Impact Wrestling Against All Odds 2021 Results


Here are the results for the Impact Wrestling Against All Odds 2021 PPV, airing June 12th from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The main event is for the Impact World Championship between title holder Kenny Omega and #1 contender Moose, and will take place at Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida. Here are the results for this past week’s Impact: 6/10/2021

Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer defeated The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson) via pinfall – Street Fight.


Callihan clearly arrived with war in mind coming to the ring clutching his baseball bat. Despite locking up early doors, Callihan and Dreamer quickly saw sense and turned to the treasures hidden under the ring. After putting the hurt on Gallows and Anderson, Dreamer beckoned Callihan to the back only to re-emerge with a whole new arsenal of weapons. The Good Brothers began to gain control, especially after Gallows/Anderson took the time to isolate Dreamer in the ring. A series of two counts on Dreamer were next, with the closest coming after a stiff Karl Anderson Spine-Buster, only for Callihan to throw himself at the referee to break up the fall. After a Magic-Killer on Dreamer through a table, it looked set that The Good Brothers would win, yet, again there was Callihan. Callihan quickly made use of his bat, to pick up the 1-2-3 on Karl Anderson. Perhaps a slightly limp way to end the match, but a strong start to Against All Odds. Callihan would then take the time to stare down the camera and send a message to Kenny Omega.

Joe Doering w/ Violent By Design defeats Satoshi Kojima w/Eddie Edwards via pinfall – Singles Match.

With Doering yet to be pinned or submitted in Impact so, he faced arguably his toughest test yet in NJPW star Kojima. The opening stages were largely even, with both wrestlers getting in their fair share of offence. Kojima looked to dominate when he started to take control after some seriously stiff chops. Doering would re-gain control after some interference from Rhino on the outside. Once they returned to the ring, it was back to being a fifty/fifty contest, and Doering would look to finish off Kojima with a Death Valley Driver/Clothesline combo. That didn’t get the pin, with the NJPW legend kicking out with the referee a hair away from the three-count. But, Kojima’s efforts were in vain after a spinning powerbomb would finish him off and give Doering the win.

Ace Austin vs Chris Bey vs Rohit Raju vs Trey Miguel vs Petey Williams ended in a no contest – Five-way match to determine the #1 contender for the X-Division Championship

Williams, Bey and Raju started off the match with some excellent chemistry in the ring whilst Austin and Miguel brawled on the outside. It was classic manic X-Divison action with everyone moving at one-hundred miles an hour. Austin produced an absolutely beautiful dive to the outside taking out three of his competition. However, he failed to keep this momentum as once he got back into the ring, Williams and Miguel would lock Austin and Bey in submissions, whilst simultaneously brawling with each other. As the action continued, each wrestler was given time to breathe as they took time to fight one-on-one, whilst the others caught their breath on the outside. As the match progressed, it was Petey Williams who looked to be in charge, eyeing Austin up for the Canadian Destroyer, he failed to hit it but, fear not as just a minute later he one-upped that initial idea performing an Avalanche-Canadian Destroyer on Austin. The victory looked to be secured but Miguel would break up the pin. Then seeing it as his chance to take control, Miguel climbed to the rope only for Madman Fulton to appear seemingly out of nowhere throwing Miquel off the top-rope to the outside. Fulton would then wipe out all the competitors (but Ace Austin). As the other five competitors launched themselves at Fulton he proceeded to wipe them all out in one swift motion. After Fulton then placed Austin over his fallen foes, the referee ruled the match a no-contest. Ladies and gentleman, we have no #1 contender, after a baffling finish.

W. Morrissey defeats Rich Swann via pinfall – Singles Match

This looked set to be a squash match in everything but length, Morrissey destroyed and dominated Swann without breaking a sweat in the early portion. Actively mocking his foe Morrissey looked to be in complete control of Swann, only for the latter to start to produce a remarkable resurgence. Not one, but two 450 Splash’s secured a two count, and so Swann would take to the skies yet again hitting a Phoenix Splash, only for Morrissey to roll through and assume complete control. An F-5 and three Powerbombs secured the win. But, not before Swann showed one last sign of defiance showing Morrissey the middle-finger in between the second and third Powerbomb. A dominant display by Morrissey at Against All Odds

Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K defeats Jordynne Grace w/Rachael Ellering via pinfall – Singles Match

This match had a clear game plan early on of getting as much heat on Dashwood and Kaleb with a K as the pair would continue to use every dirty trick at their disposal to keep Dashwood in control. Grace and Dashwood would begin to showcase real back and forth action, Grace looked to have the win secured after locking in a tight Sleeper-Hold. As Dashwood began to fade, Kaleb would jump on the apron causing a distraction. Grace after relinquishing her hold would blame Ellering for not stopping Kaleb. Amongst all the commotion, Dashwood would manage to roll up Grace for the win. After the bell Grace’s fury would continue as she would shout at Ellering before attacking Kaleb.

Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz) (C) defeats Kimber Lee and Susan via pinfall – Tag team match for the Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Championships.

