GFW Impact Results – 7/13/17


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Show opens with Joseph Park and Grado. Park tells Grado he needs to be deported but he has a plan and he wants him to marry a KO at the Impact Zone.


LAX comes to the ring. Konnan announces Alberto as their newest member. Alberto comes out. they go back and forth about how they all grew up in the industry together but Alberto says Konnan told everyone he’s in LAX without asking him. He turns them down and LAX jumps him and beats him down. Lashley comes out and helps him. He hands him the belt and walks out.

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ACH def Andrew Everett in the first round of the Super X Cup tournament. Both men hit a series of high flying moves. Everett controlled things for a good while. ACH finally made a comeback when he moved from a high flying corkscrew attempt by Everett. ACH ran off about 5 moves in a row with lightning quickness. The end came when Everett hit a superkick, and went for a suplex and ACH reversed it into an awesome brain buster for the three count.

Gail Kim is on her way to the ring.

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Gail Kim comes to the ring. She makes an announcement that she will be retiring at the end of 2017. She thanked the company for giving her the platform but she suffered a bad injury last year. A “Thank You Gail” chant starts. She intends to go out on top.

As Gail walks out, Chris Adonis comes out. He starts mouthing off to the Swole Mates who are at ringside. They push the barricade away and Swole Mates get into the ring. They take off their shirts and pose. Eli Drake comes out and tries to talk Adonis to the back. The refs come out and break things up.

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Octagonsito def Demus in a minis match. Octagonsito did flying moves like that little bull from WWE. Demus took control and hit some nice power moves for close two counts. Octagonsito battled back and hit a very high springboard moonsault on the outside. He picked up the win with a hurricanrana into a roll up for a pin.

Backstage, a video plays where Grado has to find a date. He asks every KO and gets rejected by all of them. There’s one left and Joseph Park prepares him with champagne and a box of chocolates.

Video package of Matt Sydal

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Grand Championship Title Match: Moose (c) vs Naomichi Marafuji

Moose dominated most of the first round. It started with both men countering but Moose used power and took Round 1, 30-27

Moose starts the second round taking Marafuji down. Moose goes off the ropes and Marafuji counters and hits a running kick followed by a running knee. Marafuji controls much of the second round until the last minute when Moose turned the tide with another big kick. Marafuji battled back with a series of kicks, knees, strikes and chops. Moose dropkicked him off the ropes to the outside to end the round. Marafuji wins round according to the judges. 29-28.

Round three starts with Moose and Marafuji countering. Moose takes Marafuji down. He goes for his finisher but Marafuji ducks and hits a back kick to the head. He ducks away from Moose’s attempts to hit him and he hits a series of jumping knees to the face. He goes for a suplex but Moose counters. Marafuji blocks Moose’s attempted counter. EC3 comes in and hits Marafuji with the ring bell for the DQ. He waits for Moose to get up but Moose ducks and knocks EC3 down. EC3 escapes.

LAX is in their clubhouse. They say they’re going to send a message to Alberto and Lashley and have them taken out on stretchers.

Trevor Lee comes to the ring and says he’s the fighting X Division Champion. He fights a skinny jobber named William Wheat. It was a total squash and Trevor Lee wins.

After the match, Sonjay Dutt attacks Lee but he escapes with Dutt’s X Division belt.

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Laurel Van Ness def Ava Storie in a virtual squash. Ava started off hitting a few moves but Laurel gained control and roughed her up. She hit a hangman’s DDT, followed by the curb stomp.

After the match, Grado and Joseph Park come to the ring with champagne and chocolate. Grado and Park are doing some kind of dance outside the ring. They go into the ring. Grado tries to sweet talk Laurel and asks her on a date. The crowd broke out into a “Netflix and Chill” chant. She looked like she was gonna say yes but Kongo Kong came to the ring. Park and Grado hurried out of the ring and to the back.

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Alberto El Patron & Lashley vs LAX

Lashley starts off against Ortiz and he dominates in the beginning by hitting a couple clotheslines and a long standing vertical suplex. He tags in El Patron who continues to control things. He takes Ortiz down and then knocks Santana off the apron. He hits a dropkick and a suplex. He goes off the ropes but Santana hits him with a knee and LAX takes control and hits a double suplex and a moonsault. Lashley breaks up the pin.

Back from commercial break and Lashley is crawling for a tag but Ortiz stops him. He stomps him in the corner and tags in Santana. He climbs the ropes but Alberto crotches him and hits a reverse superplex. He tags in Lashley who cleans house. He catches Santana with a running powerslam but Ortiz breaks up the pin. Lashley sends him to the outside. He sets up for the spear but Homicide and Diamonte interfere and distract him. LAX hits a double back suplex and Lashley spills to the outside. Konnan pounds on him. Ortiz gets Lashley back in the ring.

LAX continues to dominate with double team moves and quick tags, keeping Lashley grounded. They set him up for another double suplex but Lashley counters out and hits a flying press onto both of them. He makes the hot tag to Alberto who takes both men down. He sends them both into opposite corners and hits the running ensiguri. He hits the back stabber for a two count. He sets Santana up in the tree of woe. Lashley back in and they take Santana out. Lashley sets Ortiz up for neckbreaker while Alberto goes to the top and they hit a combo move with Alberto’s double stomp for the three count.

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