Impact Wrestling Results (1/19/2021) — Hard To Kill Fallout


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing January 19th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: Swann vs. Anderson

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Impact Wrestling Results (1/19/2021)

Don Callis says he & Omega have some business in Jacksonville, so they’ll be taking an hiatus. But don’t worry, they will be back soon.

#1. Eric Young (w/ Violent By Design) vs. Rhino (w/ Cousin Jake) — Winner: Eric Young by submission with an Ankle Lock

– VBD has Rhino’s ankle in a chair and Doering stomps on it. Referees rush out to put a stop to this. They may have injured Rhino to the point he won’t return any time soon.

– Footage from after Saturday’s Hard To Kill main event sees Moose take out Rich Swann. He wants the Impact World Championship. Later, Swann responds by saying he is giving him the opportunity to prove himself tonight.

– Acey Romero and Johnny Bravo find Tommy Dreamer and tell him Larry D is innocent. Dreamer doesn’t care about this anymore. They believe it was one of the Knockouts who sprayed the scent on Larry that turned him in to Laurence. Apparently, Romero has sent the spray for a fingerprint analysis.

Good Brothers Address

How many more times does The Good Brothers have to keep proving they are the draw in this business? They set the world on fire when they & Omega made worldwide headlines at Hard To Kill. The Good Brothers are the placeholders. They’re holding it down for as long as they please, because it’s the same old recipe. It’s a Magic Killer, a 1-2-3, and a “Too Sweeeet!”.

Chris Sabin enters and ask if they are still drunk, or are just plain stupid. Those titles belong to the Motor City Machine Guns because they were never pinned and want their rematch. Gallows says the problem is he hasn’t got no partner. Sabin says the thing is, he does have a partner who knows a lot about tag team wrestling… James Storm!

The Cowboy introduces himself and Sabin to them. He says they don’t put fear in to their opponents when they walk down that ramp… he says something about poop but apologizes for it. Sorry about your damn luck!

WHOA! It’s Matt Hardy & The Private Party from AEW! Tomorrow night on the #1 wrestling show, Matt says he & The Private Party have a huge six-man tag team match. Because there are open borders between AEW and Impact, he figured he should give Private Party a tuneup match. Matt does the mathematics on how much money he will make this week. James Storm takes offense to them interrupting their private conversation.

Matt says they should be thanking him because he single-handedly carried Impact Wrestling on his back a few years ago. They wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for him. Matt says he & his brother never lost the tag team titles. The Good Brothers like his style, but only one team is wearing the titles. They think Private Party, James Storm & Chris Sabin should figure it out themselves. Matt confirms that if Private Party wins, they will get a title shot. He psyches up his boys and they get in Storm & Sabin’s faces.

– Matt Cardona is on hand for a backstage interview. For the past couple of days he has been asked the same question over and over; why is he here? Opportunities. He’s always ready, but is not here with a chip on his shoulder. Cardona is here to prove to himself and his fans that he’s as good as everyone believes he is.

– Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan have an offer to Tenille Dashwood to pay them so she can go to their party to celebrate their title win, but she isn’t going for it. Johnny Swinger walks up, puts his arms around them, and wonders if they are up for a 2-for-1 special. They aren’t going for that and bring up the stolen money from months ago. Fallah Bahh tells them it was them who stole it from Swinger. Brian Myers walks in and wonders what’s going on. Some words are exchanged between him and Fallah Bahh and a match is set up.

#2. Jazz & Jordynne Grace vs. Kimber Lee & Susan (w/ Deonna Purrazzo) — Winners: Kimber Lee & Susan with help from Purrazzo hitting Jazz with her title

– Backstage interview with Taya Valkyrie. What’s next for her is she will take out those dirty girls who cheat. Johnny Bravo interrupts by saying it was her who shot him this whole time! They got the fingerprints checked out and there’s no escaping it. Valkyrie admits to everything! She didn’t want him to marry Rosemary. Security come to take her away. Tommy Dreamer makes a reference to her going to prison in Jacksonville (AEW) penitentiary. Either that, or she will get 2 or 3 years in Stamford (WWE); where it will be soul destroying. Romero hopes she doesn’t go to Baltimore (ROH).

