Extreme Rising Results (12/29) – Matt Hardy vs. Sabu, More!


Credit: Mike Johnson & Pwinsider.com

We are live at Extreme Rising in Philadelphia, PA at The National Guard Armory!

The official show title is “CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE.” The live crowd booed that!

There looks to be about 1000 here so far. There had a live band playing before the show.


Rough & Wild (Outlaw Matt Lancie & Hotshot Blake Wilder) vs. Rush Hour (Buku Dao & Bolt Bradley)

All four are students of Luke Hawx’s Wildkat Wrestling Academy.

Wilder forced Dao into the corner Bradley tagged in and went back and forth with Wilder, then locked on a surfboard. Bradley hit a great rana on Wilder. Rush Hour hit a series of tag team maneuvers.

Lancie tagged in but missed a running charge in the corner. He backdropped Dao over the top to the apron. Dao landed on his feet but was kicked by Wilder. Lancie hit a powerbomb onto the top of the buckles and then a big clothesline in the corner. He whipped Dao out onto a Wilder spinkick.

Wilder hit a hangman’s neckbreaker for a two count. Dao was worked over but finally hit a dropkick on Wilder. Lancie tagged in and worked him over. Dao was placed on the top but hit a tornado DDT off the ropes. Both men were out but fought to recover. Bolt made the hot tag and cleaned house with a ton of hot offense. He nailed a double codebreaker to the chest of both men.

Dao and Bradley hit stereo dives to the outside of the ring. That got an “ECW” chant. Lancie returned to the ring and clotheslined Bradley to the outside. Rough & Wild hit a double sidewalk slam on Dao for a two count. Bradley returned and hit a SOS on Wilder for the pin.

Your winners, Rush Hour!

Good solid match. They were all obviously very young in their careers and it showed but their work won over a decent portion of the crowd.

They announced a 4/4 return here at the Armory.

Azrieal & Bandido Jr. vs. The Slophunters (Alex Reynolds & John Silva) vs. Matt Tremont & Brian XL

Azrieal and XLstarted out and went back and forth until XL nailed a leg lariat. Silva and Tremont tagged in. Tremont caught him during an attempted head scissors and slammed him down. Silva came back with a bodypress off the ropes for a two count.

Bandido tagged in and nailed a spike bulldog that drove Silva onto the top of his head. Reynolds tagged in but got sent to the floor, where Bandido hit an insane dive to the outside. Silva then hit a dive on Bandido. Azrieal and XL went for dives but Tremont killed them with lariats.

Tremont nailed a suplex on Bandido for a two count. XL tagged in and worked over Bandido. Reynolds tagged in but Tremont made a blind tag and killed Bandido with another lariat.

Bandido fought his way out of a chinlock and fired back against Tremont. Reynolds blind tagged in and locked him in a swinging pendulum. Azrieal hit the ring and broke it up. Reynolds and Silva worked over Bandido with double team moves. Azrieal hit the ring and nailed a series of strikes and drilled Tremont with a top rope double stomp.

They went into an awesome series of moves. That led to a melee in the ring. Reynolds was left with Azrieal and Bandido, who nailed a double kick in the corner and draped Reynolds off the ropes for a double stomp. Tremont and XL cleared the ring and killed Reynolds with a sitdown powerbomb.

Your winners, Matt Tremont and Brian XL!

Really good tag match where all six got over with the crowd. Reynolds and Silva I’ve been singing the praises off forever as they are just great workers. Tremont and XL had a unique pairing. Azrieal and Bandido come off really polished.

Balls Mahoney and Blue Meanie came to the ring. Mahoney said that they sat back there and watched every second of that match. He asked the fans what they thought and the crowd popped. Meanie said he really liked it too. Mahoney said it’s a waste to have them on the pre-show as they show what’s right about Extreme Rising. He said it’s not just about the originals, but about new talents who come out and wrestle with their hearts and soul.

Mahoney said it’s their lucky day, since no one wants to get in the ring with them so if they have the cajones, they challenge Tremont and XL to face them on the main show tonight.

