Impact Results – 11/30/17


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JB is in the back with the six Knockouts who are competing in the tournament tonight. There will be two triple threat matches and the winners will battle for the vacant KO Title.


Laurel Van Ness def K.C. Spinelli and Madison Rayne to advance to the finals. KC Spinelli delivered an electric chair on Laurel and they landed on Madison. KC went for a finisher but Laurel countered it into the Unprettier for the three count.

Ishimori def Hakim Zane. Zane is the winner of a Tough Enough-like competition called Global Forge. He had a couple of nice moves but Ishimori pretty much squashed him. He hit a side kick, an inverted back cracker and the 450 for the win.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed James Storm. The Cowboy cut a promo about beating Texano tonight and then said to Dan Lambert that he hasn’t forgotten about him.

LAX promo from the clubhouse where they talk about taking out Callihan and OVE

Footage shown of Sami Callihan at an indy event against someone. He won the match.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Alberto El Patron. His promo was incoherent ramblings.

James Storm def Texano with the Last Call Super Kick. Very entertaining match where each man was countering the other. Texano hit a super kick on Storm and then put on a cowboy hat and was taunting the camera. He turned around and Storm hit him with the Last Call for the win.

After the match, American Top Team attacked Storm. They tossed him back in the ring and Malibu got in the ring. He said he’s got this and he turns around into a Last Call. But American Top Team stormed the ring and beat the Cowboy down. Moose came out with a steel chair and cleared the ring. Dan Lambert got on the mic and said it all ends next week. Moose and Storm versus Lashley and their new secret weapon, himself.

Matt Sydal def Tyson Dux. EC3 joined the commentary and spent the time putting down Sydal. It was a good back and forth match. Sydal picked up the win after hitting the Shooting Star.

Johnny Impact def Alberto El Patron. This was a wild match. Alberto showed a mean streak and really took it Impact on the outside of the ring. Impact ended up with a gash on his side. At one point, Impact turned the tide and went for the Starship Pain but Alberto pulled the ref into the way. Alberto hit a low blow and a super kick. He revived the ref and then hit a ddt onto Impact but Johnny still kicked out. Alberto placed him upside down in the corner. He pulled the wrapping off of Impact’s arm and was shoving it in his mouth.

Eli Drake came down. He was mouthing off to Alberto, telling him to finish Impact off. Alberto suckered him and then took the title belt and hit him with it. He got back in the ring but Impact had recovered and he hit him with a super kick and then the 5…4…3…2…1…Impact for the three count and the win.

After the match, Eli Drake got in the ring and started beating down Impact. Johnny made a come back and fought off Drake. Chris Adonis came down to the ring and they double teamed Impact. Oh Canada came on and Petey Williams came out from the crowd while Adonis and Drake were looking at the stage. He hits Drake with springboard code breaker. He lays out Adonis. Drake catches him and goes to deliver the Gravy Train but Impact hits a super kick. Petey sets him up and hits the Canadian Destroyer. Petey Williams and Johnny Impact pose afterwards.

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