Impact Wrestling Results (10/13/2022)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing on October 13, 2022. Did you miss the previous episode? You can catch up with the results here: 10/6

Josh Alexander opens the show. He says in the weeks leading up to Bound For Glory, Eddie Edwards kept referring to their match as a war. Six days removed, he can agree with him. What they did was a war, but Eddie understands this, that war is over. Here he stands as the beaten, but not broken, Impact Wrestling World Champion. Now, he stands here as the heart & soul of Impact Wrestling. He has made mistakes, but he learns from them. At last year’s BFG, he let his guard down. The next challenger is ready to call their shot. So rather than wait for them to come to him, he needs to clear the air and ask some questions. He calls Bully Ray out.


Josh welcomes him back to Impact Wrestling. His reputation precedes him. He has done it all. The reason he is the Impact World Champion is that he has studied this his entire life, and he knows the Bully he knows wouldn’t hesitate. He didn’t call his shot. Why didn’t he take his opportunity at the richest prize in this business when he had the chance? Bully Ray asks him a ton of questions back.

Why didn’t he cut his throat when he could? That is what Bully Ray would have done. Think about all the things he has done, including in this company. He was with Impact longer than any other promotion he worked for. Why didn’t he do the same thing to him he did to Sting, Hulk Hogan, Brooke, Dixie, and the fans years ago? Hell, he did it to his own brother. Cut their throats and never cared.

There are other things he did, like becoming one-half of the most decorated tag team of all time. He is a two-time Impact World Champion. And he’s a two-time Hall of Famer. He has done it all, but now he has to do it right. Josh Alexander doesn’t believe him. He has been told by everyone not to trust him. Bully says they only stab in the back from behind the scenes, they will never do it to his face. There are so many people in wrestling who say nobody has anything bad to say about that guy. Unlike him, where nobody has anything good to say about him. For once, he wants to leave a good taste in somebody’s mouth about what he has accomplished.

He will not cash this in like Moose did last year. He screwed him over. Bully tells him straight up, he will see him coming a mile away. Hell, he might even shake his hand before the bell rings. That’s how straight up he’s doing it. Do you know who I am? I’m Bully Ray. Steve Maclin enters. He knows Josh, and he doesn’t see eye to eye, but there’s not a thing Bully can say that will make him believe.

Why was he even in that match? Who did he politic to, to get in there? As dangerous as he is in the ring, he’s deadlier behind the scenes. He will do anything he can to get what he wants. He was the leader of Aces N’ Eights and waited a year to turn his back on this company. A few weeks ago, he beat two former World Champions. So what is it going to take to get his shot?

Moose enters and calls Bully a scumbag, but he likes scumbags. He admits to being one himself. Moose looks at him as savage and despicable. Now Josh, his family knows how evil he can be. Where do you think he learned it from? The guy standing in the ring next to him. He never got to tell him this, but what he’s done the past two years has been very impressive. Only two guys have pinned him in that ring. And he’s one of them and did it in the fastest time possible. Ten seconds. Given the opportunity, he’d do it again. Bobby Fish enters and takes the mic from Moose. He means no harm. He hears them chirping, and he has to give credit. It’s not like he’s spilling lies.

Moose patterned himself after Bully and he really has turned himself into a dope scumbag. Maclin, he’s calling Bully Ray a locker room politician. Where’s the lie? And Bully Ray, after the resume he pulled out earlier, let’s face it, he’s a scumbag. But Josh Alexander, when given the opportunity, did not scumbag him. It’s not up to him to decide if Bully is a changed man. He’s here because he got geared up and has a question to ask. Standing before him is a champion, who, to my knowledge, has never declined a challenge. And while the three of you figure out the shots you’re going to call, he’s coming to the source. Fish wants Alexander tonight in his hometown for the Impact World title. What do you say? The champion accepts.

#1. [No Disqualification] Killer Kelly vs. Tasha Steelz (w/ Savannah Evans) — Winner: Killer Kelly

– Dirty Dango is finding out what it’s like backstage in Impact. He meets Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice, and talks to them until two guys in yellow hoodies are shown being restrained by security. Sami Callihan helps security by knocking the guys out.

#2. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne vs. Laredo Kid vs. Yuya Uemura vs. Kenny King vs. Black Taurus (w/ Crazzy Steve) — Winner: Trey Miguel

#3. VXT (Chelsea Green & Deonna Purrazzo) & Gisele Shaw vs. Death Dollz (Jessicka, Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary) — Winners: VXT & Shaw (Gisele pinned Rosemary)

– Tommy Dreamer has a talk with Bully Ray and asks him not to make him look like a fool. Bully says he has never done that to him and isn’t starting now.

– Honor No More is figuring out where to go now that Eddie Edwards lost. They still believe Impact management are screwing them. Eddie isn’t here but he will be back. They have to carry their drive forward as a family and do it right next week for Eddie by retaining the tag team titles.

#4. Matt Cardona vs. Bhupinder Gujjar — Winner: Matt Cardona

#5. [Impact World Championship] Josh Alexander (c) vs. Bobby Fish — Winner: Josh Alexander retains

Frankie Kazarian enters with the X Division Championship. He congratulates Alexander on beating Bobby Fish and retaining against Eddie Edwards at Bound For Glory. Consider this a professional courtesy, because man to man, he can add one more challenge to his list. Kazarian tells him he is exercising “Option C”. He will relinquish his X Division title to get a shot at Josh Alexander for the World Championship.

Impact Wrestling Results (10/13/2022)

Impact Wrestling Results (10/13/2022)

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