Full PWS Supercard Night One Results 04.04.13


Credit: Stuart Carapola of Pwinsider.com

Pro Wrestling Syndicate Supershow (Night One)

Sonjay Dutt vs Trent Baretta

Some fans start a USA chant, so another group starts an India chant, but Sonjay shoots them down since he’s the heel. They tie up and go to the corner, Dutt breaks clean and goes back to jawing with the fans, they go to the mat for some chain wrestling and then go to the corner again where Baretta nails Sonjay with a chop. They trade wristlocks and reversals before going to the corner where Baretta tries another chop, but Dutt ducks under this one and struts to piss the fans off. Baretta chops him anyway, but sonjay hits the ropes and comes back with a flying headscissors that sends Baretta out to the floor where Sonjay takes him out with a dive. Dutt sends Baretta into the guardrail, then gets a chair and does something with it that I can’t quite see from my vantage point. Baretta looks to be in pain as Sonjay rolls him back inside and covers for 2, then runs off the ropes and gets flapjacked by Baretta. Baretta with a charging forearm in the corner and a tornado DDT for 2. The crowd is solidly behind Baretta as he goes for an Air Raid Crash, Sonjay slips out and drills him with a Yakuza kick in the corner, followed by a T-Bone suplex and a springboard splash for 2. The lights, which the crowd had been yelling to the company to turn on the entire match, finally came back up and got a big pop, Sonjay thinks it’s for him and celebrates with the crowd, leaving himself open to get nailed by Baretta. Sonjay superkicks him and hits Sliced Bread #2, but Baretta dodges a Hindu Press and hits a Jig & Tonic for the win.

Winner: Trent Baretta

Good opener, I think the fans were a little distracted by the lights being down, but this was a solid match to get things going.

PWS Tag Team Title Match: The Phat Pack vs Black Hollywood vs South Side Playaz Club vs D-Struction & Seduction

I’m not familiar with these guys and didn’t catch their individual names during entrances, so I’ll do my best to keep up. The crowd is big into Black Hollywood, but the one in hte ring finds himself on the short side of an exchange with one of the SSPC, who blocks his high flying moves and hits a hiptoss for 2. One of the Phat Pack comes in and whips Black Hollywood to the ropes, but D-Struction (I’ll call him that since that’s what his tights say) tags himself in and he starts beating the crap out of Fallah (member of the Phat Pack, so that’s what I’ll call him). Fallah tags out to Seduction, who now has to fight his partner. Everyone else drops off the apron when they go for tags, and someone yells “pin him and you’ll both win!” which is actually a pretty good idea. They get irate with each other, then they make up and hug, then both get dropkicked out of the ring by the SSPC. Black Hollywood comes in for a series of double teams on the SSPC that get 2, then everyone else goes out to the floor and Black Hollywood hit stereo dives that take them all out. Oh wait, the Phat Pack weren’t out there, and one of them hits a big (and I mean big) dive through the ropes that takes out all six opponents. Fallah puts Black Hollywood on the top rope for a superplex, the SSPC slam him out of the corner and go for a double suplex, but both Phat Pack come in and they do the Tower of Doom! The other member of Black Hollywood is still up and goes to the top rope, loses his balance and falls to the floor, but climbs right back up and splashes the member of the SSPC who was nice enough to lay there waiting for him. The Phat Pack is dominating the action and hit a double team uranage on Seduction, then they whip both members of the SSPC into the corner to try for splashes. They run into their boots which slows them down briefly, but Fallah takes them both out with a big crossbody. Now the girls who came out with the Phat Pack and the SSPC go at it in the ring (it looks like Shelly Martinez, Amber O’Neal and someone else, but I can’t quite tell from where I’m sitting). D-Struction spears Maybe Shelly Martinez into next week, the Phat Pack takes the SSPC out to the floor to brawl, and Black Hollywood foils a double team by D-Struction and Seduction, and roll Seduction up for the win.

