the reason behind his tattoo. He faced death that day, but he is still here. MJF will not win this war. He’s never met a Darby Allin; he guarantees it.

Before the match even starts, Darby flips over the top rope to The Factory outside.

Darby Allin vs. Nick Comoroto

Allin retains with the Coffin Drop.

Winner: Darby Allin

After the match, Sting hits the Death Drop on QT Marshall.

Backstage, Evil Uno says from here on, it is up to Dark Order to make the decisions. Reynolds says it should be up to all of them. They should start voting as a family.

First thing to vote on is that Alex needs to put the mask back on. They then compare him, Stu, and Silver. Lol.

We head back to the middle of the ring. Dante Martin is with Tony. He cuts a promo, proving that he is a problem to everyone in the locker room. He’s been in the ring with the likes of Kenny, and he’s given him a run for his money. So this goes out to the entire locker room. He will fight anyone right now.

Lights go out.

Uh oh…

Spotlight is on. Malakai is behind Dante Martin. Martin turns. Black mist! Huge kick to the face. Lights out.

They come back on, and Black is alone in the ring. He grabs a mic and sits, saying The House of Black accepts.

Lights go out.

Spotlight is on. Malakai is behind Dante Martin. Martin turns. Black mist! Huge kick to the face. Lights out.

They come back on, and Black is alone in the ring. He grabs a mic and sits, saying The House of Black accepts.

We head to the ring to get ready for the next match, and Aubrey is holding a trophy for “The First Female to win 50 Matches.”

Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb

Deeb hits detox, cover, two-count. Deebs throws Shida’s knee into the mat a bunch of times, serenity lock applied, she pulls back and Shida taps out!

Winner: Serena Deeb

Post-match, Deeb takes the trophy meant for Shida and cracks it over Shida’s head, then throws it down on the mat. The trophy breaks in half. Crowd boos her meanness

Backstage, Alex Marvez talks with Darby Allin. He says congrats about the win, but MJF asked Tony Khan for a match against him on next Wednesday’s show. Allin says of course! A limo suddenly pulls up and Allin gets ready for him. A masked man smacks Allin with a chair from behind. It looked like Spears as he chuckles away. Some other masked men come out of the limo and beat him up. They lawn dart him into a stop sign. It’s clearly The Pinnacle now as Wardlow F-5’s Allin on a steel guardrail. It looks like MJF strolls out and chokes Allin his own skateboard. The group then makes their way back to the limo and Allin is down and out.

Backstage, Lio Rush talks to Dante Martin, says he’s a huge fan. He’s not sure if Martin knows him, but he’s a businessman. He wants to talk business. He sees Martin is an undervalued commodity. Rush says if Martin takes this challenge from Malakai Black, he’s gonna need some guidance. He’s gonna have is people call Martin and they’ll talk soon.

Backstage, Tony talks with AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker (with Jamie Hayter and Rebel) about the upcoming TBS Title. Baker is happy because others in division can have fun fighting in their little tournament while she watches from the top.

Jon Moxley vs. PAC vs. Andrade El Idolo vs. Orange Cassidy vs. Lance Archer vs. Matt Hardy vs. Hangman Page (Casino Ladder Match)

Page with a buckshot lariat on Archer to clear him out of the ring. Page climbs up the ladder and Moxley cracks him with a chair across the back. Moxley starts climbing on the other side of the ladder. Page trying to keep him down and throw punches. Moxley finally drops down, Page climbs the ladder and takes the chip for the win!

Winner: Hangman Page

Post-match, Page celebrates on the ladder, then gets a beer and drinks it down. Page to talk during the first commercial break of Rhodes to the Top. The crowd cheers Page on as he continues to drink to close the show.

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