Impact Wrestling Emergence 2020 Night 1 Results


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling Emergence (Night 1) airing August 18th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Edwards Defends World Title

Nice intro to the show, feels like a PPV quality build. Also the card is pretty sweet. Opening up with the X-Division contest.

1. [X-Division Championship] Chris Bey (c) vs. TJP vs. Rohit Raju – Winner: Rohit Raju pins Chris Bey after a double foot stomp to become the NEW Champion!

I did not see that coming! After Raju’s celebration we head back to Wrestle House.

  • Johnny Bravo and Crazzy Steve are playing with their toys, but Bravo gets upset when it seems like Steve’s monkey won’t be rooting for Taya Valkyrie tonight; their play date is over. Crazzy Steve loves the fact that everyone in the house is losing their minds. Meanwhile, Acey Romero thinks Larry D stinks, but it’s because he’s wearing the new perfume “ring rust”. Romero thinks he’s acting weird, but Larry D’s in love and he’s out to get her.
  • The Good Brothers tell Ace Austin & Madman Fulton they have their attention. They don’t play around and this is what they wanted… so they got it. Doc Gallows says it’s not the first time he’s been behind bars, so after tonight they get to thank ’em for making them famous.

2. [TNA World Heavyweight Championship] Moose (c) vs. Trey – Winner: Moose retains with the Lights Out Spear

  • EC3 controls the narrative by dropping Moose with the reverse DDT. He takes the TNA title and walks away with it.
  • Hernandez is with Reno Scum. He gives them money for taking out Rhino. There’s more where that came from, Hernandez may have more work for them.
  • Eric Young takes us down memory lane. I like the line “I was Elite before Being The Elite was cool”. He won’t be swept to the side, he will be the first choice. The World Class Maniac will get what he wants, and he will become the one and only.
  • Jimmy Jacobs is with Willie Mack. He’s talking about Rich Swann & Eric Young again. Brian Myers interrupts and says no one cares about this, essentially hijacking the airtime and Jacobs’ interview. Myers asks him if following the rules ever got him anywhere. He’s sick of being referred to as a good hand. Myers is pissed off about “major decisions in the business being made by an out of touch 70-year-old man in some goofy production meeting”. Not anymore! He’s taking the business in to his hands, because Brian Myers is the most professional wrestler. Willie Mack attacks him for stealing his airtime.
  • Heath says no one cares about Joe Biden, it’s about #Heath4IMPACT. We need to get it trending to help Rhino. Oh, and he’s still got kids.

3. The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton – Winners: Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows with the Magic Killer

  • Alisha Edwards is happy Taya has a match tonight, because she won’t be doing any bonding exercises. Cody Deaner looks in the fridge and finds their beer is gone… someone took their beer! It’s a mystery. They blame Acey, but he adamantly denies it. Susie reminds them of their truce, and breaking a true is BAD. Larry D agrees with the truce, because he’s a lover, not a fighter. He asks Rosemary if they can get some seats together for the match, but she has to referee it so maybe another time. Rosemary is making Bravo really jealous. Before we head to the outside ring, there’s another awkward moment between Susie & Cousin Jake. Are they ever gonna’ hook up?!

4. [WrestleHouse] Kylie Rae vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/ Rosemary as Special Guest Referee) – Winner: Kylie Rae with the Super Kick

  • After consoling Taya, Rosemary tells Larry D she will see him next week. Crazzy Steve tells Bravo he’s blind, but even he can see he’s blowing it. The Deaners still need to find out who stole their beer.

5. [World Tag Team Championship] Motor City Machine Guns (c), Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley vs. The North, Ethan Page & Josh Alexander –  Winners: Motor City Machine Guns retain

— Impact Wrestling Emergence Results (8/18/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Emergence Results (8/18/2020)

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