Winners and New PWS Tag Team Champions: Black Hollywood

I truly apologize to everyone in this match for the confusing coverage, but I really enjoyed this. I think the South Side Playaz Club have a great gimmick, the Phat Pack impressed me a lot with how well they move for guys their size, and the other two teams were solid as well.

Kevin Steen vs Dan Maff

Steen nails Maff on his way into the ring and pounds on him in the corner, throwing a thumbs up to the crowd as the fans start a Mr. Wrestling chant. Steen goes up in the corner for the ten punch count, but Maff slips out the back and gives Steen a neckbreaker off the second rope. Steen nails Maff as he comes in for the cannonball, but Maff no-sells a series of clotheslines, so Steen DDTs him instead and gets 2. Steen dumps Maff out to the floor, and nothing good ever happens when these guys go out there. They come back inside and start trading right hands, but Maff hits a pair of boots to the face and a running senton for 2. Steen battles back and hits a cannonball in the corner for 2, then he drags Maff out to the middle of the ring and heads up top. He tries for a swanton, but Maff gets the knees up and Steen rolls out to the floor where Maff wipes him out with a dive through the ropes. Maff hits the Burning Hammer, but Steen kicks out at 2 so Maff goes to a guillotine choke. He’s got Steen trapped in the middle of the ring, Steen passes out in the hold and the referee calls it.

Winner: Dan Maff

Simon Dean comes out and says he’s called everyone from Johnny Ace to his friend Stevie Richards (who he asked to defend the Extreme Rising Title) looking for an opponent, but nobody returned his calls, so it looks like he’s going to have the night off. Not so fast, Simon Dean! A drunken pirate staggers down to ringside, and it looks like the open challenge is answered!

Simon Dean vs The Drunken Swashbuckler

The fans chant “he’s got scurvy” as Dean ties up and takes the Swashbuckler to the corner. He breaks, shoves Swashbuckler on the break, and goes back and forth going “YEAH!” while Swashbuckler goes “ARRRR!!” Dean is stunned and backs off to the relative safety of the floor, then comes back in, boots Swashbuckler in the gut, and unloads with right hands. Swashbuckler hiptosses and armdrags Dean around, dropkicks him into the corner, and stomps a mudhole into your paragon of physical fitness. Dean gets whipped into the corner and pulls the referee in front of a charging Swashbuckler, and ducks out from behind with a quick kick to the gut and a top wristlock takedown. Now Dean’s in firm control, brings a basketball into the ring, and tosses it at the Swashbuckler’s head. Dean tortures the Swashbuckler with a top wristlock, but the Swashbuckler is apparently too drunk to feel the pain and fights his way out of the hold. The Swashbuckle runs Dean over with a series of shoulderblocks, he goes for a German suplex but Dean is holding onto his curling band things those fitness guys have. Swashbuckler lets him go and Dean elastics himself into the corner, Swashbuckler goes up and unloads several punches into the back of Dean’s head,but Dean carries him out on his shoulders and kicks him low. The referee didn’t see that, but sees Dean covering and counts the fall.

Winner: Simon Dean

Wait a minute, Hurricane Helms runs out and tells the referee what happens. The referee rings the bell to restart the match, and the Swashbuckler gets an O’Connor Roll for the win.

Real Winner: The Drunken Swashbuckler

This was interesting. Simon Dean hasn’t lost his ability to work a crowd, that’s for sure. They told a fun story with this one, even though it’s too bad the Extreme Rising Title wasn’t on the line. Maybe he can catch Stevie on XBox Live later.

PWS Tri-State Title Match: Alex Reynolds vs Starman

Starman wipes Reynolds out on his way to the ring and rolls him inside, but a guy in an evil Starman outfit comes out and attacks Starman, give him an ugly looking brainbuster variation, and takes the mask off to reveal that he’s the real Alex Reynolds and the other guy was just a decoy. He covers Starman for 3.

Winner: Alex Reynolds

PWS Commissioner Big Van Vader comes out and agrees with the crowd that what we just saw was BS, and says that he’s going to restart the match and make Reynolds earn it. Reynolds tries tossing his decoy at Vader, who bowls him over with a Vader Bomb and again tells Reynolds to earn it. The bell rings, and we’re back to it!

