Full Extreme Rising Results (12/28) – Cage Match!


Credit: Mike Johnson & Pwinsider.com

Before the show, Extreme Rising head Steve O’Neill announced that their TV debut would be delayed because their planned announcer Arda Ocal had travel issues and wasn’t able to do production two weeks in a row, so the show is delayed but will instead have Matt Striker and Joel Gertner as the hosts.

They held a 10 bell salute in honor of Scott Epstein’s passing.

Thomas Roman, dressed as Santa Claus, came out with Cripple H. Robby Mireno laid them out and cut a good heel promo. Blue Meanie came out but then Manscout Jake Manning came out. They had a three-way with Manning going over. I missed some of this but the crowd was into it.

Rich (Ricky) Ortiz vs. Homicide

The crowd was all over Ortiz, chanting “F*** you Ricky.” Welcome to Philadelphia. Nice response for Homicide. They had some nice, slow back and forth wrestling early. Ortiz missed a football tackle and went through the ropes to the floor. Homicide hit a tope con hilo to the outside and landed in the crowd. The place chanted “ECW.”

Back in the ring, Ortiz cut him off with a chair and controlled the action. He nailed a superplex for a two count. The fans chanted, “Cena’s better” at Ortiz. That was funny, Homicide came back with a DDT and an Ace Cutter for a two count.

Ortiz began focusing on Homicide’s shoulder and finally scored the win. I missed the finish.

Your winner, Ricky Ortiz!

Ortiz remained in the ring heeling it up to the fans. They chanted that he was an a***ole.

Solid match but Ortiz absolutely had a good debut here and unlike a lot of people, actually got some heel heat in Philly because the audience saw him as a WWE guy they didn’t respect.

Matt Hardy and Reby Sky came out. Instant heel heat. Hardy came out and said that tonight was an important night because Extreme Rising was debuting in the ECW Arena. He said the greatest ECW champions of all time were here…Sabu, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas and now the greatest ECW champion of all time, Matt Hardy was here. Uh, yeah.

Out came Luke Hawx who ripped Hardy on the mic and said that tonight, all that was going to happen was that Hawx was going to kick his ass and shut his mouth. Homicide was hit by Hawx. Hardy and Hawx went back and forth on the mic tearing each other down. Homicide grabbed Sky from behind by the hair and slammed her to the mat. Hardy checked on her and said Hawx wants to run with a pack so he wants a match where there’s no interference. He challenged Hawx to a steel cage match tonight.

Crowbar vs. Rhino

This is a rematch from the title tournament.

They went back and forth early. Rhino tossed Crowbar to the floor and slammed him into the ring, then whipped him into the guard rail. The crowd chanted ECW for them fighting on the floor. It’s a pretty easy to please crowd.

Crowbar took control, then bridged the ring and a chair with a piece of guard rail. He went to get Rhino but was fought off and suplexed on the floor. Rhino pulled a table out from under the ring and went to slide it into the ring. Crowbar cut him off on the floor.

Rhino was tossed back into the ring but cut off Crowbar with a clothesline. Rhino pulled Crowbar to the ropes for a Rhinodriver but was fought off. Crowbar nailed a top rope rana into the ring for a two count. He choked Rhino against the ropes.

Crowbar brought some chairs into the ring but Rhino met him with a series of chops and clotheslines. Crowbar cut him off and nailed a low legdrop between the legs. He piled the chairs in the ring and went back to the outside. He grabbed the table but it broke before he could bring it in.

Crowbar returned to the ring and worked over Rhino, burying him under some plunder. He went to the ropes but Rhino caught him worked him over and nailed a belly to belly supex. Rhino unloaded with clotheslines and a tackle in the corner, then wedged a chair between two turnbuckles. Crowbar cut off Rhino with a jawbreaker and sent him into the chair.

Crowbar brought the table in and laid it in the corner of the ring. The table looked like it was left over from when they closed this place two years ago. Crowbar went up andover but was caught by Rhino in an over the shoulder powerslam position, then slammed him over the top to the floor onto the bridged guard rail. That was a ridiculous spot for a guy returning from a triceps tear. Rhino then hit a slingshot pescado to the floor. The place erupted with a big “ECW” chant.