Tremont took the mic and said they are taking the challenge and would see them later.

They started the official show. Robby Mireno came out and the crowd was all over him, asking him to shut the f*** up. Nice reaction from the hometown. Joel Gertner came out and got a big reaction.

Extreme Rising Title Tournament: Luke Hawx vs. Stevie Richards.

They went back and forth. They took turns hitting suplexes. Hawx locked on body scissors around Richards’ torso, working him over. Richards made the ropes and fought back. Hawx cut him off and after overcoming Richards’ defense, locked on an abdominal stretch. Richards broke free and they battled back and forth with chops.

Richards clotheslined Hawx over the top to the floor. He followed Haw outside but was grabbed and whipped into the barricade. Hawx drilled him hard over the back. Richards fired back with hard chops of his own on the floor but was drilled across the back with something.

Luke rolled Richards back into the ring and returned himself with a slingshot into a DDT for a two count. Hawx grabbed him in a Fireman’s Carry and slammed him down. He went for an Asai Moonsault into the ring but missed.

Richards came alive with a series of clotheslines and drilled Hawx with a series of knees to the gut. Richards hit a Side Russian Legsweep. Hawx tried to fight him off but was caught with a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.

Richards went to the corner for the Steviekick but Hawx ducked and nailed a spinning sit-down powerbomb for a two count. Richards nailed the Steviekick for another two count.

Richards locked in a submission hold and Hawx finally tapped.

Your winner, advancing, Stevie Richards!

Good solid match. Hawx grows on me every time I see him. These guys had really good chemistry together and the near falls were really good. It’s nuts how great Richards is in the ring.

Reby Sky came to the ring and distracted Hawx. Matt Hardy hit the ring from the crowd and tried to attack Hawx, stemming from Hawx shoving him off the ropes to the floor in Pittsburgh. Security and the officials pulled them apart.

The crowd chanted, “You tapped out.”

The crowd chanted “F*** him up Rhino, F*** him up!” at the bell. They locked up and Crowbar grabbed a side headlock. Rhino sent him into the ropes and shoulderblocked him down. Rhino worked over Crowbar in the corner, then hiptossed him.

Rhino went for the Gore but Crowbar rolled to the outside. He went into the aisle. Rhino followed and they brawled back towards the ringside area. They battled onto the apron, where Rhino was snapped throat-first across the ropes. Crowbar hit a splash into the ring for a two count.

Crowbar nailed a low legdrop in between Rhino’s legs and locked on a camel clutch. Rhino tried to power out but Crowbar came down with his weight atop of Rhino’s back. Crowbar choked him in the corner but Rhino powered back with a series of right hands. He whipped Crowbar into the corner and went for a running charge but missed.

Crowbar rolled to the outside and retrieved a pair of chairs from the crowd. He drilled Rhino in the chest with them and slammed it over his back. He went for a Northern Lights suplex on the chair but Rhino broke free.

They battled to the outside, where Crowbar nailed him with a chair on the floor. Crowbar sent him into the railing and went to the apron. He dove off and drilled Rhino again.

Crowbar went to the outside and bridged it from the ring to the railing. He sent Rhino into it, then brought the railing into the ring, setting it up on chairs. He went to suplex Rhino from the apron into the ring but Rhino broke free and tried to piledrive Crowbar outside on the apron. They battled back and forth until Rhino hit a Uranage off the apron through a table. ECW chant.

They battled back into the ring, fighting back and forth with strikes. Rhino nailed a belly to belly suplex and called for the Gore. He went for it but Crowbar sent him into the buckles. Crowbar went to the top rope and hit a big splash for a two count.

Crowbar sent Rhino into the corner and went to the ropes but was caught and hit a powerbomb onto the railing. Rhino nailed the Gore, killing him, and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing, Rhino!

Good match, especially if you are a fan of plunder spots. They seemed to lose the crowd for a minute setting up the bridged spots but there was a lot of stiff shots and good brawling. Fun stuff.

Crowbar received a big ovation and a “thank you” chant on the way out.

Jay Bradley vs. Facade.

