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ResultsDYNAMITEAEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Results February 8, 2023

AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite Results February 8, 2023


Hello and welcome to AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite brought to you by

AEW Dynamite is coming live from the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso, Texas.

Here is a rundown of some of tonight’s events:

  • Bryan Danielson will face Rush to earn his shot at AEW World Heavyweight Champion, MJF.
  • Konosuke Takeashita has his chance to earn a future championship opportunity as he takes on MJF in an Eliminator Match.
  • The Acclaimed defend the AEW World Tag Team Championship against The Gunns.
  • AEW World’s Women’s Champion Jamie Hayter is in non-title action with The Bunny.
  • The Elite defend the AEW World Trios Championship against the team of AR Fox and Top Flight.

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We open right on the action. AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF is coming to the ring for the Championship Eliminator match.

MJF defeats Konosuke Takeashita

MJF extends a handshake to Konosuke Takeashita but then kicks him in the gut. Takeashita hits a high knee and a slam but MJF utilizes the referee to block him further. He takes control by locking in an arm bar on Konosuke Takeashita. Konosuke tries to come back but he is yanked down to the mat by his shoulder and then piledriven by the champion. MJF is reversed and Konosuke hits an Exploder into the ring corner. He hits two high boots into the face of MJF but misses the third and the champion capitalizes. Konsuke catches him in a Brainbuster and turns it back around, landing a Frog Splash for a close two count. He gets a Piledriver to fall away German Suplex combination that sends MJF to the outside. Konosuke dives out to him but MJF moves back inside and avoids him. He attempts to throw Konosuke into the ring post but is reversed.

Konosuke throws him back inside and takes to the top rope. MJF lunges at him and knocks him down. Both men roll off of the top in a Lariat – Sunset flip combination and then clothesline one another to the mat. MJF pulls Konosuke into an arm bar but is put into a quick roll up. Both men to their feet and they tumble to the outside. MJF suffers a clothesline and Takeashita rolls him back inside. He pulls his kneepad down and prepares for a knee strike but MJF intentionally rolls back to the outside. He uses the referee to gain the advantage, putting a thumb to his opponent’s eye. Takeashita hits powerbomb and a high knee, both for a close two count. He goes for a senton from the middle of the ropes but MJF rolls out of the way and locks in an armbar. MJF sinches it in and Takeashita taps out. MJF wins via submission.

After the bell MJF strikes Konosuke Takeashita with his diamond ring and then takes to stomping him. Bryan Danielson storms the ring and MJF flees.

Jamie Hayter defeats The Bunny

Jamie Hayter and the Bunny shakes hands at the bell. Jamie Hayter gets a side headlock takedown. The Bunny gets to her feet and reverses into the ropes but Hayter gets a shoulder block. In the corner The Bunny reverses Hayter’s strikes and locks in a stretching lock over the ropes and holds to the referee’s four count. The action spills to the outside and the Bunny sends Jamie Hayter into the steel ring steps. We go to commercial break.

Returning from the commercial both women are down in the ring. Jamie Hayter catches The Bunny in two back to back Exploders and then the Hayter-aid. She covers and gets the pinfall victory. Jamie Hayter wins.

Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet Match: Jericho Appreciation Society defeat Ricky Starks

Angelo Parker starts with Ricky Starks for the gauntlet style match. Parker hits a few suplexes and manages to keep Ricky grounded. Starks reverses off of a rope bounce and lands a spear. He pins Parker and Matt Menard comes in. Menard rushes Starks but he nails him with a quick spear and pins him as well. Danny Garcia is in next for JAS and he uses a distraction from Sammy Guevara to trap Ricky Starks into the corner. Starks battles back with heavy chest chops. We go to commercial break.

Returning from commercial Danny Garcia has a front facing headlock stretch on Ricky Starks. Starks counters and hits a powerbomb. He climbs to the top rope but Garcia meets him and he is suplexed to the mat. As Garcia rolls through for a second suplex Starks reverses him. They exchange strikes on the ring apron before Ricky Starks hits a spear. Ricky is hit from behind by a fan and Danny Garcia rolls him back into the ring. Danny Garcia covers for the pin. Danny Garcia wins.

The fan is masked and reveals themselves to be Chris Jericho.