As security escort her to the exit door, Rosemary is there and talks to her. She forgives Valkyrie for doing what she felt was right. Taya is crying because she knows this will be the last time they see each other. Rosemary pulls Taya in and gives her a big hug. Taya wishes her well, before security shuffle her through the door. Rosemary is upset and tells Crazzy Steve this is why we shouldn’t have friends. She asks Steve if that scares him? He says no. If anything it excites him.

– Tony Schiavone has returned to Impact to let us know they are back and in a real production studio. He sends it over to Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn. Khan is happy to see Matt Hardy & Private Party on Impact tonight. They plug AEW Dynamite. Tony asked Matt Hardy to come to Impact. He doesn’t care that he’s taking half of Private Party’s money, all he wants is AEW to be successful tonight.

– Rich Swann walks to the ring. He felt the pressure at Hard To Kill as they went to war. Rich left his heart in the middle of the ring. He’s still upset about Moose putting his best friend Willie Mack on the shelf. Moose has his attention, so come out there so they can settle it once and for all. Moose enters fully suited up and holding the TNA World Championship. He knows Rich is angry, but be reminded that people make bad decisions when they are angry.

Swann should know what Moose is capable of when he gets angry. The fact is, nothing between them is going to be settled til he gets his Impact World title shot. Swann calls him an idiot and says he’s giving him his title shot right here, right now. Moose isn’t happy. That’s not how the situation works, because Rich is on his time. Swann asks what do they do now? He didn’t come here to talk. They brawl and Rich gets the upper hand, putting an end to it with a Phoenix Splash.

– Rohit Raju catches up with Scott D’Amore in his office. TJP walks in with the X-Division title. Raju is irate because he was screwed. The stipulation he earned stated that TJP could not challenge him for the title, but he did so as Manik. D’Amore clears this up by giving him a match with TJP. He’s relieved to hear that and walks out. Scott tells TJP he probably should’ve told him it will be a non-title match.

– Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz are still looking to get people to come to their party. Alisha agrees to be their MC. They discuss with a referee which package he would like to have. Havok & Neveah show up and want a package, but the champions say the only package they have available for them is copper; as in they watch it from home.

#3. Brian Myers vs. Fallah Bahh — Winner: Brian Myers with a Lariat

– Ace Austin says what happened at Hard To Kill was a tragedy. He is the best here in Impact Wrestling, but what was he doing? Watching some Josh Alexander match on the pre-show. Instead of featuring in big money matches, he was interrupted by Matt Cardona, a guy who sat in catering for his former company because no one pays to see him.

Josh Alexander has heard enough of this and gets in his face. Madman Fulton attacks Josh from behind and holds him for Ace. Matt Cardona makes the save.

– The doctor tells Eddie Edwards he should probably cancel all future Hardcore matches. Myers wants to get his eye seen too, even before the doctor has finished with Eddie. Just like that, Edwards tells Myers he has a match for next week.

Tony Khan & Jerry Lynn are sat at ringside watching the following match. The first audience Impact has had since they last allowed fans in early 2020.

#4. [Tag Team Title #1 Contenders] James Storm & Chris Sabin vs. Private Party, Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen (w/ Matt Hardy) — Winners: Private Party with Gin & Juice after Jerry Lynn interfered behind the referee’s back

For the first time in history, an All Elite Wrestling tag team has earned a shot at the Impact World Tag Team Champions. The Good Brothers come to the ring to show them what the titles look like up close. Tony Khan looks very happy. It quickly turns in to a three-way tag team brawl when James Storm & Chris Sabin attack them from behind. And that’s all we have time for. See you next week!

— Impact Wrestling Results (1/19/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (1/19/2021)

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