Impact Results: Jan 11, 2018


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling results page. Results will be late because I won’t be able to watch live but I’ll post them as quickly as I can. Thanks for understanding

EC3 and Petey Williams fought to a no-contest when Matt Sydal interfered.

Laurel Van Ness def K.C. Spinelli in a non-title match with her finisher, The Unprettier

Eli Drake cut an awesome promo on Alberto. Alberto came out and so did Johnny Impact which led to a brawl that was broken up by security.

OVE trashed the clubhouse of LAX and stole their money. LAX found their clubhouse wrecked and said they were going to their roots and challenging OVE to a barbed wire match.

Garza Jr, Desmond Xavier and Sonjay Dutt def Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley and Hakim Zane when Desmond Xavier hit the corkscrew senton onto Zane for the win. After the match, Ishimori came out to the ring and posed with the belt in Xavier’s face. It ended in a not-so-friendly handshake. It’s announced that they will fight for the X Division Title next week.

Josh and JB run down next week’s card which includes an X Division Title Match between Ishimori and Desmond Xavier, a Triple Threat Title Match from Detroit with Eli Drake, Johnny Impact, and Alberto El Patron. Also, OVE vs LAX in a Barbed Wire Massacre Match.

Lashley and KM def Moose and Eddie Edwards. KM hit the powerbomb backstabber after Dan Lambert distracted Edwards.


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