The crowd chanted for a Gore. Rhino teased driving Crowbar into the table but Crowbar escaped, drilled him with a chair and then sent Rhino into the table, covering him for the pin.

Your winner, Crowbar!

Good back and forth slugfest with some insane spots.

The crowd chanted “Thank you Rhino” after.

I am told the mystery opponent has arrived at the Arena and it’s someone from the original ECW. No idea who yet.

Papadon vs. Hijo del Rey Mysterio

Papadon worked over Mysterio early. They did some nice back and forth wrestling. The crowd chanted, “Where’s my gyro” at Papadon since he’s Greek.

They went into a test of strength. Papadon gained control but was sent into the ropes. He shoulderblocked Rey down and began working over his shoulder. Mysterio came back by countering an Electric Chair into a rana. Papadon ended up on the apron and was sent into the buckles and then dropkicked off.

Rey placed him in a chair at ringside and teased a dive, which was an old Psicosis vs. Rey Jr. spot. Papadon moved but was caught with a leaping rana into the railing. Rey went for a springboard but Papadon yanked him down to the floor hard.

Back in the ring, Papadon backdropped Rey onto the apron but was caught with a kick. Rey used a springboard into a head scissors takedown. They battled on the outside and Papadon ended up in a chair. Rey did a crazy twisting dive down on him. The crowd chanted “ECW” and “Holy sh**.”

Back in the ring, Papadon regained control and drilled Rey with a running knee in the corner for a two count. He worked over Rey and tossed him to the floor.

Papadon worked him over with stiff kicks. He rebounded off the ropes with a clothesline while Rey was in the sitting position and locked in a side chinlock. Rey made a comeback and scored several two counts. Papadon nailed a neckbreaker and an uppercut.

Rey came back with a whirling DDT after spinning about Papadon with a number of rotations for a two count. Papadon drilled him throat-first into the ropes. He drilled him with a tiltowhirl backbreaker. Rey went for a schoolboy but Papadon rolled through and scored with a kick to the face.

They battled back and forth with forearms with Papadon nailing a spinkick to the bread basket. He went for a suplex but Rey landed on his feet. Papadon nailed a jawjacker elbow off the ropes for a two count. They went back and forth until Papadon scored the pin.

Your winner, Papadon!

Solid match. The crowd didn’t seem familiar with them so they were sort of watching and trying to see what to make of them, but they didn’t turn on them like they did Ortiz. Lots of good work here. Best Hijo del Rey bout here yet, although I still am waiting for him to break out somehow similar to his more famous family members.

Hardcore Match: Balls Mahoney vs. Too Tough Tony

This match is brought to you by Lou Thesz’ autobiography Hooker.

They tested each other and went back and forth with some chops and slaps. Balls sent him to the floor. Balls nailed him with a fan’s drink. Tony caught him with a chair, a headbutt and tossed Balls into the railing. The crowd chanted ECW.

Balls was slammed into the railing again. They battled back into the ring Tony sat Balls into the ropes and went for a flip onto Balls but it went bad and looked worse.

A trash can full of weapons was brought into play and Balls began beating Tony with a trash can lid. He placed it on Tony and dropped an elbow. Balls did his usual plunder and series of punches. Balls whipped Tony into a corner where a trash can was placed. He then charged and Tony moved so Balls nailed it.

Tony poured liquid on his hand, set it on fire and hit a discus punch for the win.

Your winner, Too Tough Tony!

This was exactly what you expect it would be.

After the match, Balls was pissed he lost and teased hitting Tony with a chair but dropped it and offered his hand. He then mocked the Juggalos and went to nail him with a chair. Matt Tremont hit the ring and attacked Balls, grabbing the chair and killing him with it. Balls absorbed it and attacked Tremont.

They brawled up the aisle and out of sight.

They are taking an intermission as there were complaints of fans parking in the wrong areas so they want to give them a chance to move their cars. That’s a first.

Sabu vs. Facade.

This is billed as legend vs. next generation. Big reaction for Sabu obviously.