Bryan Danielson defeats Rush

Bryan Danielson is being interviewed backstage when he is locked into the room he is in. Rush enters the ring but Bryan is unable to get to the ring. MJF comes out to point out that if Bryan Danielson is not there then Rush needs to be the winner. He demands the bell to be rung and the referee starts to count. Bryan knocks down the door and scrambles to the ring.

Bryan Danielson slides into the ring and meets the boots of Rush. Rush targets Danielson’s shoulder and keeps him grounded to the mat with stomps and kicks. He pulls Bryan to his feet by his hair and chops him across the chest. Both men exchange chops back and forth and the action spills to the outside. Rush tosses Danielson into the crowd barrier twice and then rolls into the ring to break the count. Back on the outside he hits Danielson with a dropkick to the side of the head. He delivers punches to the forehead and busts Bryan Danielson open. Rush continues to throw him into the barrier, adding in stomps to the face and head. Danielson comes back with chops on the ring apron but is tossed by Rush to the floor. We go to commercial break.

Coming back from commercial Bryan Danielson is down in the corner covered in blood. Rush pulls him up but Danielson pulls him down and attempts the LaBell lock but Rush makes it to the ropes. Rush rolls outside but Danielson dives at him, strikes him with a running knee and then rolls him back inside. Danielson drives kicks into Rush and they go in to exchanging chops again. They trade blows back and forth in the corner of the ring. Bryan Danielson suffers a straight jacket piledriver but is able to kick out at two. Danielson lands another running knee for a close two count of his own. The two men exchange forearm strikes and headbutts. Bryan Danielson hits a running high knee and rolls Rush up. Bryan Danielson wins and earns his shot at MJF for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship at AEW Revolution in an Iron Man Match.

MJF attacks Bryan Danielson after the bell. He locks him into an armbar as AEW Officials attempt to break it up.

AEW World Trios Championship: The Elite defeat Top Flight & AR Fox

Dante Martin and Nick Jackson start things off exchanging high flips and arm toss reversals. AR Fox is tagged in and he isolates Jackson in the corner. Matt comes out and tags in Nick Jackson. The two teams exchange in the ring with The Elite getting the best of it. Kenny Omega enters and he lays in to Darius Martin. The Jackson hit a double kick to the back of Martin’s head and Omega follows up with a back breaker. We go to commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break Nick Jackson has Darius Martin down on the mat. He strikes AR Fox and Dante Martin on the apron. Jackson goes for a flipping leg drop but Darius gets his knees up. AR Fox is in and he hits Cutters on all three members of The Elite. He dives over the ropes two times to take them down and then follows with a senton on Kenny Omega. He covers for the pin but Omega kicks out at two. Dante Martin and Nick Jackson are both tagged in. Jackson hits two roll though Northern Lights Suplexes but is reversed on the third. A large exchange of flips from all of the contestants takes place resulting in a 450 roll from AR Fox for another close two count. Kenny Omega hits a Dragon Bomb. The Jacksons unload superkicks AR Fox and the Martin brothers. Jackson tags in Omega and he goes for the V Trigger but Fox reverses into a roll up. Omega sets up again and hits the V Trigger. They exchange quick roll ups until Kenny Omega sinches it in and gets the pinfall. The Elite retain the AEW World Trios Championship.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Gunns defeat The Acclaimed

Colten Gunn and Max Caster start the match. They exchange hip tosses and one another and Caster takes Colten down with an arm drag before tagging Anthony Bowens. Austin Gunn becomes involved and Bowens hots a bulldog off of the second rope. We go to commercial break.

Back from the commercial break Colten Gunn has Max Caster grounded with a side headlock. Colten makes the tag to Austin and he hits Caster with a knee to the face. The Gunns try to isolate Caster but he leaps and makes the tag to Anthony Bowens. Bowens lays both Gunns out. Both teams exchange blows and lay one another out with clotheslines. Bowens winds up for a rolling elbow strike but misses Colten Gunn and hits the referee. Austin grabs one of the championships and looks to strike Bowens. Billy Gunn comes out and is struck from behind by Colten Gunn with the other championship. Bowens takes advantage of the distraction and lands a slam on Austin Gunn. Colten Gunn pulls Bowens off of the pin attempt. Colten sneaks a hit to Bowens with the championship and Austin rolls him up. The Gunns win the AEW World Tag Team Championship.