Impact Wrestling Results (1/14/2020) – Tessa’s Title Celebration


Bringing you results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing January 14th, 2020. Check the link if you missed last week’s episode: January 7th

This week’s Impact Wrestling features pretaped matches from different venues and Hard To Kill reaction. We kick off with a tag team encounter from The Bomb Factory; which hosted Hard To Kill.

#1. Reno Scum vs. The Rascalz, Wentz & Dez vs. TJP and Daga vs. Desi Hit Squad, Shera & Rohit Raju – Winners: Shera & Rohit Raju with the Sky High

– Moose proved two days ago that the word “Gore” is irrelevant. He proved to the world that he’s the walking legend. Tonight, he’s gonna’ prove again he’s the greatest multi-sport athlete of all time when he beats three other competitors.

He’s not worried about Fallah Bahh. Ace Austin may be X-Division Champion, but he’s bigger than that division. Eddie Edwards used to be his best friend and is the only guy he should be worried about. But he beat Eddie too on more than one occasion, and tonight he’ll do it again because he’s the legend known as Moose.

– Ace Austin is on the phone to someone saying he’s the face of the franchise. After the call ends, his only comment about the four-way tonight? Ace’s up.

– Willie Mack feels down for not winning at Hard To Kill, but Rich Swann tells him his effort had the world gripped. He’s doing a good job of keeping Mack motivated.

– Eddie Edwards says tonight he’s going to continue his winning ways. His trophy ensures his path back to championship gold.

Rob Van Dam Celebration

RVD is on his bed with a bunch of roses. He’s celebrating because that’s his life all the time. Katie Forbes asks why he’s talking about Brian Cage and wrestling, when he could be wrestling her. She really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. RVD’s just enjoying being RVD, making more money than anyone else.

Jennifer (Forbes’ girlfriend) crawls on to the bed to join them and they all start kissing. Katie feels overdressed and wants to change in to something more comfortable. He says the fans are always living vicariously through him, as that’s all wrestling is nowadays; a tribute to him. Just because he likes to party, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take him seriously. Wow Rob, he’s got one hell of a life. It can’t get any better. Last thing we see is Katie and Jennifer under the sheets doing god knows what to the whole f’n show.

– Ken Shamrock comments on his match with Madman Fulton. While Fulton took away much of his game, he used his smarts to get around his opponent’s size; and it went exactly how he’d hoped. Shamrock thinks Fulton’s biggest mistake is joining up with Sami Callihan, as his leadership only confuses the big guy and stops him reaching his full potential. Fulton’s a beast and a great wrestler, so he’s really happy to have got the win.

#2. Joey Ryan vs. Johnny Swinger – Winner: Joey Ryan with Sweet Tooth Music

#3. Moose vs. Fallah Bahh vs. Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards – Winner: Ace Austin with The Fold from the turnbuckle on Fallah Bahh

To close the show, Josh Mathews interviews Tessa Blanchard over her Impact World Championship title victory. Sami Callihan interrupts and says The Draw has been thinking. He is the only history maker in Impact Wrestling. History shows he was the one who showed up unannounced and pumped blood in to the company’s dead carcass. Congratulations Tessa. You got her as the face of the company, but Sami Callihan is the champion that everybody needs.

He’s not going to stop, and he’s gonna’ come at her with everything he’s got. Tessa says it’s over, he had his shot.. but she’ll fight him anywhere any time. The champ goes looking for The Death Machine. He shows up on another screen in the production area, saying he will appear outta’ nowhere and she won’t see him coming.

–Impact Wrestling Results 1/14/2020–

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