Bradley muscled Facade down to the mat early. They went back and forth on the mat with some nice reversals. Facade went to the floor frustrated. When he returned, Facade hit a springboard kick. He went for a handstand into a move on the top but Bradley just trashed him with a big boot to the face, sending Facade crashing to the floor.

Bradley argued with the crowd and slammed Facade into the guard rail. Bradley sent Facade crashing into the crowd and worked him over in the audience. He brought Facade back to the ring and trashed him in the corner, then tossed him back to the floor. Facade cut his hand somewhere along the way and used duct tape to tape it up.

Facade finally rolls back in, where Bradley kicked him into the corner. He went to the ropes and came off with a knee, smashing Facade down to the mat for a two count. Facade made a comeback with some kicks and nailed a walking the ropes springboard dropkick, sending Bradley to the floor.

Bradley recovered on the floor but was hit with a springboard into a twisting dive. Facade rolled him back into the ring. Out of nowhere, Facade rammed him hard into the buckles and rolled him up into a three count.

Your winner, Facade!

Decent match. Bradley really worked well as a heel and had some good spots. Facade had a good series of highspots. I was surprised by the finish as Bradley had a lot of the offense for a good portion of the bout.

Blue Meanie & Balls Mahoney vs. Matt Tremont & Brian XL

They did some silly comedy stuff early. Meanie actually did a play off of the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Tremont and XL double teamed Meanie. XL hit a springboard splash. Tremont tagged back in and choked Meanie.

Balls tagged in and cleaned house with Meanie. He nailed the Nutcracker Suite on XL. Meanie went to the top for the Meaniesault but the Slop Hunters hit the ring and nailed a double Side Russian Legsweep off the ropes on him.

Tremont covered Meanie for the win.

Your winners, Matt Tremont & Brian XL!

All four worked over Meanie and Balls. Gary Wolfe’s music hit the ring and he cleaned house on all four to save Blue Balls.

Papadon vs. Little Guido

Before the bout, Papadon to be announced as the wrestler who retired Tony Mamaluke and would retire Guido.

Papadon went for a kick but Guido caught his leg and sent him down to the mat. They went into a test of strength. They went into a series of near falls and faced off, which the crowd gave a nice round of applause for.

Papadon drilled Guido hard against the ropes and chopped him. Guido was sent into the ropes, rebounded and took Papadon down to the mat. They grappled back and forth until Guido backdropped him into the corner.

Guido charged him but Papadon kicked him as he was coming in and covered him for a two count. They battled back and forth with a nice pace until Papadon went to the floor. Papadon tried to call time out but Guido kicked him through the ropes into the apron.

The fans began chanting, “Where’s my gyro?” at Papadon, who is Greek. Papadon took over on Guido, scoring several near falls. He set up Guido in the corner for a suplex. Guido sent him off the ropes to the floor but Papadon rolled forward and sprung up with an uppercut.

Papadon locked a side chinlock on Guido in the center, trying to wear him down. He nailed a big back suplex for a two count. Papadon went to the top for a headbutt but missed. Guido evaded a splash in the corner and kicked Papadon low as he went for a leapfrog.

Guido came off the ropes with a dropkick for a two count. Papadon went to the ropes but Guido swept his feet out from under him. They went to the floor, where Guido slammed him into the rail and rolled Papadon back into the ring.

Papadon fired back with an uppercut off the ropes and drilled Guido with a kick to the chest. Guido came back and went for a Tomakaze but Papadon sent him into the ropes and hit a tiltowhirl backbreaker. Papadon nailed a slingshot suplex then hit a shining wizard for the pin.

Your winner, Papadon!

Really good back and forth match with some nice exchanges and back and forth wrestling. I really enjoyed the matwork here. Papadon is one of my favorite guys to work right now, as he’s sort of a throwback to the type of workers you’d see in Jim Crockett Promotions who get better as the match goes on. Guido still works as well as he did 15 years ago.

Jerry Lynn vs. Homicide

This match is Lynn’s Philadelphia farewell match. Fans threw streamers and shot party blasters. Big “Jerry” chant. Homicide tried to attack Lynn but he evaded it. Lynn sent Homicide to the floor and hit a dive to the floor.

