GFW Results – 7/6/17


Welcome to the Global Force Wresting Results Page. I guess. Hey. No Spoilers.

Alberto comes out to the ring with his brother and father, Dos Caras. He cuts a promo about how he will always respect Lashley and he will be a fighting champion. Lashley comes out and talks trash on him. They agree to fight tonight. Rematch for the World Title.

Backstage, Bruce Prichard takes Josh and JB to task. He tells them to stop bickering and fighting or they’re fired. He also says the same goes for Pope.

Sonjay Dutt def Caleb Konley. It was a non-title match. There was decent back and forth action. Caleb hit a sunset flip bomb onto the Sonjay in the corner. The finish came when Sonjay laid him out and hit a flying splash for a three count.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews V.O.W., Eddie Edwards, and Grado before an eight man tag team match. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake make their way to the ring. Adonis talks trash to a duo sitting in the stands called The Swole Mates.

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V.O.W., Eddie Edwards, and Grado def Eli Drake, Chris Adonis, and a Tag Team when Eddie Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party onto to Boka. Very little in terms of action. A sequence at the end, each wrestler had a chance to hit a big move to knock an opponent out of the ring before Eddie Edwards ducked a clothesline and hit the Boston Knee Party.

After the match, Joseph Park comes out and shows a piece of paper to Grado and he starts crying. Park says he’s sorry and walks him to the back.

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Matt Sydal def Braxton Sutter. It was a grounded match and Braxton controlled a lot of the match in the beginning. Sydal finally fights back and hits a jumping kick followed by a standing leg drop. Sutter hits a powerslam and a kick. Sydal counters in the corner and delivers a kick to the head and hits the Shooting Star for the win.

After the match, Braxton pulls away from Allie when she’s trying to console him after the loss.

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JB is in the ring with 8 competitors for the Super X Cup Tournament. First round match ups. Sammy Gavara vs Drago, ACH vs Andrew Everett, Ishimori vs Davey Richards, and Desmond Xavier vs Idris Abraham. These are the 4 first round matches that begin right now.

Fast action. Xavier started with a lot of flip counters and hits a nifty looking head scissor take down. Abraham takes control with a drop kick and then a suicide dive to the outside. The end came with a series of fast paced moves by Xavier. He hits a kick in the corner followed by a belly to back suplex and a Super Corkscrew Splash from the top rope for the win. He advances to Round 2.

McKenzie interviews Gail Kim backstage. She says she has a big announcement to make next week.

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Desmond cuts a backstage promo about winning his match. He says he’s gonna take the Super X Cup. He also announces his crazy Corkscrew finisher is called the Final Flash.

McKenzie interviews Moose. Moose is fighting someone from NOAH next week for the Grand Championship. EC3 interrupts and says an outsider is getting a title shot and says he deserves it.

Sienna def Rebel in a squash. Rebel did make a little flurry with a few running forearms and then jumping off the ropes onto KM who was at ringside. Then Sienna locked her into the roll up dragon sleeper for the submission win.

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World Title Match: Alberto El Patron (c) vs Lashley

Lashley dominates for the first several minutes. Alberto finally battles back after countering a spear with a dropkick. He hits a back cracker and then a 619. Lashley avoids a superkick and whips Patron to the corner. He hits a powerslam for a two count.

Patron hits an arm breaker. Patron goes for a code breaker but Lashley counters with a spinebuster for a two count. Alberto counters a charge in the corner and climbs the ropes. He hits the jumping double stomp for a two count. Lashley counters a cross armbreaker attempt into a neck breaker. He ties Alberto to the tree of woe and climbs the ropes but Alberto pulls him off the ropes. He climbs to the top and flies off but Lashley buries him with a spear in mid air. Instead of pinning him, he gets him up and hits a Dominator. Alberto is out cold. Suddenly, Santana shows up and jumps off the ropes but Lashley catches him. The rest of LAX storms the ring. They totally beat down Lashley. Konnan gets on the mic and announces Alberto El Patron as the newest soldier in LAX. The group helps Alberto up. He’s completely out of it and they carry him out of the ring.

No Contest

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