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Ilja Dragunov Vacates NXT UK Championship & WWE NXT UK Results for August 4, 2022


Today’s episode of WWE NXT UK is presented from BT Sports Studios in London, England. It was taped in advance several weeks back.

Here are the results for those who missed the show:

  • The show opened with Ilja Dragunov coming out on crutches. He suffered an injury in the match against Wolfgang which has forced him to relinquish the NXT UK Championship. After speaking about how everyone goes through hardships to get where they are and how he’s nothing special, he commented that no one can beat him but himself. You can’t even imagine how hard he’s going to work to get the title back.
  • Chase University continued their tour of England. They stumbled upon Sha Samuels down on his luck and tried to give him a pep talk that he could one day join Chase U, too.
  • Oliver Carter defeated Rohan Raja by pinfall. Charlie Dempsey and Teoman immediately jumped Carter after the match.
  • Eliza Alexander told Thea Hail she’s sick and tired of the American side of NXT coming over and stealing some of the spotlight from the NXT UK roster. She’s going to make a statement out of Hail.
  • Sha Samuels defeated Bodhi Hayward by pinfall.
  • Blair Davenport came out for a promo that was interrupted by Amale, Eliza Alexander and Isla Dawn. Sid Scala decided to make an impromptu No. 1 contender’s match between Davenport and Dawn, which was ruled a no-contest after interference from Alexander and Amale.

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