They battled on the floor, where Lynn backdropped Homicide into the first row. Lynn hit a running dive over the railing onto Homicide. That got an “ECW” chant.

Lynn tossed Homicide back in the ring, where he tried to call for a time out, then stuck a thumb in his eye. Homicide worked over Lynn with a pair of elbows to the back of the neck. He worked over Lynn in the corner as the fans were all over him.

Lynn fought back but missed a charge into the corner. Lynn battled back but was smothered in the corner by Homicide’s boot. Homicide tossed him to the floor.

When he brought Lynn back into the ring, Homicide worked him over with a series of knees and cinched in a rear chinlock. Lynn fired out with a series of elbows. Homicide went for a back suplex but Lynn turned it around into a body press for a two count.

Homicide teased using a chair but tossed it to the outside. He ripped at Lynn’s face in the corner. Lynn was whipped into the ropes and drilled with an elbow as he rebounded. Homicide went back to the mat, using an armbar.

Homicide continued working on Lynn, who refused to stay down. He slapped Lynn and shoved him in the face. Lynn refused to back down and made a comeback with a series of right hands and a clothesline. He nailed a somersault into the corner and poke Homicide in the eye.

Homicide cut him off in the corner and worked him over with a series of right hands. Lynn slipped out from under him and nailed a series of him own. The fans counted in Spanish to mock Homicide. Lynn nailed a suplex for a two count.

Lynn went for the cradle piledriver but Homicide slipped out. Homicide nailed a cutter for a two count. Homicide worked him over in the corner and nailed a Facewash in the corner. He pulled Lynn into the center of the ring for a pinfall, but instead argued with the fans.

He went to the top but Lynn caught him with a top rope rana. He nailed a TKO for a two count. He went for the cradle piledriver but Homicide backdropped him and went for a pin. Homicide and Lynn both went for clotheslines but Lynn nailed him and hit the Cradle Piledriver for another two count. The audience thought that was the finish.

They battled to the corner, where Homicide hit a Ace Crusher off the ropes. Homicide hit the CopKiller but Lynn kicked out at two. Homicide pulled the exhausted Lynn up but was caught with an inside cradle for a two count.

Homicide took the mic and mocked him for being the “New Fn’ Show” and asked, “Seriously?” He dared the crowd to chant for him. He went for the Cop Killer but Lynn turned it into a tombstone piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Jerry Lynn!

Good solid match that told a nice story in the ring. The crowd was really into Lynn’s farewell.

The fans chanted “Thank you Jerry.” Someone yelled for one more year and Lynn joked, “Do you want me to die?” He said mentally he could do it but physically, he couldn’t. He joked “One more beer?” The crowd chanted, “You still got it.” He bowed to all four sides. He said that physically after 24 years, he’s tired but thankful because without the fans, he wouldn’t have had a job he’s loved for 24 years.

Ring announcer Stephen DeAngelis took the mic on behalf of the company and said that the fans have the ability to see him perform in the ring but everyone in the locker room has the chance to see him in the back. He praised him for being a gentleman and for being selfless in selfish times. He praised his work and his history in Philly. Homicide recovered and told DeAngelis to leave the ring, then shook Lynn’s hand and raised his arm. He led the crowd in a “Please don’t go” chant.

Best of Three Falls: El Hijo del Rey Misterio vs. Bestia 666

This is Hijo’s Philadelphia debut. There are a lot of families with kids wearing Lucha masks, so it appears the local promotion may have led to people thinking it was the WWE Rey Mysterio.


They shook hands at the bell. They battled back and forth, exchanging holds. They did some nice back and forth Lucha reversals and pinfall attempts early, then faced off.

They exchanged chops. Bestia went for a move off the shoulders but Rey spun around and hit an awesome head scissors, sending him to the floor. Rey then hit a dive over the top to the floor.

Rey came off the top but Bestia caught him with a dropkick and scored a two count. Rey missed a charge in the corner and was placed on the top. He nailed a muscle buster and scored the pin.

