Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill Results – Callihan vs. Blanchard


Here are the live results for Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill, airing January 12th, 2020 from The Bomb Factory in Dallas, Texas. The card features four title matches, including Tessa Blanchard making history by being the first woman to challenge for the Impact World Championship. Check the link if you missed the results from this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling: January 7th

#1. Ken Shamrock vs. Madman Fulton (w/ The Crist Brothers*) – Winner: Ken Shamrock via submission with the Kimura Lock after Fulton’s shoulder is dislocated.

*The referee ejected them from ringside after they failed to interfere.

Commentary team appear to have microphones in their headsets so everyone attending can hear them. Josh Mathews & Don Callis announce the rest of the match card.

#2. [X-Division Championship] Ace Austin (c) vs. Trey Miguel – Winner: Ace Austin retains with The Fold

Ace Austin asks Trey’s mom for a kiss after the match. This angers Trey and he attacks Ace, before Reno Scum and The Rascalz come out to ringside to split them up.

– ODB thanks the fans for all the donations to her food truck. She’s gonna’ become a five-time Knockouts Champion tonight, BAM!

#3. [Knockouts Championship] Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. ODB vs. Jordynne Grace – Winner: Taya Valkyrie retains by pinning ODB

– Rob Van Dam is here with Katie Forbes, kissing passionately. Katie gets the microphone to interview her boyfriend, asking what he has planned after the match. Daga walks by and RVD asks if he’s looking for an autograph, but he’s not interested. Rob asks the crew to roll the package. Katie gets on her knees, but he tells her not that kind of package.. the video package for his match with Brian Cage.

#4. Brian Cage vs. Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) – Winner: No Contest due to referee stoppage*

*Brian Cage is bleeding from the mouth after a chair shot. Whether that was the reason for the stoppage or not (he may have been injured before the match), is yet to be known. Daga enters the ring to stop RVD attacking Cage; resulting in them having an impromptu match.

#5. Rob Van Dam (w/ Katie Forbes) vs. Daga – Winner: Rob Van Dam with the 5-Star Frog Splash

Post match, Rob and Katie invite their girlfriend Jennifer Barlow in to the ring so they can celebrate together. Katie enjoys dancing with her as Rob watches; just a typical day in the RVD household.

– The backstage interviewer would like a word with Sami Callihan so she knocks on oVe’s door. Jake Crist tells her no.. she’s not getting a word with him. Go away.

#6. [Call Your Shot Trophy] Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin – Winner: Eddie Edwards

– Rhino says his match tonight is no disqualification. Moose likes to call his spear the “No Jackhammer Needed”. Well tonight, Rhino’s gonna’ show him a move called “no f**ks given”, as he puts him away with the GORE.. GORE.. GORE! Moose wears a ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage inspired attire.

#7. [No Disqualification] Moose vs. Rhino – Winner: Moose with the ‘No Jackhammers Needed’ Spear

Tessa Blanchard is super focused ahead of her World Championship match with Sami Callihan.

– Rich Swann is so injured that the doctor won’t even let him at ringside for the next match. Willie Mack says he’s got no choice but to go out there and win the titles by himself; assuring Rich he’ll do everything in his power.

#8. [World Tag Team Championship] The North, Ethan Page & Josh Alexander (c) vs. Willie Mack – Winners: The North

#9. [World Championship] Sami Callihan (c) vs. Tessa Blanchard – Winner: Tessa Blanchard with the Buzzsaw DDT to become the NEW Impact World Champion!

–Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill 2020 Results–

Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill

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