Impact Wrestling Cali Combat Results – August 23rd, 2019


A special episode of Impact Wrestling featuring Rhino vs. Michael Elgin and five other announced matches. Here are the Impact Wrestling Cali Combat results, airing August 23rd, 2019 (8/23/2019). Check the link if you missed last weeks show: August 16th

#1. Rhino vs. Michael Elgin – Winner: Draw due to Double Countout

The crowd chants “Let them fight!”, but the match is over. The fight continues in the ring. Security are here again to put an end to this. Even Scott D’Amore’s out there.


– Michael Elgin is backstage cutting a promo on Rhino. Mr ECW .. Mr Hardcore thinks he’s a bad man, but this ain’t over, it’s not even close to over. Elgin tries finishing his promo, but Rhino’s back! The brawl’s still going on backstage, and as security arrive to split them up, Rhino yells “this ain’t F’n over!”

#2. [Tag Team Championship] The North (c) vs. Reno Scum – Winners: The North with the Alleyoop

– Ace Austin is standing in the corridor, sporting a crutch and bandages. On the way to her match, Alisha Edwards comes across him and asks if the injuries were Eddie’s doing. She shows sympathy and wishes him well, as Ace reassures her he’ll recover. After Alisha walks away, Austin shows he’s faking it by dropping his crutch.

– Madison Rayne wants a chat with Jordynne Grace in the locker room. She’s warning her about partnering with Rosemary, who likes to make a disaster out of everything. Madison would hate to see her go through something similar. Jordynne doesn’t need her advice, nor anyone else’s.

#3. Havok vs. Alisha Edwards – Winner: Havok with the Tombstone Piledriver

A very one-sided affair. Ace Austin limps out to check on her condition. Eddie Edwards emerges and is in hot pursuit of Austin. Eddie runs in to Havok in the ring, and Ace mocks him while helping Alisha to her feet. Trying to get after Austin, Eddie is cut off and choke slammed by Havok. As Eddie recovers, Ace walks off with his wife.

– Su Yung takes over the broadcast for a few seconds with a creepy and indecipherable song. Are her videos being played backwards?

– oVe cam. Callihan insults Dave Crist for getting his ass beat by Tessa Blanchard last week. Moving on, Sami doesn’t care if Brian Cage is injured, the only thing that matters is he will soon be the Impact World Champion. Jake Crist makes a dumb joke, so Sami says he won’t need any help to win the title .. meaning Jake can prove himself by going in to tonight’s X Division match on his own. After he’s done with Tommy Dreamer tonight, oVe are coming for everything! Three times over.

– Moose has a day off in LA. He says goodbye to his two girlfriends to conduct an interview. He mentions the “Ken Shamrock ordeal”, saying the only way to get attention is to come after the most important man in Impact Wrestling, Mr. Impact Wrestling. After insulting Shamrock, Moose says he’s put away many guys who considered themselves dangerous. As a five-star athlete, Shamrock should take some advice; be careful what you wish for.

#4. [X Division Championship] Jake Crist (c) vs. Rich Swann – Winner: Jake Crist retains by rolling Swann up, pulling the tights for leverage

– Tenille Dashwood promo. She’s here in Impact Wrestling because the Knockouts division is the best place for the world to know it’s “All About Me”.

– The Desi Hit Squad are on The Deaner’s farm and it stinks really bad. Deaners come storming in driving an off road vehicle. They are told to change in to farming attire. After changing, Rohit Raju starts getting in to the idea of being a farm boy .. so Gama slaps him.

Flashback Moment Of The Week: Ken Shamrock vs. Malice for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #1 (June 19th, 2002)

– Taya Valkyrie gives an address from a podium, with John E. Bravo at her side. Taya’s current reign sits at 229 days, meaning that as of next week she will become the longest reigning champion in Knockout’s history. To mark the special occasion, she wants to defend the title against someone new, someone interesting. It’s gonna be big.

#5. Willie Mack vs. Trey – Winner: Willie Mack with a super Stunner

– Tommy Dreamer is with Melissa Santos. Every time he goes on social media, he has to read about bad stuff and negativity. A lot of people use wrestling to get away from reality, but life is like that too. Callihan thinks he’s better than him and everyone else. The best part of his job is though? His escapism is Sami’s reality. He’s going to enjoy beating the crap out of him and making the world a better place.

#6. [No Disqualification] Sami Callihan vs. Tommy Dreamer – Winner: Sami Callihan with the Piledriver through a thin piece of wood

Callihan grabs a baseball bat, looking to end the career of Dreamer. Tessa comes out to make the save, but just as it looks like she’s gotten the best of him, the X Division champion shows up to save his leader. Blanchard eats a piledriver, which pleases Callihan on his journey to the World Championship. They gloat as Impact Wrestling Cali Combat comes to an end.

–Impact Wrestling Cali Combat Results 8/23/2019–

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