Tri-State Title Match #2: Alex Reynolds vs Starman

Reynolds says he’ll earn it all right, and hits a pump handle slam on Starman for 2. He picks Starman up, Starman gives him a brainbuster out of nowhere and makes a cover, and that’s all she wrote.

Winner and New PWS Tri-State Champion: Starman

Not much to the match, but the Starman character was funny and this was really just an excuse to get Vader in front of the crowd and give him something to do.

Hardcore Scramble: Apollyon vs Devon Moore vs Lucifer Darkside vs Necro Butcher vs New Jack vs Matt Tremont vs Tommy Dreamer

Necro attacks Apollyon as soon as he makes his entrance, and I have my stuff in hand and ready to move if this comes over here, so I apologize if there’s a gap in the coverage. New Jack’s music hits, and he comes out with the trashbasket full of plunder. He and Tommy go at it, but then Tremont comes in and goes after New Jack, charging him in the corner and then getting his face gouged off by the Freddy Krueger claw he apparently didn’t notice New Jack was wearing. Tremont’s face is already gouged open, but being the kind soul he is, New Jack tries to soothe him by getting him in the head with a staplegun. Everyone else is fighting on the floor as New Jack brutalizes Tremont with a fork, then takes him out into the area where I am, followed by everyone else. Necro is destroying Apollyon with chairs until Darkside nails Necro with one, then he lays in a hard shot to Apollyon of his own. Dreamer puts Apollyon on a table, then New Jack and Dreamer climb the scaffold and fight each other until Tommy is knocked off. New Jack continues to the top of the scaffold and dives off onto a bunch of people, then Necro picks the table up and hits Tremont in the ribs with it. New Jack staples Tremont’s face again, then does it four or five more times before stapling Tremont’s nuts. Everyone heads back toward the ring where Apollyon catches Moore on a crossbody and powerslams him, then Darkside picks Apollyon up and hits a Samoan drop. Darkside puts a tash can on top of Darkside and moonsaults onto him, then Necro comes in and chokes Tremont with a chair until the referee stops the match.

Winner: Necro Butcher

New Jack gets a microphone and tells Necro Butcher that he can’t run from him, he just drove in the opposite direction when he knew he was coming. Two things are going to happen tomorrow: New Jack is retiring right here in this ring, and Necro might have beaten Abdullah the Butcher and Terry Funk, but 8 track was in style a long time ago, and he doesn’t care about winning or losing tomorrow, he’s…well, he’s going to (mess) him up right here tomorrow.


30 Man Rumble Match

I once again have to apologize, because I don’t know a single person in that ring. They start off with about half of the competitors in the ring, and then everyone else comes in at 30 second intervals. I recognize a few of the faces like John Silver and Facade, but otherwise am drawing a total blank until Hurricane Helms comes in and cleans house, chokeslams The Big O (a huge, Batista-looking dude who had been dominating the match up to this point), and then wound up fighting Bonesaw on the ring apron. They battled out onto the ring apron and traded blows until Bonesaw booted Hurricane in the face and knocked him to the floor to win the match.

Winner: Bonesaw

Bonesaw now earns a shot at the PWS Title whenever he wants, and Hurricane comes back in to raise his hand. Big Van Vader comes back out and hands Bonesaw his bonesaw, congratulates him on his win, and asks the fans one last time tonight what time it is. Of course we all know the answer.

