GFW Impact Results – 10/12/17


Welcome to the Impact results page. Please no spoilers and keep the politics out. Thanks.

LAX comes to the ring. They are pissed and want O.V.E. to come down. The tag champs make their way to the ring. The challenge is a 5150 Street Fight at BFG. Diamante takes the mic and says 5150 means they deal with all of them. She slaps Jake Crist. He pushes her down and a brawl ensues. LAX take O.V.E. out. They set up to chairs and hit a combo jump kick and cutter onto the chairs. They deliver a double hip toss to the other Crist brother over the ropes and through a table.

Rosemary def Hanna Harper in a squash. After the match. She calls Taya out to the ring. Taya makes her entrance. Rosemary goes to mist her but Taya misted Rosemary instead and delivered her finisher.

Backstage, Moose said he’s still alive so he’s going after Bobby again. He said yes he wants the person to meet him there. Unknown who Moose was talking to.

Backstage, McKenzie interviews Sienna, Texano Jr, and Caleb Konley. All three rambled on pretty much incoherently, leaving McKenzie baffled.

James Storm, Desmond Xavier and Allie def Sienna, Caleb Konley and Texano Jr. The match didn’t have many exciting moments until near the end when Xavier finally got tagged in. He hit some awesome moves on Konley including a standing corkscrew backflip splash. The end came when James Storm hit The Last Call on Konley for the three count.


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