Hardcore Roadtrip Results 03.02.13: London, Ontario


Credit: Bill Stiff and Pwtorch.com

Banned in the USA Results – 3:00 p.m.

Attendance – Approx. 300

The show started promptly at 3:25 p.m.

(1) Buck Gunderson submitted Fabulous Frankie Villa at 6:30. (Match rating * Hardcore rating *)

(2) Joey Kings pinned “The Vanilla Gorilla” Steve Brown with a forearm smash in 4:45. (Match rating: 1/2* Hardcore Rating: Zero*)

(3) Petey Williams beat Christian York at 11:30 with the Canadian Destroyer. (Match rating ** Hardcore Rating: Zero* )

(4) Big Vito pinned Al Snow (w/Head) with a reversal in 7:10. The crowd really loved Head and thought Snow was okay as well. (Match rating ** Hardcore Rating: Zero*)

(5) Kid Kash pinned Little Guido with a roll-up in 10:45 in Match 1 of 3 to decide who is in the three-way battle for Hardcore Roadtrip Title. (Match rating *1/2 Hardcore Rating: Zero*)

(6) 2 Cold Scorpio pinned Colin Delaney in 15:15 with a top-rope spinning leg drop in Match 2 of 3 to decide who is in the three-way battle for Hardcore Roadtrip Title. Match of the afternoon by far. Delaney came in to basically a dead crowd for his entrance and manage to convince a rabid room of fans that he could wrestle at a high level. (Match Rating ***1/2 Hardcore Rating 1/2*)

(7) Kingpin Angel of Da Baldies pinned Pittbull Gary Wolfe with a roll-up in 6:30 in Match 3 of 3 to decide who is in the three-way battle for Hardcore Roadtrip Title. This was the first time at Hardcore Roadtrip that hardcore was part of the match with both men brawling around the room using various objects for about four minutes. (Match rating: *1/2 Hardcore Rating **1/2)

Raven cut a promo at this time as the commissioner of Hardcore Roadtrip.

(8) Balls Mahoney beat Warhed in 15:10 in a Staple Gun match. This was the main event. The highlights of this match included a lengthy brawl in the arena balcony, and Balls having a Canadian $5 stapled to his forehead, which he wore during the match. Balls pinned Warhed after a chair to the head to win the battle.

Born 2B Wired Results – 8:00pm

Attendance – Close to sold out at 350-400

The show started promptly at 8:16 p.m.

(1) Robert Ezekio pinned Art Cleaver with a Brainbuster at 3:40. The two of them wrestled a nice, stiff match. (Match rating ** Hardcore Rating Zero*)

(2) Colin Delaney used a back elbow off the ropes to pin Fabulous Frankie Villa in 6:00. The crowd was over on Delaney after his match earlier in the day, which he seemed to truly appreciate.

(Match rating *1/2 Hardcore Rating Zero*)

(3) Al Snow used Head to whack Christian York in 16:25 for the pin. Nice comedy match with many laughs throughout. (Match Rating **1/2 Hardcore Rating 1/2*)

(4) Pitbull Gary Wolfe & Balls Mahoney beat the FBI (Big Vito & Little Guido) in 11:14 in a tag team hardcore match with Mahoney powerslamming Guido for the win. Nice job brawling around the building by both teams, and the crowd showed their appreciation after the match.

(Match Rating ** Hardcore Rating **1/2)

(5) Scott Steiner used the Steiner Recliner to defeat Petey Williams via submission in 13:15. Well-wrestled match by both men with Steiner doing a fantastic job of turning the crowd against him after the initial cheers he received. (Match Rating *** Hardcore Rating Zero*)

Raven commissioner promo Part Two!

(6) Kingpin Angel beat Kid Kash and 2 Cold Scorpio in a three-way match to become the first Hardcore Roadtrip Hvt. champion. The first pin of the match came at 7:00 when 2 Cold pinned Kash after kicking the chair Kash was holding into his face. The match then continued with Angel and Scorpio battling for the championship. At about the 10-minute mark, Raven came out and DDT’d Scorpio for no apparent reason then went to the back. Scorpio kicked out at two from that attack, but could not fend off a face-first suplex from Angel, which earned Angel the first HRT Championship. Nice work by all three men after a long day of wrestling. (Match rating **1/2 Hardcore Rating *)

Vito came out afterward and gave a heartfelt speech about how happy he was that Angel won the title.

Next came a 45-minute break to put up barbed wire ropes.

(7) Warhed won the Deathproof Fight Group Championship in 15:00 in a six-man free-for-all. Warhed won the title over five others. If you enjoy hardcore wrestling, this was a great match, with many insane spots offered to the fans. I apologize for not getting the names of all the participants. I looked online and saw that you can find the Deathproof organization on Facebook. If hardcore is your thing, and you are around Toronto, check them out. (Match rating ** Hardcore Rating ****).

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