Impact Wrestling 5/3/16 Results:King of the Mountain Title Match


Show: Impact Wrestling] [Location: Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios] [Date: 5/3/16] [Airing On: POP]

Lashley was driving his car heading to a gym Drew Galloway was in to see if he wanted a fight. He attacked Galloway from behind, but the champion fought back. Lashley threw him inside an cage used for MMA training and put on a glove and punched him. Galloway brought him down and slammed him from a triangle position. TNA talents in the gym separated the two.


A recap of Mike Bennett’s win over EC3 last week was shown. Bennett made his way to the ring with Maria. Bennett bragged about pinning EC3, which is something Sting, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray, and Lashley couldn’t do. He said he doesn’t have a God complex because he is God.

Jeff Hardy interrupted and hit the ring. Hardy gave Bennett credit for pinning EC3, but said the thought of him being a God is a joke. Hardy said Bennett isn’t a miracle. Bennett said he was impressed with what he did to his brother Matt, but said Hardy’s creatures have become his miracles. Bennett said he’ll go to Dixie Carter to ask if he can book him against Hardy in the main event. Hardy said he didn’t need Dixie to make it official and sent “The Miracle” out of the ring. Bennett demanded a referee.

Singles Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Mike Bennett w/Maria

Bennett got a two-count off a suplex. He got Hardy in a headlock, but he got out of it. Hardy placed his opponent on the top turnbuckle and went for Twist of Fate when Lashley speared him to cause the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Jeff Hardy

After the match. Lashley hit a Spear on Bennett. He got on a mic and said he’d make an example out of the entire locker room until he gets his world title shot. Dixie Carter made her entrance. She said she’s the boss and not Lashley. She said world title shots are earned in the ring. She booked a triple threat match for a world title shot. It’s Hardy vs. Bennett vs. Lashley with Galloway as the special guest referee.

Decay was shown in the back with new face paint. Rosemary asked Crazzy Steve if he was ready for the transformation. She spat mist in Steve’s mouth much to his delight. She then spat mist in Abyss’ face. The two were in agony, but they loved every second of it.

Decay made their way to the ring. Rosemary revealed Abyss new face paint. Abyss said he’d been hiding under his mask for years and now he’s finally free. James Storm made his way out and said Decay left him standing. Storm ran in the ring and tossed Steve and Abyss out. He challenged Abyss and said he’d whoop his ass.

Singles Match: James Storm vs. Abyss w/Decay

Abyss charged at the corner, but missed. Storm took advantage by planting Abyss with a spinning sitout sleeper slam. Storm landed a flying elbow for a two-count. With the referee distracted, Abyss spat mist in Storm’s face and hit the Black Hole Slam for the victory.

Winner: Abyss

Maria said Gail Kim realized what it’s like to oppose her. She said she hopes Jade is smarter than Kim because of the consequences that come with opposing her.

Jeff was in the locker room and said Bennett’s trash talking drives him crazy and Lashley is bad to the

bone, but he fights for his creatures. Jeff claimed to have heard his brother Matt changed after their “I Quit” match.

Maria was in the ring with Jade and demanded she drop the Knockouts title to her in a match. Jade said she won’t lay down for a man, woman, or a bitch. Maria introduced Sienna, who attacked the champion. She told Sienna to finish Jade. Sienna sent Jade crashing down face first to the mat. Maria and Sienna stood over Jade and raised each other’s arms.

Bram said he’s been called many things in his career, but he is not a follower. She said he loves a good fight and welcomes all challengers in the King of the Mountain title match.

Bennett called EC3 a coward for not showing up for an interview with Jeremy Borash. He questioned why Borash wouldn’t want to interview a winner instead. Bennett turned his attention to Lashley and Hardy. He claimed to have had Jeff beat when Lashley interfered. He said if he’ll beat anyone to capture the world title.

King of the Mountain Title Match: Bram © vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Eli Drake vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Andrew Everett w/Gregory Shane Helms

The title match was contested under King of the Mountain rules. Bram became eligible when he powerbombed Everett. Helms pushed Edwards off the top rope and Drake pinned him to become eligible. The Adonis Lock forced a tap from Everett to make Godderz eligible.

Drake nailed Bram with his Feast or Fired briefcase. He climbed off the ladder, but Bram knocked him off with a dropkick. Bram climbed the ladder and placed his belt on the hook to retain.

Winner AND STILL KoTM Champion: Bram

Drake attacked Bram after the match and hinted at cashing in his title opportunity.

Galloway discussed being a special guest referee in the number one contender’s match. He said if Lashley puts his hands on him, he’ll fight back.

Matt was somewhere in the back with a hoodie on and some facial hair. Matt said Jeff took his ability to wrestle away from him due to “spinal injuries.” He said Jeff may as well have cut his heart out. He said his brother’s cruelty knows no limits.

EC3, Bennett, and Maria were in the ring. Despite the rivalry, EC3 congratulated Bennett for backing up his words and pinning him last week. EC3 said he and Bennett will fight again. EC3 then went on to say if Bennett is a God, then he’s his devil. He dropped the mic and left the ring.

Number One Contender Match for TNA Heavyweight Title: Lashley vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mike Bennett (Special Guest Referee: Drew Galloway)

Lashley went for a Spear on Bennett, but he accidently hit Galloway. Jeff landed the Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb on Lashley, but no one was there to make the count. With Bennett placed on the steel steps, Hardy landed a Swanton Bomb.

Decay came out and attacked Hardy and drove his back to the ring apron. Abyss Chokeslammed him on the steps. Lashley Speared Hardy into the ring post and then Speared him again inside the ring for a three-count.

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