GFW Impact Results – 9/14/17


Welcome to the GFW Impact Wrestling results page. Please no spoilers. 

Show opens with America’s Top Team w/ Lashley coming to the Impact Zone. One of the guys gripped up a tech worker by the throat.

Garza Jr def Braxton Sutter. He blew Allie a kiss before stripping off his pants and giving them to her. The end came when Garza Jr hit the springboard moonsault for the three count.

After the match, Braxton yelled at Allie and she refused to leave with him. He eventually convinced her to go with him.

EC3 def Fantasma to retain the Grand Championship. EC3 dominated the first round to win 30-27. The second round was competitive but in the last minute, Fantasma hit a series of moves including a flying splash. He applied the surfboard clutch but time ran out. It was enough for him to win round 2, 30-27. All tied up for round 3. EC3 opens it up with two powerbombs for a two count. Fantasma moves out of the way from a splash in the corner. He hits an ensiguri and then a flying crossbody for a two count. EC3 with a TK3 for a two count. Fantasma sends him to the outside. He hits a suicide dive. Great match. Back in the ring, EC3 connects with the One Percenter but can’t get the cover. Time runs out. Split decision goes to EC3, 29-28.

After the match, Fantasma gets in the face of Hector Guerrero who was one of the judges that scored the win for EC3. A Clown from AAA gets in the ring and Fantasma joins him. They double team EC3 until Eddie Edwards comes to make the save. EC3 and Edwards have words before going their separate ways.

LAX video of them in a strip club. Konnan talks about hwo O.V.E. is on their turf and they don’t know what they’re in for.

LAX def O.V.E. and two other teams in Crash Promotion out of Tiajuana Mexico. The match wasn’t shown. It was a montage with music. Homicide came in and hit his finisher and that allowed LAX to get the win and retain the titles.

Grado is in the ring. He is having his final match. He defeats a jobber and starts to say his good bye speech. But Joseph Park comes out and says Park Park and Park Associates have opened up a Sports Management Division and have officially signed Grado and sponsor his visa. Grado can now stay in the United States. The crowd chants Thank You Joseph. Grado signs the contract.

Backstage, America’s Top Team enters Cornette’s office. Lashley demands his outright release from GFW so he can return to MMA. Cornette objects and warns him that America’s Top Team will bleed him dry. He agrees to give Lashley his release if Lashley confronts Moose in the ring.

Trevor Lee def Sonjay Dutt in a Falls Count Anywhere match to become the new X Division Champion. The match started pretty standard until they spilled into the crowd. Sonjay hit a standing moonsault for a two count. They came back from commercial and they were outside the Impact Zone. Lee hit Sonjay with several shots to the head with a trash can lid, busting him open. Caleb Konley assisted as well and they double teamed Dutt. Sonjay went for a tornado DDT kicking off the wall but Trevor dropped him straddling a metal rail. Caleb Konley clotheslines him off and Trevor Lee rolls him up and holds a post for the three count.

Backstage, America’s Top Team attacks the standby wrestler.

Taya Valkyre def Amber Nova in a total squash.

Backstage, Eli Drake cut a promo about being on another level.

Johnny Impact def Low Ki to become the number 1 contender for the GFW World Title. It was a good back and forth match. The end came when Low Ki went for the Warrior’s Way but Johnny Impact moved and Low Ki got hung up on the ropes. Impact then hit Starship Pain for the three count.

After the match, Eli Drake’s music played. Chris Adonis came out of the crowd and attacked Johnny from behind. He put him in the Adonis Lock. Impact is out. Eli Drake enters the ring and gets Impact up and hits the Gravy Train. Their match is in two weeks at Victory Road.

Backstage, Jim Cornette is trying to convince Lashley to stay. Lashley said he was never appreciated and he’s going back to MMA. He’s going to beat down Moose in the ring.

Lashley comes out and tells everyone they got their wish. He’s leaving to go to America’s Top Team and win the MMA Heavyweight Title. He calls out Moose. The two brawl in the ring and through the crowd and up to the stage. Moose seems to have the upper hand in the ring until America’s Top Team comes in from behind and attacks Moose. One guy gets him in a rear naked choke and puts Moose out. Another guy lifts him up and holds him while yet another guy delivers a jumping kick to the ribs. Security comes out and the MMA guys throw them out of the ring. They all pose around the laid out body of Moose.


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