This match was a bit of a slog to begin with, and commentary didn’t help at all, spending large portions talking about anything but the match. As the match reached its latter stages though the action really picked up. Largely disregarding the rules of a tag team match, all four Knockouts would go at each other in the ring. Susan would take the fall after Steelz hit her with the Frog-Splash.

Violent By Design (Deaner and Rhino) w/Eric Young (C) defeat Decay (Black Taurus and Crazzy Steve) via pinfall – Tag team match for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

Really exciting match this one, the pace on show from both members of Decay showed exactly why they’re a staple of Impact’s tag team division. Deaner would be locked into a submission midway through the match, but with Eric Young putting the Fear of God into him, he managed to hold out and reach the ropes. The pace kept up, with Taurus and Steve both showing their abilities, right up to Taurus picking up what looked like a serious injury. After springing to the outside, Taurus landed on his leg all wrong and was seen still holding onto that leg after the bell. This then seemed to damage what the original finish was going to be, with Taurus firmly out of action, Deaner hit the Deaner-DDT onto Crazzy Steve for the win. Notably, Rhino spent next to no time in the ring, with Deaner spending the majority of the match tagged in. That’s two champions retaining so far, will it be four out of four?

Deonna Purrazzo (C) defeats Rosemary via pinfall – Singles match for the Impact Knockouts Championship

Rosemary was in complete control in the early stages of the match, Suplexing her onto the stage and really asserting her dominance over Purrazzo. This was until Purrazzo would manage to tie Rosemary’s arm into the outside of the ring-post, before unleashing a lethal kick onto the challenger. This then sparked a fire in Purrazzo as she would continue to target and obliterate Rosemary’s arm. Every time Rosemary would attempt a fightback, the champion would deem those efforts futile. Once Rosemary gained some momentum she would attempt a submission only for the damage to her arm to come into play. Purrazzo’s targeting of her opponent’s arm continued, locking in the Venus de Milo, Rosemary would just manage to wiggle to the ropes to escape. Eyeing up a new target, the Champ then removed Rosemary’s knee brace, only for Rosemary to raise from the dead and unleash a lethal Spear. As Rosemary looked to be going for the Red Wedding her knee gave out. Purrazzo would then Piledrive Rosemary for the win, possibly the Match of the Night so far. Only the main event left, could it be a clean sweep for champions defending?

Kenny Omega (C) defeats Moose via pinfall – Singles match for the Impact World Championship

Before the match even started, what a video package from Impact, real big-fight feel!

Both Omega in his actions, and the commentary team presented Moose as a huge threat to the title from the word go. Neither side would gain any momentum over the other early-on, as whenever Omega got in any real offence he would then lose the advantage by taunting and taking his eyes off the prize. Moose, on the other hand, would implore Omega to do his worst, soaking up stiff chops without even flinching. A battle of two pure athletes, it was a true competition of one-upmanship. Moose started to gain some control over his opponent, only to throw it away by mimicking Omega, taunting and then missing a huge dive on the outside, it gave Omega the time to catch his breath and assert some control over the contest. Omega began to work over Moose’s arm, throwing him repeatedly into the ring-post, and then following it up with a series of elbow strikes to the same arm. Worth noting, that Moose had that same shoulder taped before the start of the match. That arm would be rendered all but useless as it hung at his side limp, whilst Moose started to put some damage onto Omega. But, true to the nature of the contest, Omega fought back with a Snap-Dragon Suplex, and two V-Triggers, going for the pin only for Moose to kick out at two. Omega seemed incensed by Moose kicking out, continued to attack the arm, unleashing three more V-Triggers straight into Moose’s wounded shoulder. As Omega raised Moose up for the One-Winged Angel, Moose escaped and would wipe out Omega with a Ripcord Lariat using his bad arm. AEW’s Dr Sampson would check on Moose only for him to wave the good doctor away, and then hit Omega with a Spanish Fly off the turnbuckle. With Moose now in control, he lined Omega up for the Spear only for the champion to pull the referee into harm’s way. With the ref down, the Young Bucks hit the ring attacking Moose with a set of Superkicks and a BTE Trigger. They would then raise the challenger onto Omega’s shoulders so he could hit the One-Winged Angel and get the win. As the Elite began to celebrate, the lights faded to black, a video package played and Sami Callihan appeared bat in hand. After dealing with Gallows/Anderson earlier in the night, he now set his eyes on the Young Bucks and Omega, with a series of blows. Whilst lining Omega up for a hit from the bat and a steel chair, Don Callis grabbed a microphone and fired Callihan from Impact. Callihan would proceed to make his feelings clear with a series of expletives.

Ultimately whilst this does line-up Impact for their main event storyline leading up to Slammiversary, because of the interference of the Young Bucks it did make for a disappointing end to Against All Odds 2021. That being said, the match was enjoyable before and full credit has to go to the commentary team who throughout the match, made both competitors seem like legitimate possible winners. Overall it was a really strong PPV, unfortunately with some matches marred by poor finishes. Be sure to tune in on Thursday, for our live results for Impact.

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— Impact Wrestling Against All Odds 2021 Results–

Against All Odds 2021

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