Impact Wrestling February 11, 2020 Match Ratings & Analysis


Impact Wrestling gives us a main event championship match! Will the longest reigning champion in Impact Wrestling continue her reign; or do we get the upset?

Aside from that match, we get the second installment of the Elgin and Edwards Best of 5; and RVD will do…something with Joey Ryan. There is a level of irony that RVD’s new college roommate douche character; finds someone else’s gimmick offensive.

Anyway, sit back, enjoy; OH – there’s a new code to scan if you want to keep up with this ICU angle.



  • Best of 5: Match 2: Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards: Elgin wins via Elgin Bomb, Elgin up 2-0 – *** 1/4
  • Madman Fulton vs Daga: Fulton wins via Better Than Baron – ** 1/2
  • Ethan Page w/Josh Alexander vs Fallah Bahh w/TJP: Fallah Bahh wins via Inside Cradle – **
  • RVD w/Katie Forbes vs Joey Ryan: RVD wins via Five Star Frog Splash – *
  • Mahabali Shera w/Rohit Raju & Gama Singh vs Willie Mack: No Contest – N/A
  • Desi Hit Squad vs Johnny Swinger & Willie Mack: Hit Squad wins via Sky High – * 1/2
  • Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Jordynne Grace: Grace wins via Grace Driver – *** 1/2


Best of 5: Match 2: Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards – A little surprising that match 2 doesn’t have an interesting stipulation, but straight forward is still good. This match really follows the normal beats we’ve seen in the last few matches between these two. Eddie gets a desperation Tiger Driver, Frankensteiner and Blue Thunder Bomb; but it’s not enough. Elgin bailed out to save himself a little more than usual, but still basically their usual match. Elgin wins after the Buckle Bomb into Elgin Bomb combo.

A frustrated Taya gets a quick interview which shows exactly how much the long reign; and the threat of Jordynne Grace is effecting her.

Madman Fulton vs Daga – Daga is trying to avenge the beatdown from last week, but there’s quite a size disparity. Daga holds his own, using a few quick strikes and the lucha style to equalize the power and height difference. A snap DDT, Elevated Cutter and even a Death Valley Driver; gave Daga a few hope spots. Eventually, the Crist brothers come down to cause just enough of a problem to allow Fulton time to recover; countering a Tornado DDT attempt into Better Than Baron. Solid enough match that should allow for a few more matches before the angle is finished.

Moose has some of the more amusing vignettes in Impact Wrestling lately:

Ethan Page w/Josh Alexander vs Fallah Bahh w/TJP – Fallah stepped in when the North tried to beat up Vikingo last week; so a singles match makes sense. The North try to rectify losses and embarrassment, but Fallah isn’t to be taken lightly. Ethan starts out cocky and easily in charge, but Fallah starts to do his “Bahh” head slaps and Hulk Up a bit. Running Splash, Samoan Drop, but a missed BAHHnzai Drop gives Ethan an opening. TJP springs off of Fallah to wipe out Josh Alexander, which distracts Ethan a little. As Fallah sits in the ring dazed after his missed move, Ethan tries to take advantage; but he gets rolled up for the upset!

Okay the fact that Su Yung can switch back and forth now…is interesting.

RVD w/Katie Forbes vs Joey Ryan – So…RVD doesn’t get Joey Ryan, and thinks he’s disgusting. So this match is supposed to be RVD proving a point, but this is terrible. Katie Forbes does more twerking and making out with RVD; than there are wrestling moves in the match. This match needs to go away forever.

So Su Yung is back and takes a measure of revenge on James Mitchell:

Impact Wrestling: ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Magnus vs Eric Young, TNA World Championship, April 27,2014
Mahabali Shera w/Rohit Raju & Gama Singh vs Willie Mack – The fix was in here, Shera and Rohit jump Willie to get the match thrown out. Johnny Swinger makes the save with a steel chair…and we get a restart; as a tag team match!
Desi Hit Squad vs Johnny Swinger & Willie Mack – This is a typical “unwitting teammates” kind of set up. Mack wants nothing to do with Swinger, but Swinger legitimately seems to want to work together. They have a few interesting moments, but Mack gets distracted by Gama, and the Hit Squad double team Swinger; ending the match in a Hit Squad win.

Tessa gets to talk about her upcoming Sacrifice match against Ace Austin; and it’s easily her best promo since becoming champion. She has someone to focus her intensity on, more so when he enters the frame. Small brawl after Ace makes a ‘Daddy Issues’ reference and then we go to commercial.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Jordynne Grace – Now this match saw a lot more John E. Bravo interference than usual, and nearly immediately. Bravo choked Grace with the dog leash a few times, pulled Taya to the ropes and even pulled the referee; all whilst not getting kicked out. Taya had some high impact moves like a Powerbomb onto the steel steps and a Road to Valhalla on the entrance ramp. Grace just wouldn’t stay down. Michinoku Driver, Vader Bomb and the first Grace Driver didn’t get the job done. Taya and Bravo have a miscommunication when Taya Spears Bravo, which allows Grace to take advantage; and finish the match with another Grace Driver. Taya’s 377 day reign, is finally over!

Overall Score 7/10

Impact Wrestling put on a pretty good episode, book ended with some good wrestling. Not to discredit the middle stuff completely…since it mattered for story reasons. But there was a bit of stuff that could’ve been eliminate; here’s looking at you RVD versus Joey.

Su’s new ability to switch between Su and Susie is an interesting wrinkle. Elgin being at match point means Edwards needs to start mixing things up; or this will be uneventful. Then we’ve got The North and their plight of singles matches getting them stuck in tag challenges. Fallah is a fan favorite and TJP has found a semblance of personality; so it wouldn’t be awful to give them a solid enough push.

Still a week removed from Sacrifice; it should be interesting what Impact Wrestling adds to the storylines.

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