GFW Impact Results – 8/24/17


Welcome to the GFW Impact results page. No spoilers or politics. I do not want to have to reign unholy fire upon this earth. Thank You.

Show opens with a scuffle backstage from last week between the MMA guys that accompanied Lashley and GFW staff. Jarrett gets into a screaming match with the head MMA guy (name unknown at this point). James Storm gets in the face of the MMA guy that attacked Brian Hebner last week after the Lashley vs Sydal match. It ended with lots of yelling and bleeps but no physicality. It continued outside this week with more yelling back and forth between the MMA guys and Jarrett. Jarrett called for Lashley but Lashley walked off with his buddies.

O.V.E. def a jobber team in squash fashion.

Backstage, Eli Drake enters Jim Cornette’s office and kisses up trying to get out of being #1 in tonight’s gauntlet. Cornette makes a deal with him if Eli promises to leave him alone. Drake agrees and Cornette tells him he’s #2.

Commercial Break

Taryn Terrell comes out to the ring dressed in little more than underwear. She cuts a promo ripping Gail for leaving the KO division high and dry. She’s sick of Gail. Gail comes out and charges Taryn but JB stops her. A strap from her lingerie top broke and there was a very near nip slip.

Backstage, Lashley and the MMA crew enter Jim Cornette’s office. More arguing that ended with Cornette threatening to call the police before they left.

A promo of a new KO named Taya Valkyre.

Backstage, Joseph Park tries to console Grado.

Commercial Break

Grado and Joseph Park come to the ring. The crowd is strongly behind him. He is sad and begins to say his goodbyes. Joseph Park apologizes for not being able to do more. The crowd breaks out in a Thank You Grado chant. Suddenly, Laurel Van Ness comes out, no longer a broken bride, looking stunning. She says she’s a changed woman because of Grado. She kneels down and proposes. Grado says yes and they celebrate. Laurel then lays a big kiss on him.

The happiness is cut short when Kongo Kong makes his way to the ring. As he walks down the aisle, Mahabali Shera steps out and cuts him off. Kong backs off.

Backstage, James Cornette is talking to Eddie Edwards. He says he would be proud if Eddie Edwards came out the winner tonight.

LAX Clubhouse segment.

Commercial Break

20 Man Gauntlet for the Gold. Winner is new GFW Champion

Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake start things off. Edwards hits some hard slaps. Third man out was Bakara. Then Braxton Sutter and Eddie Kingston. Sixth man out was the back up wrestler from the backstage segments. Seventh out was EC3. He offered to help the standby wrestler throw everyone out. Then kicked him with a low blow and threw him out.

Standby Wrestler is eliminated

Commercial Break

8th wrestler out is Kongo Kong. Bokara attacks him but Kong levels him then eliminates him. Kong then tosses Kingston.

Bokara and Kingston are eliminated

The rest gang up on his but Kong is still up. The 9th man is Suicide. He does the Suicide plunge, knocking everyone down. He takes the fight to everyone but then targets Kong and gets crushed. Eli Drake rolled under the ropes to the outside. #10 is Mahabali Shera. He and Kong face off in the middle of the ring. They exchange punches. Shera goes against the ropes. Kong charges him and he ducks and Kong goes over the ropes and is eliminated.

Kongo Kong is eliminated

#11 is Chris Adonis. He goes in and helps Eli Drake immediately and eliminates Shera.

Shera is eliminated

Edwards beats on Suicide. Drake and Adonis both try to eliminate Sutter but he hangs on. #12 entrant is El Hijo Del Fantasma. He takes the fight to Drake, Adonis, and EC3.

Commercial Break

#13 is the surprise entrant, Johnny Impact. Big crowd reaction. He comes in and starts cleaning house, hitting a variety of moves. He clothelines Chris Adonis over the top rope.

Chris Adonis is eliminated

Johnny Impact slides to the apron and does a nifty hurricanrana to Suicide, pulling him over the ropes and to the floor.

Suicide is eliminated

#14 is Garza Jr. He comes off the ropes with a flying dropkick to Johnny. He goes at it with Fantasma. He halts Sutter and then sidesteps him and Sutter goes over the ropes.

Braxton Sutter is eliminated

Impact and EC3 are battling in the corner. He almost has EC3 eliminated.

#15 is Fallah Baha. He knocks everyone down including a vicious tackle to Johnny Impact. Impact, Garza and Fantasma all try to eliminate Fallah. Eddie Edwards joins and they call for EC3 and Drake to help but they refuse. #16 is KM. The attempt to get Fallah out stops. KM gets in the ring and delivers a big slam to Johnny Impact. Eddie Edwards takes the fight to him. #17 is Ishimori. KM pushes him down immediately. He kicks his legs out and hits a hurricanrana driver. He takes it right to KM. #18 is Lashley. The game has just changed.

He gets in the ring and immediately tosses KM over the ropes. He turns and tosses Fallah over the ropes. Ishimori takes the fight to Lashley but Lashley turns it around and tosses him out.

KM, Fallah, and Ishimori are eliminated

#19 is Moose. He gets in the ring and starts delivering headbutts to everyone. Garza Jr halts him and strips his pants off. He goes for a hurricanrana but Moose holds him and powerbombs him over the ropes.

Garza Jr is eliminated

Commercial Break

The final entrant is Low Ki. All the remaining guys are now in the ring. One of these men will be the new GFW Champion. Low Ki is taking guys out and he faces off with Johnny Impact. He reverses a slingshot and hits a double stomp. Fantasma takes him down. Fantasma battles with EC3. He hits a series of moves and has EC3 reeling on the ropes. EC3 lifts Fantasma up after a charge and delivers a TK3 over the ropes.

Fantasma is eliminated

Moose and EC3 battle. EC3 goes over the ropes but stays on the apron. Moose and Eddie Edwards hit a double kick and EC3 falls to the floor.

EC3 is eliminated

Moose gets Low Ki up for a powerbomb but Ki reverses it to a dragon sleeper. Moose goes over and grabs the ropes. Lashley comes up behind them and pushes Low Ki over the ropes.

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