GFW Impact Results – 8/31/17


Welcome to the GFW Results Page. Please no spoilers. 

Eli Drake comes out with Chris Adonis. He cuts a promo about how he’s finally champ after 14 years. Johnny Impact comes out. Talks about how he wants Drake’s title. He’s the AAA super awesome mega ultimate champ or something. Eddie Edwards comes out. He says it’s Impact Wrestling, not AAA. Jim Cornette comes out. He sets up a tag team match. Adonis and Drake vs Edwards and Impact. If Drake gets the pin fall victory, he doesn’t have to defend his title against anyone. If anybody else gets the victory, they get the title shot.

Backstage, Allie approaches Taryn. She asks why she was mean to Gail. Taryn asks her to give Gail a message and beats her down.

O.V.E. def Mario Bokara and Fallah Bahh in a complete squash.

Petey Williams def Caleb Konley with the Canadian Destroyer. Competitive match and Petey set up for the finisher but Trevor distracted him. He hit a springboard hurricanrana over the ropes to the outside. He then hit a springboard code breaker and hit the finisher.

Kongo Kong def The Standby Wrestler in a quick squash. After the match, Kongo continued to beat on the jobber and Mahabali Shera comes out and battles with Kong. Shera knocks him out of the ring with a shoulder block.

Low Ki def James Storm with Warrior’s Way in a very good match. There was a lot of close call two counts. The end came when Storm hit Low Ki with the Last Call but Konnan was on the apron and had the ref distracted. Santana came in and hit Storm with the tag team title belt. This set up Low Ki to hit his finisher for the three count.

Backstage, Sutter is asking Allie if she’s okay but doesn’t seem very interested. Garza Jr. approaches and asks Allie if she’s okay. Sutter threatened him and told him to leave.

Backstage, Lashley is with the MMA crew. He says he’s going to go to MMA, and return to Impact as champ.

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis def Johnny Impact and Eddie Edwards. Eli Drake got the pinfall over Eddie after hitting a low blow and his finisher while Adonis and Impact were outside the ring. The stipulation was if Eli got the pinfall, he didn’t have to defend his title against either Eddie Edwards or Johnny Impact.

After the match, Dan Lambert and Lashley w/ his MMA crew surround the ring. Lambert threatened the four wrestlers in the ring but Jim Cornette came down and threatened to suspend Lashley if anyone gets in the ring. He also threaten to pull Lashley from Triple Mania. Jim Cornette also announced that Eli Drake will defend his title next week against the man who upset Lashley at Destination X, Matt Sydal.





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