Your winner of the first Fall, Bestia 666!


As they started up, Bestia placed Rey on the top and ripped at his mask. He snapped him down and covered him for a two count Rey went up and over after being sent into the corner and drilled him with a clothesline.

They went back and forth until Rey nailed a twisting Lucha spot into a DDT for a three count.

Your winner of the second Fall, El Hijo del Rey Misterio!


They battled back and forth. Bestia dropkicked Rey off the apron to the floor. Bestia hit an awesome twisting dive to the floor. It looked like Bestia drilled Rey in the head.

Bestia grabbed a chair but didn’t use it. Misterio sent him to the floor with a great twisting move. He went for a dive but Bestia threw a chair in his face. Bestia went for a dive but Rey drilled him HARD in the face with the chair. That woke the crowd up and they chanted “ECW.”

Rey drilled Bestia with another chair to the head for a two count. Bestia came back with a swinging side slam for a two count. Bestia went for a 450 splash but missed. Rey killed him with a chair and went to the top. He hit a 450 splash off the top and scored the pin.

Your winner, El Hijo del Rey Misterio!

Solid Lucha bout. I wouldn’t say it was a classic but for a debut, Rey looked really strong and Bestia worked hard too. The crowd got really into the chair spots and there were some nice dives. Fun stuff.

This match will NOT be on the iPPV.

Steel Cage: BLK OUT vs. Mystery Team

BLK OUT came out to the ring. Ruckus took the mic and told the crowd to shut the f*** up He said that everyone came to see them beat up The Gangstas, but they didn’t show up, so the fans are stuck with the “realest motherf**ers in the building.” He said that they showed up and they run “this b**ch.”

The Gangstas’ theme song began playing but no one came out. Someone who was supposed to be Mustafa came out but was stopped. New Jack hit the ring from the crowd and attacked them. They overpowered him and worked him over.

Los Dramaticos’ music hit and they hit the ring and began brawling with them. The crowd began booing them as a substitute. Jack was carried to the back, which the crowd didn’t love.

Everyone began brawling on the floor. They brawled into the ring. When they locked the cage, everyone began booing that was the match. They began chanting “Bullsh**.”

BLK OUT rammed The Dramaticos into the cage.

The Briscoes’ theme song began playing and the Briscoes came in from the front door. The Briscoes began working over everyone. The crowd popped.

Mark drilled Jeez with a series of rights and a big boot. Mark, wearing a Santa hat, began throwing Ruckus into the cage. The crowd chanted, “We want blood.”

The Briscoes controlled the match but the Dramaticos hit stereo enziguiris on them. The larger Dramatico (Joel Maximo) hit a moonsault off the top of the cage onto everyone.

Mark Briscoe killed Ruckus with a big boot. Jeez went to the top but Mark followed him And they battled on top of the cage. One of the Dramaticos rammed Jay into the cage. He then suplexed Mark into the cage for a two count.

They all brawled out of the cage and into the crowd. They battled all over the building and ringside. As they returned, a table was brought into the ring. Mark whipped out some red neck Kung Fu. The bigger Dramatico hit a back suplex on Jay Briscoe.

Mark went to the top of the cage and dove off through a table on the outside. The battle went on until BLK OUT scored the pin with a double stomp on one of the Dramaticos.

Your winners, BLK OUT!

Awesome brawl through the building. The Briscoes was a nice surprise.

Jeez took the mic and told the crowd to stop their applause. He said that there is no team anywhere, in any company that can step to them. He said if anyone wants to try they will get taken out.

We are now at inrermission.

Raven came out and cut a promo saying he wanted to explain to the degenerate monkeys why he has a problem with this promotion. He mocked the promotion for letting too many people backstage, which was a shoot. He said the sound system was “ass”, which the crowd popped for. He told them not to cheer him, so they chanted, “You fat f***.” Raven said he was stealth and the fans were “stupid f***s.”

