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Show opens with the beautiful McKenzie trying to get information from Bruce Prichard about his big announcement. Someone opens the door and McKenzie looks surprised to see the person, before the door closes again.

GFW Knockouts Championship: Sienna def Gail Kim with the AK 47 to retain the title. Gail hit Eat Defeet on Sienna but KM distracted the ref. Gail knocked him off the apron and Taryn Terrell came in and hit an RKO behind the ref’s back. This allowed Sienna to hit her finisher for the win.

Backstage, someone is shown walking and Josh is heard saying What is he doing here?

Commercial Break

Bruce Prichard comes out. He announces that Alberto El Patron has been stripped of the title and he wished him well on his future endeavors. He gave the title to Lashley but Jim Cornette came out instead. He informed Prichard that he’s fired and he announced a 20 man gauntlet next week with the winner being crowned new GFW champion. LAX came to the ring. Konnan called him a cracker and said Low Ki shouldn’t have to go through the gauntlet. Cornette blamed corporate for the decision but gave Low Ki the advantage of being entrant #20.

Super X Cup Finals: Desmond Xavier def Ishimori to win the Super X Cup Trophy. Ishimori hit his front stabber followed by his 450 Splash finisher but Xavier was able to kick out at the last possible moment. Ishimori missed in the corner and Xavier hit an ensiguri followed by a back flip into a pele kick for the win.

Backstage, Karen Jarrett and Bruce Prichard are yelling at each other as Prichard is escorted out. Karen yells that he’ll never set foot in there again.

Commercial Break

X Division Title Ladder Match: Sonjay Dutt def Trevor Lee. Hard hitting match and some decent spots. The end came when Sonjay knocked Lee of the ladder to the floor. Caleb Konley comes out and pulls Sonjay down and slams him through a table. Then PETEY WILLIAMS shows up and takes Konley out with the Canadian Destroyer. Lee and Dutt climbed back up the ladder and Dutt knocks Lee back down and is able to grab the belt.

Commercial Break

Tag Team Match: OVE def two jobbers. Nothing to see here.

Backstage, EC3 and Moose go to Cornette and ask to be in the gauntlet. He says they’re in. Eli Drake and Chris Adonis come up. Eli cuts a promo about how he’s the best. Cornette tells them they’re both in and Eli Drake is #1 entrant.

Commercial Break

Used To Be #1 Contender’s Match: Matt Sydal def Lashley with a roll up. Sydal fought well early but Lashley dominated much of the rest. The end came when Lashley, out of frustration from Sydal constantly kicking out of power moves, brings in a chair. The ref took it from him but he took it back and as the ref stumbled, Sydal hit a jumping kick to the chair into Lashley’s face. He went for the Shooting Star but Lashley got his knees up. Lashley went for the spear and Sydal moved and rolled him up for the three count. Lashley’s shoulders were up so that may come up in the future.

After the match, the ref was in the aisle, raising Sydal’s hand, when one of Lashley’s MMA buddies who was at ringside, grabbed him and put him in a choke. The rest of the MMA guys and Lashley broke it up.

A video package showed John Hennigan making his debut next week.



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