Impact Wrestling Results 10/4/2019 – Callihan Repercussions


Here are results for the Impact Wrestling episode airing October 4th, 2019. Check the link if you missed last week’s results: September 27th

Sami Callihan enters the building surrounded by security. Dave Crist says Sami will address his actions from last week in the ring.

#1. Kiera Hogan vs. Tenille Dashwood vs. Madison Rayne – Winner: Tenille Dashwood with The Spotlight

Eddie Edwards is talking to Tommy Dreamer. He believes Reno Scum drugged him at the wedding, but Tommy doesn’t believe him. Dreamer says he’ll always have his back though.

#2. Johnny Swinger vs. Owen Travers – Winner: Johnny Swinger with the Swinging Neckbreaker

The North interview. They pay attention to competition, and know Rich Swann & Willie Mack are in contention. Ethan Page thinks he & Josh Alexander have proved they are the real, best tag team in the world; and they will prove it again at Bound For Glory. The interviewer tells them they’ll alsoface Rhino & Rob Van Dam at some point, which angers Page.

Tessa Blanchard looks upset backstage. The interviewer asks Tessa how she feels, and she tells us Sami Callihan is a scumbag and everything that is wrong with Impact Wrestling. He only cares about himself, but she’s on a mission and all of oVe have a target on their backs.

Flashback Moment Of The Week: Robert Roode vs. Kurt Angle at Bound For Glory 2013

Before the next match, Ace Austin expresses his concern to Alisha Edwards. He thinks she is being abused (by Eddie) and offers help if she needs it. Although she isn’t, Alisha thanks him for the gesture anyways.

#3. Eddie Edwards & “Kenny” (a kendo stick) vs. Reno Scum – Winners: Eddie Edwards & Kenny with the Boston Knee Party

The North corner Konnan in the break room and shut the door. After commercials, Konnan is unconscious on the floor and The North are nowhere to be seen; wrestlers and staff come to his aid. Meanwhile, oVe are on the way to the ring.

Sami Callihan says last week was an accident. What happened to Melissa Santos was a tragedy. After talking to management, it’s in his best interests to issue an official apology. He means it from the bottom of his heart. He pulls out a piece of paper and reads the description of the incident for a while, til the World Champion loses his patience and beelines to the ring.

Brian Cage takes out all of oVe except Callihan, who manages to escape. A fan grabs Cage and is thrown over the barricade, which is clearly an accident in the heat of the moment. Police happen to be present to cuff and arrest him on accounts of assault.

“The Golden Draw” and X Division Champion Jake Crist joins the commentary table for the next match, with the winner earning a spot at Bound For Glory.

#4. [X Division Ladder Qualifying Match] Daga vs. Chris Bey – Winner: Daga

Dave Crist appears to help his brother beat up Daga. Tessa Blanchard makes her presence known and evens the odds, sending the brothers in to retreat. oVe leave the building frustrated.

Hype for Ken Shamrock vs. Moose at Bound For Glory at a publicity event. They get thoughts from NFL alumni and Scott D’Amore. Moose & Ken Shamrock meet face-to-face and many insults are exchanged. Of course, it eventually breaks down and they have to be restrained.

Father James Mitchell is with Havok. He tells her they are in a world of trouble for pissing off “you know who”. Mitchell is angry and demands she shows remorse to Su Yung. Taya Valkyrie chimes in and offers Havok a challenge to face Tenille Dashwood, thereby earning a shot at the title. Mitchell reminds Taya she has never defeated Havok, so why should they have to earn it? They scare the champion away by threatening to take her title.

#5. Michael Elgin vs. TJP (w/ Fallah Bahh) – Winner: Michael Elgin with the spinning Elgin Bomb

Melissa Santos is on the phone to her mother. Sami Callihan rudely talks in to it and hangs up the call. Just to stir the pot, he tells Melissa that when he hit her with the bottle last week .. it felt really, really good.

–Impact Wrestling Results 10/4/2019–

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