GFW Impact Results – 8/10/17


Welcome to the GFW Impact Results page. Ixnay on the oilerspe’.

Sienna is in the ring demanding to know her opponent for next week. Karen Jarrett comes out and announces she’ll face Gail Kim. Gail comes out and they brawl and it gets broken up.

Fantasma and Marifuji def Garza Jr and Laredo Kid when Marifuji hit Sliced Bread on Garza Jr. A lot of nice moves and high paced action in this match.

Kongo Kong def Grado and Joseph Park after he hit rolling thunder on Park in the corner. After the match, he beat on Grado and was getting ready to give him a flying splash. Laurel came out to stop him. She slapped him and Kongo grabbed her. Tyrus came out and he and Kongo were face to face. Laurel dragged Kong away.

Backstage, McKenzie interviewed Trevor Lee, Low Ki and Lashley. They all took jabs at their opponents for the six man tag match against Sydal, Dutt, and Alberto.

Dutch Mantell has a sit down with Lashley and Sydal and they talk about their match next week. It ends with Lashley grabbing Sydal by the throat and security breaking it up.

LAX def V.O.W. in a street fight to retain the unified tag team championship. V.O.W. dominated early but the numbers game was too much and Crimson got handcuffed in the corner. LAX put Wilcox through a table.

Backstage, Sydal, Dutt, and Alberto talk about the six man tag match.

Ishimori def ACH in the semi-finals of the Super X World Cup. He hit a weird front powerbomb onto the knees, followed by a springboard 450 and then a top rope 450. Good, competitive match. He moves on to face Desmond Xavier in the finals next week live at Destination X.

Lashley, Low Ki, and Trevor Lee def Matt Sydal, Sonjay Dutt, and Alberto El Patron when Low Ki hit Warrior’s Way on Sonjay Dutt. That was set up when Sonjay came off the ropes but Lashley caught him in mid air and hit a big power slam.

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