Raven said his mission statement is that this is a cheap copy of something from a glory that passed them by. He said the fans were just trying to re-live something they really weren’t a part of anyway because they were just fans and had nothing to do with the product. He promised to make life hell for whoever won the Extreme Rising title and said he would take the title and do disgusting things to it, control the company, only allow certain people in, have wrestlers bleed all over them and force the company to wither and die.

He then walked out.

Matt Hardy vs. Sabu.

They said this was a first time ever meeting. That is the case for singles but they worked at least one tag match in the early 1990s for promoter Greg Price if I remember correctly.

They had a feeling out process early. Hardy shoulderblocked Sabu down and began working over his arm. Sabu brought a chair into the ring but Hardy nailed him in the back with it. He wedged it in the corner but Sabu drilled him with a right hand and sent Hardy into it.

Sabu nailed Air Sabu off a chair into the corner for a two count. Sabu went for a splash off the chair oin the corner but Hardy kicked him off. Hardy nailed a elbowdrop for a two count. He went for the Twist of Fate but Sabu slipped out and used a drop toe hold. He cinched in a Camel Clutch.

Sabu and Hardy battled to the floor. Sabu laid him out in the crowd, then hit a springboard dive off a chair into the crowd on Hardy. Sabu went for an Asai Moonsault but Reby Sky distracted her.

Hardy attacked Sabu but Sabu came back with a Arabian Facebuster and a triple jump moonsault. He covered Hardy for a two count. Hardy drilled Sabu with a chair to the chest. He pulled a table into the ring.

Hardy set up the table but Sabu worked him over. He placed Hardy on the table but Reby went after him. The referee stopped her so she grabbed him by the groin. The ref shoved her down so Hardy put him on the table. Sabu and Hardy both went for legdrops off the top through the table and ref Mike Kehner but Sabu slipped and Hardy didn’t break the table. Sabu apologized and they did it again destroying Mike Kehner. None of this made any sense, but OK.

Another referee hit the ring as Kehner was carted out. Sabu and Hardy continued to battle. Sabu brought another table in. He and Hardy went back and forth. Sabu placed Hardy on a table. Homicide and Luke Hawx hit the ring and attacked Sabu. Reby jumped on his back. Reby was hit with a Fall Away Slam.

Hardy hit the Side Effect on Hawx. Sabu nailed a legdrop through a table on Luke. Hardy nailed a Twist of Fate on Sabu and pinned him.

Your winner, Matt Hardy!

OK match. It got a little too wacky as it went on for my taste. The run-in does make sense from a storyline basis with Hardy vs. Hawx. The work itself was fun but I wasn’t a fan of the booking.

Extreme Rising Championship: Rhino vs. Stevie Richards

The crowd was solidly behind Richards. They began slugging it out in the ring. Rhino tossed him to the floor and then into the crowd. They brawled into the bleachers and all over the venue.

As they returned to the ring, a lot of the wrestlers from the promotion began coming out of the locker room watching. Raven sat in the aisle in a chair.

Rhino worked over Richards with a series of stomps. He was sent into the corner and Richards went for a leaping move but Rhino moved and Richards ate the turnbuckles. Rhino choked Richards with a chair. The crowd chanted back and forth with dueling chants for each man.

Rhino hit a belly to belly suplex and set up for the Gore. He nailed it and covered Richards, who kicked up at two. Rhino nailed another belly to belly suplex. He set up for the Gore again but Stevie nailed the Steviekick. He nailed a second, then a third.

Rhino was trapped in a submission hold and tapped out.

Your winner and first Extreme Rising champion, Stevie Richards!

All of the babyfaces and Shane Douglas hit the ring to celebrate with Richards as he was presented the belt. The crowd chanted for Stevie and gave him a standing ovation as he put the belt around his waist. The babyfaces all pounded the apron.

The crowd called for a speech so Stevie took the mic. He thanked everyone in the crowd. They chanted, “Thank you Stevie.” He said that he wanted to say something he’s something for the last 22 years – “I’ll show you, you’ll see.” He said that tonight, everyone showed the world he can be a World champion. He thanked everyone and celebrated in the ring.

Nice ending to a marathon show. I thought it was a fun overall night, although some of the booking was a little erratic.

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