GFW Impact Results – 7/20/17


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Drago def Guevara to advance to the second round of the Super X Cup.


Sienna def a jobber in a squash. After the match, she called out Karen Jarrett and demanded she give her the respect she deserves. She wanted her to get on her knees and declare Sienna the greatest KO ever. Karen refused so Sienna was about to attack her when Allie came down with a kendo stick. Laurel followed shortly behind and they double teamed Allie. Rosemary came down and fought them off but they overcame and started double teaming her. Gail Kim comes down and fights them off. Karen Jarrett announces next week, Sienna will defend the unified titles against Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing match.

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Backstage, Bruce Prichard is on the phone and he sees Trevor Lee. He hangs up and asks Trevor what he’s doing running around with the belt and calling himself champ. Trevor makes a case that he should be champ because of what happened earlier and never being given a rematch. Sonjay comes up and wants his belt back but is held back and taken away by security.

Laredo Kid, Garza Jr & Octagoncito def Idris Abraham, Trevor Lee, and Damianus when Octagoncito jumped off Garza Jr Shoulders when Garza Jr was on the top rope with a super high flying splash.

Backstage, Joseph Park is hyping up Grado for his date with Laurel. Footage is shown of the date. Laurel scarfs a sandwich and burps after putting loads of pepper on it. This seems to gross Grado out.

LAX wants to talk to Dos Caras because he can convince Alberto to join LAX. He says he will use wire strippers on him.

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Back from commercial, LAX has Dos Caras. Konnan speaks spanish to him but demands Alberto makes the right decision.

Matt Sydal def Low Ki & Fantasma in a triple threat match. A lot of high paced action. The finish came when Low Ki hit the Warrior’s Way and then Sydal broke up the pin by hitting the Shooting Star Press and getting the pin on Low Ki.

After the match, Sydal calls Bruce Prichard out and demands an X Division Title shot. Prichard says he’s sick of people demanding this and demanding that. He says there’s lots of people in the back deserving of title shots. Lashley comes out and gets in the ring. He demands a World Title shot from Prichard. Sydal says he’s sick of hearing from Lashley. Lashley spears him and tells Prichard to make it happen, or he will destroy everything.

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Back to the date between Grado and Laurel. Grado thinks he sees Kongo Kong everywhere. Laurel says don’t worry about him and she goes for a kiss but Grado faints. Laurel snuggles with him and talks about being together forever in the universe. Grado just mumbles the word “citizenship” to himself.

Eli Drake makes his way to the ring with Adonis. Adonis throws a drink in the face of one of the Swole Mates. He hops the rail and gets into the ring and clotheslines Adonis. Drake cowers out of the ring.

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Eli Drake def Eddie Edwards, EC3 and Moose after EC3 hits the One Percenter on Eddie Edwards and Moose pulls him out of the ring allowing Eli to score the pin.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell is about to interview the Swole Mates when LAX interrupts and makes the cameras follow them. They find Dos Cara’s and Alberto’s brother backstage. They jump them and Konnan tells Alberto he better come to the ring or he’ll never see them again.

LAX brings Alberto’s dad and brother to the ring. They beat down his brother and threaten to unmask his father but Alberto comes down. He agrees to join LAX if they leave his family out of it. Konnan agrees. He puts on the LAX shirt but then attacks LAX and lays them all out with kendo sticks.

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