Impact Wrestling: 3/1/18 – Laurel Van Ness Commitment Ceremony, Rosemary vs Hania


Results for Impact Wrestling. No Spoilers.

Tyrus def EC3 with the Tongan Death Grip.


Fantasma def Braxton Sutter. After the match, Sutter complained and said he’s the biggest star ever. Brian Cage comes out and lays him out with his finisher.

Kongo Kong destroyed Joseph Park. After the match, Jimmy Jacobs asked him if Abyss is gonna come out and play. Park said no. Kongo proceeded to choke him with a scarf until Abyss’s face turned nearly purple. Jacobs says we’re just getting started.

Rosemary def Hania with Red Wedding in a virtual squash. After the match, Rosemary declared herself the Alpha Bitch and said they’re coming for the Knockouts Title. Taya Valkyre returned and after a back and forth, she attacked Rosemary from behind and hit her face buster finisher out on the ramp.

Laurel Van Ness was to marry the Knockouts Title. KM was the minister. Laurel insisted on KM skipping right to the objection part. Braxton Sutter comes out and confesses his love for Laurel. She rejects him. She demands KM ask again about the objection. Allie comes in behind Laurel in disguise and takes her down. Laurel escapes with the belt.

Eddie Edwards def Sami Callihan in an incredible match. He countered the pedigree with a roll up for the win. After the match, Callihan attacked Eddie from behind. Lashley came to help but OVE cut him off and brawled with him backstage. In the ring, Callihan put a chair on Edwards and hit it with the baseball bat. It was a botch because Callihan missed the chair and cracked Eddie right in the head full force. They didn’t show Eddie on camera again as the show closed out.

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