“The Pope” Elijah Burke vs John Morrison

They do some chain wrestling to start off, exchanging takedowns and armdrags, but Pope decides to take a powder and slow the action down to keep from playing Morrison’s game. The crowd chants “you still got it” for some reason even though I don’t think either of these guys are even 30 yet. They go back and forth for a bit before Pope again bails out to the floor to play mindgames with Morrison. Morrison goes out after Pope, so Pope rolls back in to furstrate him. Morrison gets in and finally gets a hole of Pope, taking him to the corner and going up top for a ten punch count. Pope slips out from underneath Morrison and trips him up, making Morrison hit the mat hard. Pope puts the mouth to Morrison before getting a snapmare and a Flair kneedrop. Pope unloads with a series of jabs in the corner, but Morrison fires back with right hands and gets a sunset flip for 2. Pope lays Morrison out with a big boot to the face, but hesitates before covering and only gets 2. Pope starts putting the mouth to Morrison again as he continues drilling him with right hands, then gets him in a chinlock and cranks on it tight. Morrison fights out of the hold, so Pope hits a really nice German suplex and then flattens Morrison with an STO. Pope starts arguing with the referee and gets into a shoving match with him, allowing Morrison to roll Pope up for 2. Pope shoots a double leg and gets a foldover cradle on Morrison for 2, then gets a seated version of the surfboard. Pope unloads with more hard shots, but Morrison ducks one and springboards off the ropes with a leaping enziguiri. Morrison’s on the comeback trail now, hitting a pair of clotheslines and a leg lariat, followed by a standing shooting star press for 2. Pope catches Morrison in a small package for 2, Morrison gets an O’Connor roll for 2, then a running kneestrike to the face for another 2. Morrison sits Pope on the top rope and lands a right hand that leave Pope hanging upside down outside the ring, but he pulls Pope back up and gets thumbed in the eye. Pope leaps over him, hits a sole butt, and a Flatliner for 2. Pope appears to have hurt his knee while hanging from the ropes, but he slaps Morrison in the face and uppercuts him in the jaw. Pope goes for the running double kneestrike in the corner nonetheless, but Morrison moves out of the way, hits a leaping enziguiri to the back of the head, and finishes Pope with Starship Pain.

Winner: John Morrison

Really good match, I thought they told a good story with this one and the crowd seemed really happy with it.

Rock & Roll Express vs Jay & Mark Briscoe

The Briscoes have Uncle Jethro in their corner, but it doesn’t seem to help them much at the start because Ricky and Robert wrestle circles around them, including one fun spot where Robert backdrops Jay while he has Mark in a side headlock and then gives him a flying headscissors while rolling Mark with the headlock as well. Ricky comes in and goes to work on Mark, but Mark drills Ricky with a hard shot and chokes him on the ropes. Mark gets Ricky in a bearhug, then knocks Robert off the apron to draw him into the ring so he and Jay can switch places behind the referee’s back. Jay picks Ricky up and slams him hard, he whips Ricky into the corner and charges, but runs into Ricky’s boot and Ricky rolls to the corner to tag in Robert. Gibson takes Jay out and gets Mark in a sleeper, Jay comes in to try and break it up but he’s intercepted by Ricky, and they nail Mark with the double dropkick for the win.

Winners: Rock & Roll Express

Well, the match was all of about five minutes long, but what do you expect at ths point? It was just cool as a fan of tag team wrestling to see these two teams in there together.

PWS Title Match: Kevin Matthews vs Colt Cabana

Matthews informs Cabana that “this isn’t Ring of Honor, bitch! This is my house!” to which Cabana replies “I got fired from Ring of Honor! I got fired from WWE, I got fired from ROH, I got fired from TNA…” and then Matthews says “Hey, I got fired from WWE too!” The crowd reacts with a “you got fired!” chant that I guess is a babyface pop for both guys. Matthews lays in a couple of hard shots, but Cabana does some of his European stuff and rolls him up for 2. Cabana catches a boot, trips Matthews, and gets him in a side headlock. Matthews headscissors his way out, Cabana maneuvers his way out of the hold and sits on Matthews’ face for 2. Matthews seems frustrated and rolls out of the ring to catch a break while the fans chant for Matthews, who drags Cabana under the bottom rope and chops him. Cabana gets Matthews in a headlock and takes him around the ring so fans can rub his head, but Matthews shoves Cabana off into the barricade and rams his face into the ring apron. They go back inside as Matthews continues the punishment, choking Cabana in the corner with his boot and then snapmares him and gets a standing Dragon sleeper. Cabana escapes that, but eats a leg lariat and Matthews covers for 2. Matthews casually goes to the second rope, but leaps right onto Cabana’s boots, and Cabana starts his babyface comeback, unloading with jabs and the flip, flop n’ fly. Cabana hits the Flying Apple, punts Matthews headfirst into the second turnbuckle, then covers for 2. Cabana measures Matthews and goes for the lariat, Matthews blocks that and runs to the ropes, but runs right into a flying butt butt that gets 2 for Cabana. Cabana signals that he’s ready to put Matthews away and goozles him, but Matthews breaks out of that, trips Cabana, and curb stomps him for 2. The fans start a Super Dragon chant even though Matthews appears to be marginally taller and more mohawked, and Matthews also appears to hit a twisting Flatliner for 2. Cabana connects with a series of chops, but Matthews hits another twisting Flatliner and holds the tights for the win.