The story early on was that Facade had scouted Sabu’s moves and was younger and faster. Sabu missed a clothesline. Facade rolled him up for a two count. Sabu finally caught him with a springboard into a DDT.

Facade went to the floor and Sabu threw several chairs at his face. Facade was cut off as he returned to the ring and drilled with a chair to the chest. Sabu nailed Air Sabu off the chair in the corner and then snapped Facade down with a drop toehold into the chair.

Sabu locked in a rear chinlock. He went for another Air Sabu but missed. Facade dumped him down and scored a two count. Sabu came back and sent Facade to the floor and hit a springboard dive to the floor.

Back in the ring, Sabu drilled Facade with chairs and pulled a chair out from under the ring. He went to set it up but Facade attacked him and nailed a splash for a two count.

Facade worked over Sabu but was cut off and nailed with an Arabian Facebuster. Sabu went to the top and nailed another one. Sabu set up the table and tossed a chair at Facade, who went to the floor. Sabu went to use a spike but was nailed.

Sabu grabbed a chair but Facade went to the top and hit a springboard dropkick into the chair. Facade used a sitdown Michinoku Driver for a two count. Facade grabbed a chair and tossed it at Sabu, then hit a Van Daminator for a two count. The crowd booed that.

Facade tried to suplex Sabu onto a chair but Sabu reversed and suplexed him onto the chair. Sabu placed Facade facefirst on a table and hit the Arabian Facebuster through a table but Facade kicked out. That should have been the finish. Sabu nailed another one and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sabu!

The crowd came to see a Sabu nostalgia show and that’s what they got here.

They shook hands after. The crowd paid respect to Sabu and chanted “Hall of Famer.”

Super Crazy & Pesadilla vs. Damien 666 & Bestia 666

Damien and Bestia attacked their opponents at the bell. All four brawled in the ring at the same time. Crazy and Pesadilla reversed whips and sent Damien into his son. They all battled on the floor.

When they returned to the ring, Pesadilla and Bestia had a nice back and forth sequence of moves. Bestia cut off Pesadilla and placed a chair on him, then hit a legdrop off the ropes. Damien 666 entered the ring as did Crazy. Crazy psyched him out then hit a dropkick to the mush.

They all battled to the floor. Crazy set up a table in the corner of the railing on the floor. Back in the ring, Pesadilla nailed a superplex on Bestia. Damien put Crazy through the table outside but the pinfall was broken up. Bestia was nailed with a missile dropkick but it was broken up. Pesadilla nailed a belly to belly suplex on Bestia. Damien hit a sliding kick on Crazy.

Damien and Bestia double teamed Pesadilla. Crazy and Pesadilla made a comeback. Damien backdropped Crazy to the apron. He charged and was hiptossed over the top to the floor. Bestia drilled Pesadilla with a move but Crazy broke it up. Pesadilla superkicked Bestia out of the ring, then hit a moonsault to the floor.

They battled back into the ring. Bestia avoided a clothesline and hit a dive to the floor on Crazy. Pesadilla battled with Damien and was crotched on the rope. Damien grabbed him for a muscle buster and nailed it for the pin.

Your winners, Damien 666 and Bestia 666!

This had to be seen as disappointing. It was just OK. Crazy never really cut loose the way he used to and the younger talents never really broke through and shined the way they needed to really make an impression.

BLK OUT came out. Jeez took the mic and said he didn’t know what was worse, the fact this building was back or the fact fans are still chanting for ECW. He ripped on Hat Guy as well. Fans called for New Jack and Ruckus said F him, you and ECW. Pitbull Gary Wolfe came out and challenged them. Jeez said it wasn’t 1995 anymore and no one is scared of him. They said they run Philly.

Wolfe hit the ring but was overwhelmed. Da Hit Squad made the save and brawled with BLK OUT. They teased a superbomb but BLK OUT escaped. The crowd didn’t like like that.

Extreme Rising champion Stevie Richards vs. mystery opponent

The mystery guy was Steve Corino. He cut a promo as he walked to the ring. He said that for a long time, he’s waited for the chance to wrestle Richards. He said that unlike the other whores in the back, he bided his time. He said there have been reunions and homecomings and he said “No.”

