Impact Wrestling Results (10/27/2020) — Bravo & Rosemary’s Wedding


Here are the results for the episode of Impact Wrestling airing October 27th, 2020. Check the link if you missed the previous episode here: The North vs. The Good Brothers

The show begins with Eric Young and Rich Swann brawling. The ‘World Class Maniac’ is looking for revenge after losing the World title at Bound For Glory. Young takes Swann down in the ring, prompting security and referees to rush out to separate them. Scott D’Amore says he doesn’t deserve his rematch and isn’t getting it. But Swann has other ideas, he wants to defend the title right now. D’Amore reluctantly makes it official, and security lets Young go.

#1. [World Heavyweight Championship] Rich Swann (c) vs. Eric Young – Winner: Rich Swann with The Phoenix Splash

Havok walks out of a room and tells Neveah “He’s back… the wedding is on, but I have a bad feeling about this”.

– The Knockouts Division is banging on management’s door, wanting to know when the tag team titles will be introduced. Kaleb with a K checks his messages and tells them the new champions will be decided in a tournament starting in three weeks. Alisha Edwards needs a tag team partner, and after Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz makes fun of her, Jordynne Grace decides to join her.

#2. [Hardcore Halloween] Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers – Winner: Tommy Dreamer with a Death Valley Driver through a table after Swoggle’s assistance

– Rhino announces that he & Heath will challenge for the Tag Team Championship when his partner gets healthy. Heath feels great because he’s signed a new deal and refuses to acknowledge he got hurt at Bound For Glory.

– Reno Scum and Hernandez catch up with Fallah Bahh and want the money back. Bahh apologizes, but says he gave it to John E. Bravo. They go to see him… but Fallah still has it lodged away in his undergarments.

#3. Triple XL vs. The Rascalz – Winners: Triple X with a Flying Splash

– Deonna Purrazzo’s representative gives Scott D’Amore an ultimatum to appeal the decision of the Knockouts Championship match. D’Amore wants to call their bluff and invites them to the ring.

– Motor City Machine Guns weren’t pinned at Bound For Glory and want the titles back. Triple XL chime in and say they deserve a shot more. It looks like they want to step up to the front of the line, so they attack Alex Shelley who is still recovering from an injury.

– Scott D’Amore is in the ring and acknowledges the possible legal action put forward by Mr. Evans, Deonna Purrazzo’s representative. Despite his strong threats, after reviewing everything, the fact remains that Su Yung is the rightful Knockouts Champion. Here comes the former champ with Evans & Kimber Lee. Evans says this decision takes the cake. The only reason Su Yung came to the ring was because something happened to Kylie Rae, and it was likely Yung who took her out.

His clients choice is to take this to court, no matter how long it may take. He might win the case, but how long is it going to take and how much will it cost? Do the right thing by stripping Su Yung of the title. Scott says Impact Wrestling loves a good lawsuit, so bring it on. It’s not like there are many courts open right now, but one day she will get her day. She’s supposed to be the best, so it’s her choice if she wants to take years in court, or step up and challenge Yung in a rematch for the title next week. It’s her choice.

Evans consults with his client. It looks like they want the rematch. Su Yung’s music plays and she attacks everyone, including spitting the mist in D’Amore’s face. Su decimates everyone and puts down Purrazzo with the Mandible Claw.

– Moose shows up and asks Rich Swann why he’s celebrating (with The Rascalz) being second best. He understands that Swann can be happy to get his hands on anything he can get, seeing as he came from a rough home. Willie Mack gets in his face and wants a piece. Moose says no… he does not say when, he says when. Swann walks round the corner and is congratulated by Sami Callihan. Going forward, he will be hearing a lot more from him and Ken Shamrock.

– We get a repeat of the Ken Shamrock tributes by The Rock, Bret Hart, Mick Foley and others at Bound For Glory.

– The North & The Good Brothers exchange words backstage and it quickly devolves in to a brawl.

– Rohit Raju is having a party of one, seeing as he was the only champion to leave Bound For Glory with his title.

– Bravo isn’t happy with Fallah Bahh because he told Hernandez he had the money. So if he comes looking, Bravo’s going to tell him he’s still got it. Looks like Johnny Swinger is the new best man.

#4. Alisha Edwards & Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz – Winners: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

– Moose attacks Willie Mack from behind. I guess that’s what he meant by his terms.

– Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie are getting ready for the wedding. But we know how they go, they often don’t end well. Valkyrie asks if Rosemary has doubts, seeing as Bravo has changed in recent weeks.

John E. Bravo & Rosemary Wedding

Here comes Father James Mitchell! He’s back from the bad place. Rosemary enters with Crazzy Steve, who is escorting her to the ring and she looks as beautiful as a Demon Assassin can be. Father Mitchell begins the ceremony. We are gathered here today to join two wretched souls in unholy matrimony. The virginal John E. Bravo, and the prenetious dark trumpet Rosemary.

If anyone feels they should not be wed, please speak now or forever hold their peace. They dodged that trope. Both of these tortured souls have decided to recite their own vows. Bravo begins by saying Rosemary, she is creepy and cooky, mysterious and spooky, and his little gargoyle. What that means for them, is they are destined to be together forever, and NOBODY is going to ruin this day.

Rosemary is happy the shadow sent him to us. No mortal from this realm or the next, can stop us from getting what we want. Still, no one is interrupting. Mitchell would like to call over the ring imp (Swoggle). He asks if they will take each others hands in marriage, and they accept. Mitchell now pronounces them man and wife… you may now kiss the demon. Before they can kiss to confirm it, the lights go out. When the lights come back on, Bravo looks like he has been shot. Tommy Dreamer is over his body and screams “NOOOOOOOO!!!”

— Impact Wrestling Results (10/27/2020)–

Impact Wrestling Results (10/27/2020)

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