Winner: Kevin Matthews

Solid match, and I liked how Matthews stayed serious and pissed off while Cabana tried all his funny stuff. Matthews starts to leave, then comes back to the ring to shake Cabana’s hand.

Davey Richards vs Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Tony Nese

Nese and Liger go at it to start, Nese knocks Liger to the floor and then goes at it with Davey, who dropkicks him in the face and then goes out to the apron to nail Liger with a running punt to the face. Liger gets up and trips Davey’s ankle out from under him, then takes Davey out with a somersault senton off the apron. They go back inside where Liger slams Davey and then goes to the top rope, fights Nese off, then Davey goes up top and superplexes Liger. Davey with a running kneedrop to Liger’s skull, then turns to the crowd and goes “There’s your legend, huh?” Davey whips Liger to the ropes and drills him with a clothesline for 2, then boots Nese out to the floor when he tries to come back in. Liger gets a few chops, then Nese drags Davey out to the floor and rams him into the ring apron before rolling inside and covering Liger for 2. Nese slams Liger, then he and Davey agree to take Liger out so they can settle it with each other. Liger somehow maneuvers Davey into holding Nese and DDTing him when Liger dropkicks Davey, then Liger whips Davey to the corner and hits a forward rolling kick followed by a top rope Frankensteiner for 2. Liger nails Nese with a running double palmstrike in the corner and then plants himwith the Liger Bomb, followed by a top rope splash. Davey breaks the cover at 2 with a diving headbutt, then he trades hard strikes with Liger and nails him with a leaping enziguiri. Nese superkicks Davey, Liger forearms Nese, Davey clotheslines Liger, Liger suplexes Davey, and everyone is down. Nese is up first and he slams Liger, lands on his feet when Liger dodges a 450, but Davey victory rolls Nese into an anklelock, then changes it up to a Trailer Hitch. Liger repeatedly tries to stomp Davey to break the hold, but Davey trips Liger and gets him in an ankle lock while maintaining the hold on Nese. Davey finally breaks both holds and knockout kicks Liger, but Liger catches him with a cradle out of nowhere for 2. Liger dodges a charge from Davey and Nese nails Davey as he comes into the corner, Nese missile dropkicks Davey and gets a pump handle piledriver on Liger and nails him with the 450. Davey breaks the cover at 2, then Nese and Davey trade blows in the middle of the ring and give Liger a chance to breathe. Davey hits the Alarm Clock and charging forearm in the corner, Nese tries to twist Davey into a Tombstone, Davey reverses to a Tombstone of his own, then comes off the top rope with a double stomp for 2. Davey goes for a knockout kick, Nese ducks and rolls him up for 2, Davey escapes and kicks Nese out to the floor, but takes the Palmstrike from Liger, who follows up with the brainbuster for the win.

Winner: Jushin “Thunder” Liger

Great main event! Everyone worked hard and put together the best match on the show. This was a really fun event overall, I’m glad I finally made it to a PWS show and I recommend that anyone else who has the chance to come to one does so as well. Big thumbs up for a truly complete night of professional wrestling.

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