He said that he waited 12 years for one thing that he’s never gotten to do. He said when you talk about Steve Corino, legend comes to mind. He said that unlike Richards, he was the World champion in this Arena. He said that when you think of the Arena, you think of Eddie Gilbert, Public Enemy, Chris Benoit, Pitbull2 and Terry Funk,…and the common denominator is they are all dead.

He said that they all died entertaining these people and they all died for nothing. Fans yelled Funk isn’t dead and Corino said he should have died 25 years ago. He said he hates the “Green Lanterns” that pay to come to this building and the people that come here to re-live the past. He said there’s only one way to end this and that’s winning the belt, because when he becomes a champion, “companies go down.”

Corino said when it’s dead and the building is gone, all these drug addicts will have nowhere to go. Corino said he hates Stevie most of all, looking for his DDP Yoga and Stevie being in shape and wanting to get reTweets. He asked Richards how it felt being the cause of Crash Holly’s death.

Richards attacked him and beat him up on the floor. Richards tossed him into the ring and then a chair. He worked over Corino but was nailed with a Side Russian Legsweep into chair. Corino worked over Richards with the chair. Corino nailed a drop toehold into the chair.

Corino choked away at Stevie Richards. He worked over Stevie and locked in an abdominal stretch, then stuck his thumb in Richards’ rear. Corino nailed a sideslam. The crowd chanted “Worse than Cena” at Corino.

Corino nailed the Old School Expulsion but Richards kicked out. The began slugging it out. Richards took control with several clotheslines. He nailed a sideslam of his own for a two count.

Richards went for the Steviebomb but Corino slipped out and drove Richards to the mat headfirst. Corino went for a move but Stevie drilled him with the Steviekick for a two count. Richards locked him in a submission and Corino tapped.

Your winner and still Extreme Rising champion, Stevie Richards!

Richards did a thumbs up and down with the crowd, then returned the thumb in the bum.

Solid match. Corino’s mic work was freaking stiff.

Matt Hardy vs. Luke Hawx: Steel Cage Match

They brawled back and forth in the cage. Hardy caught Hawx with a Side Effect for a two count. He went for another but Hawx fought him off with elbows, dropped him and nailed a series of kneedrops.

Hawx charged Hardy and was backdropped into the cage. Hardy tossed him into the cage several more times. Hardy raked Hawx’s face against the cage.

They battled to the top rope. Hawx attempted a superplex but Hardy fought him off. They battled on the top rope and I kid you not, one of the supports holding the cage popped off. They smartly did a spot where they crashed off the ropes into the ring. They battled back and forth with punches in the center of the ring.

Hawx launched Hardy hard into the cage several times. Hardy came back and nailed a series of legdrops for a two count. Hawx was tossed into the cage but came back with a spinkick and covered Hardy for a two count. Hardy cut him off and strangled him with his boots on Hawx’s throat.

Hardy came off the ropes with an elbow off the ropes. Hawx did a kip up and spinkicked Hardy. Reby Sky slipped Hardy a chair and he used it to work over Hawx’s back. Hawx’s low blow stopped the assault. Hawx nailed a powerslam for a two count.

Hawx followed up with a belly to belly suplex. The crowd chanted for blood, loudly. Hawx went to the top but Hardy met him and suplexed him into the ring. Hardy put Hawx on the top rope. He went for a move but Hawx knocked him into the ring. Hawx nailed a Buff Blockbuster off the top of the cage.

Reby Sky got into the cage somehow and helped Hardy work over Hawx. Homicide hit the ring and nailed Ace Crushers on Hardy and then Sky. The crowd chanted “ECW”.

Hawx went to the top, mocked Hardy’s mannerisms and hit a top rope legdrop on Hardy for the pin.

Your winner, Luke Hawx!

Good main event.

Stevie Richards hit the ring and Steviekicked Homicide, then Luke Hawx. Hardy embraced Richards but Stevie Steviekicked him as well, which popped the house. Richards pointed at Sky and Steviekicked her as well. The crowd chanted ECW for that…and that was it.

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