Impact Wrestling Results (10/14/2021)


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing October 14th, 2021. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: October 7th

Impact Wrestling Results (10/14/2021)

#1. El Phantasmo (w/ Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs. Rohit Raju vs. Willie Mack — Winner: El Phantasmo*

*With this win, El Phantasmo earns a shot at the X-Division title at Bound For Glory.

– Ace Austin says his business with Christian Cage is far from over. Seeing as Alexander jumped the line, it has made it difficult. The Call Your Shot battle royal will get him back on track, and the chances of winning is doubled. Even if Fulton & Austin are the last two, that puts him at #20. Madman doesn’t mind being #1, he gets to go through the roster one after another. At Bound For Glory, Austin will get his shining moment. He doesn’t leave things up to chance, he makes his own luck. It’s inevitable.

#2. Savannah Evans (w/ Tasha Steelz) vs. Lady Frost — Winner: Savannah Evans

Deonna Purrazzo interrupts their celebration and promises she is here for good. At Knockouts Knockdown, Mickie James picked Masha Slamovich as her poison. Naturally, she was victorious. Next week, she returns to in-ring action for Impact after six years. She saw what Evans did at Knockdown and tonight, and thinks she is Mickie’s poison. They shake hands and agree to the deal. Savannah Evans will face Mickie James next week.

– Steve Maclin says people don’t know much about him for a reason, he controls what they find out. Where he comes from, there’s a thing called ribbin’ chasers. They are chasing the X-Division title and glory on social media. It’s a sign of weakness. Come Bound For Glory, he will be the X-Division Champion. This isn’t weakness, it is mayhem. You will know what you’re getting. Tag ’em and bag ’em, Maclin is your next champ.

– Gail Kim had her mind blown by Knockouts Knockdown, with the tributes to Daffney, Mercedes Martinez winning the cup, along with the main event. Rosemary and Havok show up and ask if she really wants to unleash the new faces on them. A postman shows up and gives Gail Kim a letter from Australia, and it’s from the IInspiration (fka The IIconics). They are happy to be debuting at Bound For Glory, and to receive their hard earned tag team title shot. Decay are really looking forward to this!

#3. Rich Swann vs. VSK (w/ Brian Myers & The Learning Tree) — Winner: Rich Swann

– Johnny Swinger’s still moving out from Swinger’s Palace. John E. Bravo leaves. Hernandez needs to go too, but he owes him three weeks of backpay. Alisha tells one of the Swingerella’s this is the time to tell him Swinger something. She tells him she is very fond for him, and has feelings. Swinger’s been up and down this road before and has rules. You never fall in love with a rizzat, and you never fall in love with Swinger, he’s not a one woman man, daddy. She cries and Alisha calls him a monster.

Chris Sabin comes to see it one last time. The other Swingerella asks him if he could stay behind in Nashville, instead of going to Vegas. Sadly, Sabin’s one true lady is the wrestling ring, he has to go to Bound For Glory. It has been fun at Swinger’s Palace, but it’s officially over. We get a highlight reel of the good times. Chris Sabin will always love this place. The lights turn out forever on Swinger’s Palace.

– Finally, Heath is making it official with Scott D’Amore. He is signing a contract with Impact Wrestling. However, before he does, he wants to know for sure that he gets the match he wants at Bound For Glory. He wants to team with Rhino against Violent By Design. D’Amore questions if this is what he wants, seeing as Rhino doesn’t seem interested. Even if he doesn’t show up, he will take on VBD alone. If that’s what Heath wants, Scott says he has it.

Note: Mid-way through the next match, the referee kicked out FinJuice & Bullet Club

#4. Chris Sabin (w/ FinJuice) vs. Chris Bey (w/ Bullet Club) — Winner: Chris Sabin

– The match is now set at Bound For Glory. Trey Miguel vs. El Phantasmo vs. Steve Maclin for the X-Division title. Alex Zayne takes exception to Miguel pinning Laredo Kid to get there. Trey accepts his frustration and asks if he wants to test himself in a singles match. This is the X-Division, so if you want to step in there with him, he better bring all the sauce he’s got.

#5. [Battle Royal] Moose, W. Morrissey, Alisha, Johnny Swinger, Brandi Lauren, Kimber Lee, Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Fallah Bahh, Black Taurus, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, Jake Something, Hernandez, Raj Singh, Brian Myers, Matthew Rehwoldt, Rachael Ellering, Matt Cardona, Laredo Kid — Winner: W. Morrissey last eliminated Chris Sabin**

**W. Morrissey will start the Call Your Shot Battle Royal at Bound For Glory as the last entrant. Chris Sabin will be the first entrant.

Bound For Glory Summit

Josh Mathews is in the ring with Christian Cage & Josh Alexander. They have taken the ring ropes out and are sat on chairs. He asks Christian how satisfying it was to pin Kenny Omega for the Impact title on the first episode of Rampage. Christian knew a year before what he was capable of. He was grinding, he was pushing himself to be where he needed to be, and didn’t come back for a greatest hits tour. Christian was very satisfied, because Impact gave him a chance when no one else would.

Josh Alexander says he exercised option C because the X-Division means so much to him. With that, he was arriving as a singles champion. He always knew he had the talent and what it takes to be a World Champion. It wasn’t until he beat Chris Sabin that he thought about Option C. As difficult as it was to hand it over, he knows the prize at the end is that much sweeter. He has no regrets, not a single one.

Christian Cage sees some similarities with Alexander. They have the same hunger and passion. He’s a little overlooked, but that’s where the similarities end. Christian says he is a ring general, and nobody does it like he does. That’s no disrespect, it’s just how it is. Josh grew up watching Christian and lived only ten miles away from where he lived. He’s a huge fan of Christian Cage and followed his career from the get go. At Bound For Glory, he’s the one to watch, because he knows the cards Christian is playing.

Christian has been on the biggest stages in this industry. He knows what it takes. Josh struggles to channel his emotions, and he will understand that soon. Christian has followed his opponents career, so he is familiar. He’s a wrestling fan, so it’s not like he doesn’t know how dangerous he is. There’s still a difference between them, though. Christian has been to the top and Josh hasn’t.

Josh Mathews points us to some footage at an AEW fanfest. An AEW fan asks him who he would like to face outside of AEW. Another guy says Josh Alexander, and Christian responds by saying he doesn’t know who that is. Alexander isn’t happy about that and says the respect has gone. He walks out on the interview. Christian says Josh just proved his point that he can’t keep his emotions in check. And that’s all for this week, thank you for joining us. See you next time!

–Impact Wrestling Results (10/14/2021)–

Impact Wrestling Results (10/14/2021)

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