GFW Impact Results – 8/3/17


Welcome to the GFW Impact Results Page. No Spoilers Please. 

Show opens from the LAX clubhouse. Konnan gets a text and says “He’s in”. LAX gets a new member tonight.

Super X Cup Semi Finals: Desmond Xavier def Drago with a Corkscrew Shooting Star.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed EC3. He said he’s gonna win the Grand Championship from Moose and the judges led by the corrupt Bruce Prichard, can’t stop him.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Alberto and the Patron family. Alberto accused his brother of being buddies with Konnan. Karen Jarrett and Bruce come out to break it up after the argument got heated.

Mumbia Cat def Trevor Lee when the switcheroo happened and the new Mumbai cat was Sonjay. He hit a tornado DDT and his flying splash for the win. After the match, Sonjay challenged Trevor to a Ladder Match at Destination X.

Eli Drake vs Eddie Edwards never happened because Edwards got attacked backstage by Kongo Kong who is on a rampage.

Kongo Kong is still going nuts backstage and he beats up the emergency wrestler guy from last week.

Impact Grand Championship: EC3 def Moose to become the new Grand Champion. He won by split decision. First round went to EC3. Second round went to Moose but was questionable. EC3 won the third round in very controversial fashion as Moose seemed to dominate. Two judges had it tied 10-10 and Bruce Prichard scored it 10-8 for EC3. The controversy comes as there is no way it could’ve been a 10-8 round.

Suicide, Braxton Sutter, & Grado def KM, Bokara, and Fallah when Grado got the roll up win on KM. After the match, he called Laurel back down. She came down as before he could propose, Kong came out and laid him out. Allie tried getting Sutter to help but he walked away.

McKenzie interviewed LAX. Konnan said revenge is a dish best served cold.

EC3 comes out to the ring and praises himself as Grand Championship.

LAX def The Patron Family when Low Ki showed up wearing an LAX jacket and hit Warrior’s Way on Alberto with the ref knocked out.



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